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Should EC switch to a subscription-based model?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Jan 18, 2018.


Subscription for EC?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. ZeGit ZeGit Preacher

    Terrible idea
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  2. Not until they have open world content(exploration, discovery, instances/dungeons with gear drops, open world realm vs realm) and character story lines for each character/faction that are worth a subscription.
  3. I wouldn't even pay 2€ per month in the current state.
    If open world was a thing, or at least some kind of big sandboxy map, then yes I could pay for this.
  4. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    Are You talking about Camelot Unchained?
  5. Ok, I'll give you an example of what could happen if you become a subscriber...

    You get new faction and sub-faction relic weapons
    You get MkVIII, IX and X armour
    You get access to Terminators
    You get to explore a new part of Arkhona in guild play PVE and PVP modes
    Dreadnaughts become a vehicle option

    All these things are possible, but without the funding that a subscription based game would bring in then they wont happen no matter how much you all moan.

    To all the people saying "but they wont happen anyway" I want to see your warpsight, scrying stones, chickens etc etc etc, whatever it is you use to divine the future.
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  6. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    Lets not look in the future lets look in the glorious past when the emperor and most of the devteam were still alive:

    - Faction weapons, we had that for the paid customers already: the ugly looking venerable weapons which were promised a gfx rework in March 2017 but it never happened.
    - Mk Armor: Please fix existing MK armor first. Some of the ingame models look terrible and those were already paid for....
    - Terminators: P2W ? Drive away more players, will you?
    - New Parts of Arkhona in PVE and PVP: Enjoy your waiting times i guess? Oh and it would never work like that.
    - Dreadnoughts: P2W aswell? Holy jesus, you want to kill this game badly.

    For posterity i want to remind you of the Founderbadges, the "super secret surprise present" for all paid customers, bikes and missing founderweapons and elites all those were promised and canceled, so maybe their trackrecord is just not that good?!

    Last but not least and this might sound mean to you but it is the honest truth, if you have no clue about working or feaseable subscription models please don't post suggestions. Your suggestions are counterproductive at best and could be seen as worst practise if you want to look at the worst possible outcome. Subscription systems should bring quality of life changes or a 1:1,x return value on some rare currency or xp gain. Locking content or powerups behind it is one of the worst things you could do. Cosmetics are also terrible since people can turn on and off their payment and either complain they lost their cosmetics or others complain they have everything after 1 paid month.

    If you want to personally throw money at them be my guest, buy 100k RTC a month for no return.

    Something more general and not aimed at you directly is that alot of the previous posts seem to grossly overestimate is the amount of players we have and how much income it would generate. Currently we are at maybe 10.000 monthly unique users this is pretty optimistic seeing numbers as low as 5k floating around regularly. Imagine just 10% (which is alot compared to other games) of them pay your typical 12.99$ thats 13k$ per month. Over the course of a year, if numbers were in a positive case stable, thats barely 2 junior devs worth of new manpower. Completely ignoring the fact that you need additional adminstrative manpower and that you need to develop and implement a working system before a single coin makes it into your pocket.

    Highly unrealistic that bE would invest more for the chance of a return in a few months when usernumbers are just slightly above the magical "it's dead jim" line.
  7. I was actually basing it on the EVE model, which Nathan knows about, and they have two levels...

    Alpha: F2P, cant do all the skills and cant fly anything above cruiser class ships, including Pirate/Navy faction ships. Cant use T2 weapons or T2 Modules.

    Omega: Subscription based, at £10 per 30 days, can do all the skills and fly every known ship in the game if you have the skills to do so. Can also use any Tier weapons or mods you want.

    However if you dont pay your subscription as an Omega one month you are dropped down to Alpha putting a restriction on your account. None of the Alpha players moan "P2W" because an Omega player is flying around in a Super tanked battleship or a pirate faction cruiser with T2 loadouts and they happen to get killed repeatedly.

    So how about if something like that is introduced? Would that work? Say 100,000 RP can be used, instead of opening boxes or buying weapons, to pay for 30 days worth of subscription? That then gives you access to all the real cool stuff.

    And for your information, I probably have more of an idea how sub based games work as I have played WoW and I do play EVE and have done for 5+ years.
  8. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    Now some EVE talk which the average EC user might want to skip:

    Well in that case you are grossly missrepresenting Eve Onlines Subscription system. First of all the subsystem was always there right from launch f2p was "the new thing" added later. In the orginal system you were able to fly all ships and train all skills (you had to buy the skills first tho). When they added the new f2p they downgraded that system for those free players, you access was limited to certain shipclasses and weapon tiers and your access to certain skills like cloaking or cynofields was also limited to prevent "alternative" or "2nd" accounts for those tasks and those shipsaswell since specialisation is still a thing. To upgrade the existing premium accounts they doubled the xp gain for skilltraining for paid accounts (since free accounts also need to train as it is a basic concept of the game), removed skill tree joint limitations and enabled endless queque for skilltraining as a quality of life change (for those who didnt play eve, basically when a skill is trained after x hours you manually had to select the next training process, premium now allows you to schedule training).

    So the differences to EC are obvious and fundamental since we have all those systems in place already, f2p lesser XP gaining speed, f2p no access to jumpclasses and hugely delayed access to higher tier upgrades, f2p beeing excluded from factionRTC. Not to mention that we have a third tier of players Eve never had. The ones who paid the full price for the game and ever since played it. It should be also mentioned that it is possible to pay your subscription in EVE via ingame means. So if you have alot of hours to burn and no cash to spare or you are lucky and wealthy with some loot / trading / blueprints you can enjoy the full deal for free aswell.

    The reason people don't moan in EVE is because it is a different game. Fights are rarely fair or 1 on 1 and when you get ganked by a 5 man squad you get ganked usually no matter what kit you are running. Ontop of that as seen by Goonswarm in the past a bunch of lowtier lowlevel frigs and cruisers can effectively soak up fire or fullfill tackeling purposes. They have their own role and often die no matter what tier you are flying. Additionally the game has some longterm goals for its playerbase. Unlike EC you dont start out as a "pirate" right away, without prior knowledge you will soon run out of credits and end up broke. You need to wrestle your way through trading or missions to get newer or better stuff facing off against pve threats first and foremost. Hardly compareable to EC...

    TLDR Version:
    You might have played for a few years but apparently you never reflected much on those systems you threw your money at.

    Unimportant sidenote: WoW and Eve Alpha/Betaplayer here
  9. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

  10. We already paid for that. How many times should we pay? And how can you guarantee that even if we did pay more promises won't be broken and more money won't be screwed by BHVR?
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