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Simply Put?: I Am Legend In The Making.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dietrec, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Please note: I and my other members will NOT get involved in any petty rivalries

    Unless crap tons of loot are available!
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  2. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    Do take note though of this, I may be arrogant about my own skill level, but I am in no way trying to start a war our guild will need to fight, I simply seek it be known that I have experience and skill under my belt that if I need, I can use to my advantage. But at my basic wants you will find nothing more than a fun experience with great competitive spirit from all. BUT NO CHEATING, HACKING OR MODDING!
  3. Hienz Hienz Cardinal

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  4. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    Urban dictionary... really bro? And by that I meant the members of my clan who will be joining our guild upon release.
  5. CrazyCanadian24 CrazyCanadian24 Well-Known Member

  6. Hienz Hienz Cardinal

    I am mildly trolling here but ill stop.

    I have a lot of experience in mmo's and FPS and I have played for a sponsored clan at one stage - its doesn't make me uber but it gave me a lot of humility as there are ALWAYS people better then you.

    Your post did make me laugh but you come across as passionate about the game and that's great, really hope you and your guild/clan have a great time and bring the teamwork and coordination from past games - just be wary as I have seen guilds and clans crushed because of arrogance and pissing off a community.

    Earn the plaudits and be humble as and when they come and karma isn't fun :)
  7. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    I knew you were trying to troll, as was I to some extent but all in all, its good to have passion for the game. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
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  8. CrazyCanadian24 CrazyCanadian24 Well-Known Member

    Likewise. May the best psyker win.
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  9. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    Actually.. I'll be playing as an ork...
  10. CrazyCanadian24 CrazyCanadian24 Well-Known Member

    I know.

    Weirdboys, m8.
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