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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. how about some of the ork iconography. the current warbands are only depicted by their colours. not a single bad moon or evil sun to be seen. [​IMG]
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  2. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    Warlocks could have some helmets with their craftworld colors in other combination:
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  3. I'd love to see some more Chainaxe skins, it's such an iconic weapon for Chaos but it has no additional skins. Some Legion specific ones would be awesome. I did a cheap mock up for Word Bearers and Night Lords to see what those ones might look like.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. It's really nice seeing jbregg evolve... I wonder where that ends.

    Open world hype train now selling tickets again!
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    @jbregg Dark Angels Wing helmet and did you ever thing to do Dark Angels Ravenwing armor ? You just need to change the color from green to black and all white symbols change to red :SMDeal: PLEASE!

    Space Marine Chaplain and bike pretty please............ :)
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  6. You bastard! Do you know how long this post is going to be?!

    1. One complete suit of power armor, Mark I to Mark 10, for space marines -

    2. Ultramarines have a roman feel/look -

    3. Imperial Fists got a "thing" - ,

    4. Blood Angels love being blood drinking angels, in nipple power armor -

    5. Dark Angels have a "thing" with chains, ropes, and the gothic relics -

    6. Space Wolves have a thing for wolf furs, fangs, skulls, viking knotwork, and .... WOLF HELMETS

    6a. Space Wolves , Great Companies -

    6b. Space Wolves, Blood/Sky Claw pack markings -

    6c. Space Wolves, Grey Hunters pack markings -

    6d. Space Wolves, Long Fang pack markings -

    6e. Space Wolves, Wolf Guard (veteran) pack markings -

    7. Black Legion before the Heresy, Lunar Wolves armor suit/skin -

    8. Pre-heresy Alpha Legion, armor suit/skin -

    9. Pre-heresy Word Bearer, armor suit/skin -

    10. Pre-heresy Night Lords, armor suit/skin -

    11. Pre-heresy Iron Warriors, armor suit/skin -

    12. For the orks, I would like to see a few minor things.
    1. The squig leather armor needs to be resized. It too small for an orks large shoulders, and the helm should be more of a hood or helmet.
    2. Longer horns on the helmets. Maybe go crazy with a helmet with a central horn out the front.
    3. Added bits as visors to helmets, such as this example -
    4. Bigger rokkit weapons, and the rokkit hammer (choppa skin?), like TankBustas -

    13. Oh, and this jaw helmet for CSM (it's my favorite) -
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  7. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    I love it man, and yes it was blue because i main Apothocary, and his armor is all white you see. But yeah damn if you aint got my little salty heart all warm and fuzzy. Kudos @jbregg .

    and WHAT WHAT!!! MK3 LEGS,...WTF. ILL TAKE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So as Co-Creator of said content,..i get one right,.. *hint hint* *nod nod*
  8. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Concepts i made from the art in the Load-out Folders in the game directory. Made this stuff back when Noah was still around.

    These 2 got the most reaction out of everyone at the time. They took the longest to make, the purity seal on the one, is ripped from google,..that i have to be honest about. But the rest is EC based Art.

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  9. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Last 2, sorry for the posting 3 times Mods, it only lets me add 2 at a time.

    The Cawl though is made from about 3 guns chopped/cropped/pasted/redrawn put on the frame of the phobos.

    hint my file names just mean mk2, 2nd edit of the picture,. :p thats all

    just for my own fascination whats the story with LSM Venerable weapons,..obviously wasn't finished. But what was the idea there.,

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  10. Mk.X Phobos Armour - in particular that skull helm

    Hallucinogen Grenades are used by Harlequin Shadowseers to support them as they charge into melee combat. They release a large cloud of drugs which disrupt enemy infantry, and have the same effect as multiple Plasma Grenades ... this is the wiki description but would be good to get some grenades like this.

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