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Skarblitz: What's His Story?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Poked, May 7, 2016.


Who would win in a fight?

  1. Warboss Thrakka

  2. Warboss Krokilla

  3. Warboss Skarblitz

  4. Warboss Gorgutz

  5. They would each simultaneously manage to kill each other at the same time.

  6. Why not stop fighting and have a cup of tea?

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  1. Grimgrub Dregdakka SneakyGit Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm not saying he would win, and I'm not even partial to Bad Moonz (seriously everyone and their granny has Bad Moon Orks), but I'm getting kind of tired of the hate Skarblitz gets just for having a hint at a history with the Space Marines. The logic is very, very simple:

    Humans are everywhere
    Orks are everywhere
    Orks fight humans
    Orks stomp humans
    Humans call for Space Marine reinforcements
    Orks stomp Space Marine reinforcements
    Orks loot Space Marine stuff
    Boss gets the best loot
    Dreadnaught arm is big and killy, so Boss gets it

    Orks fight humanity the most, so it only makes sense that most of their loot comes from them. I don't see why Ork fans hate a Warboss for killing Space Marines. Isn't that a little backwards? I would think da Boyz would be eager to follow a Boss who is clearly adept at pulping GW's poster boys, especially ones as "exalted" as the choppy Space Wolves. Don't see him as "Space Marines continue to dominate the fluff," but more like "This Boss proves that Orks are fully capable of smashing anyone in their way."

    The way I see it, Space Marines are easier to write about, so they take up the bulk of the range of books. They also appeal to writers more because Space Marines have more to worry about than Orks do (like "honor" and "duty," all that muckin' about), so there's far more room for character development.
  2. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    I myself enjoy Skarblitz for the fact that he krumps the most cliched "cool" Space Marines on a regular basis (I'd still lead Arkhona's entire Waaagh if I could 'dough). Though the fact he's a Bad Moon makes me wonder if Bad Moonz are now Game's Workshops "go to" Orkz, like Ultramarines or Blood Ravens are for the Space Marines.

    I hope soon that they release a Skarblitz story, otherwise my head canon will have to become official canon!
  3. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    I kinda wish he was a goof myself. They always seem to have the coolest warbooses. Evil suns get some fun stuff as well though.
  4. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    I'z a Goff myself, Thrakka is a Bad Moon like Skarblitz, I think Gorgutz is one of da Evil Sunz.
  5. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    I sound WAY to sound of mind and articulate to be a goff :p
  6. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    If I was ragin' and slobberin' in pure unadultered Goff RAGE 100% of da time no one on da forumz could understand me! I save dat OMFGORKSMASH for me foes in da alpha!
  7. Ivan Mulkeen ScorpioSymbol Well-Known Member

  8. I'll eat your hand
  9. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    I was just about to tag you into this discussion on FB :D
  10. Ivan Mulkeen ScorpioSymbol Well-Known Member

    Warlord Skarblitz Dur Dreg Fangrippa is my baby. Unless I'm mistaken, all of the lore work I inherited when I joined the project, including the name Skarblitz, was created by Anthony Reynolds (I was hired to replace him), the character was fleshed out and developed by me (including his full name, clan, backstory, etc) and brought to life through the short stories written by Graham McNeill and the artwork of Kai Lim.

    Skarblitz hates the Space Wolves, Ragnar in particular, more than any other Space Marines and would actively seek them out above all other targets. If his Waaagh! was actively invading a world and he heard that Space Wolves were two planets over, I think he'd pull back and go bash the Wolves instead.
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