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So are Veteran Classes suppose to be Terminators?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by acepost, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi guys, just wondering do you think Veteran Classes are actually Terminator equivalent? Or do you still think there is no substitute for Terminators and the other races equivalents?

    Just wondering about the game concepts as we know it.
  2. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    what? no?

    There are no terminators. Ever.
  3. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    What? Are you fucking kidding me? A veteran can't even handle 2 people at once regardless of playing(I mean equivalent playing and not Manslayerzerker!). A terminator should be able to solo 5 people(maybe it wouldn't be possible in EC because as you can see even vets are not that strong but at least they should be able to solo 2. I don't know about the lore but I suppose terminators should be badass, I've heard from the people,that they have the strongest armor of the universe!). Vets are just elite soldiers, or maybe Captain at best since they can use Iron Halo/Chaos Icon(from what I remember from Space Marine it was saying only Captains could use Iron Halo but I'm not sure). But I want to see Captain and Chaos Lords. Eliphas the Inheritor, Araghast the Pillager, Captain Titus. :(
  4. довераст
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  5. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

  6. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member


    Terminators were going to be slow but tanky classes. Veterans are the same as normal classes but slightly better. Heroes are also based on normal classes but with unique abilities

    Terminators were cancelled because the devteam was addicted to mocap and refused to make any animations that weren't mocap. Soon it was too late
  7. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    Actually Heroes have no unique abilities. Damned Legionnaire has fiery bolter rounds which you can put on your Veteran as free just by unlocking on Advancements. Possessed has nothing additional maybe Mark of Slaanesh because dunno he seems faster than the other characters to me also I saw some people are using MoS with Power Fist build to catch people faster I think. And he has 150 Toughness which is just 10 less than MoN. 300 Health and 300 Armor is more than the veterans' imo. Kommando one has stealth and that unlockable from Advancements as well too. I don't know what Autarch has as additional.
  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Fire ammo isnt free for vets its 100lp
    Same for commando
    Possessed has all mark benefits but no downsides
    Autarch has 2 banners instead of 1
  9. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    I know it, so still Damned Legionnaire has no unique ability nor others. All can receivable as veterans too. They would be maybe have more stats because maybe you wouldn't max everything out on veterans(yes I pretty know that you can't, I'm talking about maybe the stat difference about it or not I'm not sure), other than that Heroes have no additional things. Plus Damned Legionnaire and other Heroes(I'm not sure about Kommando and Autarch actually but I assume so) have common weapons, not even Master Crafted, even if they use Master Crafted(I'm pretty sure Possessed uses Standard because of it's design if it's not false.) and they don't come with any additions which pretty compensates 100 LP difference. There would be still difference though, I don't remember total LP cost of Bolter mods.
    Same apply for Kommando.
    No, Possessed don't have all Mark benefits. He would have only MoS benefits, it's said that he runs faster, he has Toughness, if he even has MoN then it means he has Warpforged Armor. That is his downside. Also he doesn't even fucking have a pistol. That is HIS BIGGEST DOWNSIDE. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't have MoK, I've never seen that he gets heal himself on hit. But I would be wrong on that.
    Which banners he has?
  10. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    Possessed have no downsides because he is a downside.
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