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So I just made a new Ork Boy

Discussion in 'Orks' started by CaiusCain, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    and I was wondering why they don't have default hp regen and maybe painboys uber boost it, I'm not exactly a clever git but I think it'd be a cool way to separate them from the rest while still being orky.

    I'm sure someone else has stated this before, but I want to see why myself.

    EDIT: also why not let waaagh be triggered by a bunch of orks holding their taunt key together? that'd be cool.
  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    No clue what your talking bout. The pain boy class? General resolver all? Specific class?
    Also ho regen would be too much and uber boosting hp regen is there, it's called heal beer stines.
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  3. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    IC, I was talking about for all the boys getting hp regen like armor regen since I thought it'd be cool, that and I hear the painboy sucks.
  4. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    1) No regen because gameplay supercedes fluff
    2) Don't listen to people who say the painboy is bad. It has less utility than other healers, but it is very capable. Dok bomz + bigga syringe make you tanky as fuck, coupled with really good pistols.
  5. SakitPerut Steam Early Access

    Painboy can actually stack heavily on the health (bit far down the advancement tree), which is extremely useful for one that can heal themselves on demand.
    The pistols are ok (arguably better compared to others) but the lack of magazine size means you can barely kill one enemy (except Eldar) per reload, and the ammo count means you can't contribute to prolonged fights unless supplies are near.
  6. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    I see, so basically orks DON'T need better healing, people are insane.

    good to know. I thought that since orks were supposedly lacking a strong healer that a buff to in general healing then giving the painboy the unique role of either increasing toughness or hp5 and other stats for his orks more than just straight healing would be fluffy and neat.
  7. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Might be fluffy but would be op and the mechanics would take too long to add. Orks dont need better healing, they need a fixed healer/items. Pain boy is weak in the healing item (beer stein size and health) and buff iteam (no survival or speed buff types) options along with general animation wonkyness. Its still killy and toufgh like a ork so it aint as bad as people make it out to be, its just that its killyness is may be half as good as the apos with the bolter at best but its still better then the eldar and chaos.
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  8. Sorry to say but devs have said time and time again they aren't interested in doing anything with the painboy or ork balance for now.

    Bury your idea along with the rest of the dwindling ork population and kik off dis dustbowl
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  9. Chaos sorcerers are actually pretty good. Lash of slannesh is real powerful (I don't know why they increased the range, it was good enough at the time), and daemon bolts basically a better charged plasma cannon shot with a guidance system.

    But yeah, problem with the painboy is that he just has a sidearm and a knife, as opposed to every other healer getting a proper main weapon, and the healing grenade is huge, when the space marines is tiny.
  10. Yeah when we're playing Chaos I'm doing Sorcerer exclusively, it's really fun. Leagues apart from a Painboy.
    I don't have unlocked any spells other than the default ones mind you, but the Lash seems quite good from what I've seen from others, I assume you need the Mark of Slaanesh to equip it?

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