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Short Stories

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Iron, Jan 14, 2014.

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    I need a new subject for my next story.
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    Sorry about that, I guess i type so much i forget to indent some of my Lines. Deal with it. :p
  3. The Fall of Stronghold Thelados.

    It is the 249th day of the Siege of the mining world of Lorandros... and Thelados is the last bastion of human power on this planet.

    The Great Devourer has come - numberless, hungry, dangerous, they have overwhelmed so many other worlds at the galactic core. They have sent out calls for aid - As far as they know, none were answered. The Orks and Eldar have betrayed them long ago, in the Age of Wars. Many worlds have already been consumed. The populace of Lorandros did what they could, having evacuated all the personnel they could.

    The Brotherhoods stand ready. The Hearthguard stand ready. The Thunderfire Cannons, and the Battle Tanks stand ready. The Anti-Personell Batteries, The Anti-Armour Batteries, and the Anti-Air Batteries that dot around the fortifications of the great Stronghold stand ready.

    Falgun, lord of Stronghold Thelados, and formerly leader of the Lorandros Leage, stood at the battlements, armoured in the Power Armour that was inherited and passed down from father to son... From the first Lord of the Stronghold, all the way down to him, who may very well be the last.

    A Hearthguard walked to him - His armour clanking as he headed to his lord. His Bolter is mag-locked to his side, and his helmet - ornate, and old - is on his head, hiding his beard. "My lord, they approach soon."

    Falgun nodded - he could already see the horizon starting to blacken. If he could squint, he could see the violet and bone-white of the Devourer's force of flyers - Whom are rumoured to be called 'Tyranids' - and the slower, but more numerous horde on the ground.

    Lord Falgun took up his helmet, and secured it onto his armour, sealing it. With a blink, and with a twitch of his large nose, he activated the vox, and connected to an open channel - to the entire Stronghold.

    +"Brothers and Sisters. Sons and Daughters, Friends, Comrades, rivals, Proud Squats all! As we all know, we are the last ones 'ere on this very world. The Beasts have taken all that we have ever known - friends, husbands, wives, children... They have taken our homes, our livelyhoods... All, in the sake of taking our flesh."+

    There was silence.

    "+But ye know what I think? I be damned if I laid down and give up. I be damned if I simply let the beasts take us. I am no simple prey. I be fightin with every iota of my soul, and by my Ancestors, I will die fightin, my axe bloodied, buried in corpses!+"

    Falgun started to put more fury, more anger into his words - genuine anger, genuine hate for the Tyranids. The beasts that took his wife, ruined his world, and brought it to ruin.

    "+I dun know about ye, But I will be DAMNED...DAMNED, If I don't die taking as many as those bastards with me! The Imperium has abandoned us. They will not come to our aid. This... is our last stand. Take up ye weapons lads - Wreak havoc on these xenos! Show no mercy! Show them what we are made of! Make them remember us as the foe that gave them hell!+"

    The horde is close now... The gun batteries turn to face it, in anticipation. Throughout the Stronghold, every warrior, every man and woman able to fight, stood ready, to kill... or be killed.

    Falgun smiled broadly. He is damn proud - Although none may remember them, they will make sure that these xenos pay.

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