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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by LordArkaneth, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Why did you give him a Red Helmet?
  2. Personal fluff here, nothing official.
    He painted his helmet red as in the original meaning of the red marked ultramarines. He censured himself for what he perceives as his failures : the religious use of the codex, and the state of the Imperium
  3. For a moment there I thought you might not know about the Censure thing and painted it red because that's what Ultramarines veterans do.
    Glad to see I was worried over nothing.
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  4. I'm more into 30k/horus heresy fluff ^^
  5. So am I.
    And have been for at least 12 years.
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  6. Wow nice! I've only been really into the lore for two years
  7. For me it started with the artwork from a CCG by Sabertooth Games based on the Horus Heresy. I saw it and was hooked.
    The in 2004 BL published the first of four volumes with this artwork and the story of the Horus Heresy that was current at that time; The Horus Heresy Vol I: Visions Of War.


    Soon after I found a forum of like-minded HH/PH fans.
    But that imploded, and most of us migrated to a forum called The Great Crusade.
    Then the chief Admin got a job with BL and we migrated again to a forum called The First Expedition.
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  8. Ooooh Visions of war! Love this book!
    I have begun a little more over 3 years ago when a friend finally wore my patience down with his Dark Eldar. So I pushed the door of my local store (I had been crossing it every morning for a little under 10 years) and fell in love with the looks of the Dark Angels. I still like their story, but their tactics don't suit me at all, so I decided to dig deeper and found the Horus Heresy. I got as many infos as I could on every legion, and fell in love with the Iron Warriors. I decided to play them (and paint them, pre-heresy, with stripes and the stuff), and never bothered to check their tactics again as it was my natural way of playing.
    Now I also run Black Templars, because charging headlong while screaming like savages is fun too, plus Teutonic Knights in Space! (as a real nerd for Middle Age, they hit my soft spot with their backgound and good looks). Same as my IW, I'm running them as the first crusade to have left Terra, with Sigismund at their head (well, got a termie captain as well to play them in 40 too).
    I think I've read all the HH novels bar the last one on Garro, and my favorite is still Angel Exterminatus
  9. Like Dark Angels.
    Well have you seen this image yet?


    Or these two of LEJ?

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  10. I've always pictured the first image as being Merir Astelan. The second is my favorite because I love the glow on the swords, and the last one makes me think of the Lion before the crusade, back when he was still a knight :)

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