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So I want to play tabletop...

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by OgrynLord, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Most Independent Store can give you up to a 20% discount on the Boxed Kits, Starter Sets, and possibly even Codexes and rulebooks.

    Stuff like the basic Bases, they tend not to be able to.
  2. Ecios Ecios Active Member Here was good prices when Big E used to collect whk40K miniatures. How bout now dunno. Worldwide delivery. Shipping prices was zizzle too.
  3. GratLurking Recruit

    Know yer pain. Planning out a decent 1000 points of Chaos Renegades (using Forge World's latest rules) and similar count of Chaos Space Marines for my own little combined renegade force, mostly for modeling reasons but may eventually be able to fight with em.
  4. Nefastus Nefastus Active Member

    I have to say the tabletop is pretty expensive indeed. I can't understand why GW charges so much for plastic miniatures.
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  5. Ecios Ecios Active Member

    Fuk GW ! Big E won't buy from dem anything. Prices keep rising and rising. Pay fo 50g of plastic 30 bucks? FUK U GW ! Dey fukin eir own lore in al wayz, rising modafukin prices, don't make WH40K movies and don't support doze who try'n to make somwa and finally givin 40K licenes to every clow-freak on da corner! Fuk dem! No cool at all. Diz company gonna end bad with diz kind of business.
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  6. It costs a lot to design and develop the miniatures, the technology to design and develop them, plus the moulds themselves and the machines that perform the injection moulding.
    Then there's the materials for miniatures and packaging, plus the various wages that need paying.
    They have to add to that enough money for future research and development, new models, and maintain the company through the lean times.

    Finally they have to add on an amount to maintain their healthy product margin.

    Remember, GW is the foremost tabletop miniature manufacturer.
  7. Nefastus Nefastus Active Member

    Still, the prices are absurd for plastic thats not even painted, really. a box with half dozen marines is like 70 bucks. Its even worse for us that do not live in England or USA.
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  8. Dave, the evil one. Evildave Arkhona Vanguard

    i really would recommend firefight at first so you get a hang on the basics, then adding squads every now and then and trying things out, as FF games are fast,
  9. Please don't exaggerate.
    15 Blood Claws is $50, and 10 SM is about $40-$45.

    Now, a 10-man Deathwatch Kill Team is $70. But it is an elite kit.

    You could always buy one of the new Battleforce boxes and save yourself over $110 on Space Wolves or Deathwatch.
  10. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    On the other hand if you aren't stupid about it you can get 5 Terminators 30 Tact Marines a Dreadnaught and 2 special characters for $150

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