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so many trolls

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Konok0, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. If someone is overly griefing the devs can look at the logs and deal with the players but only if you report them. If you stay quite about it and just run to the forums to call someone out that will not help your case at all.
  2. Perturabo Tatata Well-Known Member

    ok. Konoko has already send report about him, but teamkiller still not banned.
    When i'll return home, will make report about Green Ass with proofs and than we will see how quickly report system is working.
  3. It's not meant to be a popup that you have to answer to go on playing. More like a text displayed on top of your screen for 30-60 seconds or something. It's much less interruptive than saboteurs or having to go through the horrible procedure we have right now. Like this:


    Suiciding transports ends with suicide for all passengers, not teamkill. Thus this would only help on direct teamkills, which are mostly accidents/newbloods/PC.

    Also e to forgive should have been replaced with e to punish for ages. And not forgiving needs less then 1/4 of the team to get kicked AFAIK.
  4. Just had Gr33n attach a Shroom bomb to my vets back while I was capping a point. Screenshot taken for proof of cause, fingers crossed this will;

    1. Get his EC subscription permanently banned
    2. Get his Steam account permanently banned
    3. Get his IP address permanently banned


    -edit- @BrotherDamnatus head over and submit a ticket here, attach that screenshot, put his name in the title and maybe we'll get some action on this one.

    That screenshots good, best remove it though as Ash says it won't help our case if its on the boards.

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