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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Iron, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Hi folks, I know I'm not the only one who writes fanfic for 40k, so I figured here would be a good place to have us all be creative AND give the Devs some free inspiration. I'd encourage anyone to post snippets of stories here! Now to write one and start this thing off...
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    Cool thanks for making this spot, will add some SoG stories eventually as I start writing them.


    <this post is reserved for Sons of Guilliman fan-fic from Urian Velos>
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    Not nearly enough stories yet! WRITE MOAR, INTERNETS!
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Sry got too much other stuff going on :p

    But I agree we require more stories!
  7. Stories?

    I guess I can reserve this post for one. Once I got inspiration or something.
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  8. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Post moar stories plox!!! DA TRYANNIDS WUZ HERE !!!!!
  9. Erobar Erobar Steam Early Access

    Gather around children and let me spun you a tale of the Mysterious figure known as Erobar, He was one of the first space marines created from Magnus’s genetic material to form the new Legion XV. Erobar was one of the first members of the Legion to show psychic abilities, so naturally he was one of the more powerful librarians of the Legion. He gained great renown for once single handedly destroying a Xeno fortress that resisted the new Imperial Cult and the Imperium of Man. He was also a celebrated commander as his legion fought on several ork infested worlds during the Great crusade. He was even granted command of a fellowship when Magnus restructured the Legion after the stabilization of the Legion’s gene-seed. Erobar continued to grow in strength and power as the Great Crusade went on. He even co-wrote a chapter of the now heretical Book of Magnus. After the events of the council of Nikae, Erobar was furious, for obvious reasons, and he is quoted as saying, “That was a huge miscalculation Emperor!” When Russ finally attacked Prospero for Magnus’s crimes, Erobar was one of the first members of the Thousand Sons to pick up arms and defend the planet, killing many space wolves terminators and Dreadnoughts. When the Thousand Sons retreated to the Eye of Terror, Erobar aided Magnus in coming up with the Legion’s plans for the Horus Heresy. Erobar is also credited with causing massive amounts of damage to the walls of the Emperor’s palace during the Siege of Terra which allowed the Traitor Legions to enter the palace and help plot the Scouring of Ivsstvan. During the Siege, Erobar met Abaddon the Despoiler after saving him from an Imperial Assassin that had ambushed him during the battle. The two worked side by side during the siege cutting down any Imperial Loyalists in their way and after the inevitable fail of the Horus Heresy, Erobar went with Abaddon back to the Daemon world of Maeleum with whatever forces were left under their command and helped Abaddon retrieve Horus' body from the Traitorous Emperor's children legion and for his efforts gained full control of what ever remain of Maeleum, became a Lord of change thanks to Tzeentch's blessing, and used the planet as a way to train young psykers in the ways of sorcery and magic. For ten thousand years, Erobar has attacked thousands of Imperial worlds From Armageddon all the way to Badab. One of these worlds was Fenris during the Battle of the Fang, where he helped slay several dreadnoughts and dozens of Kaerl defense Force soldiers. Erobar has earned a reputation for manipulating whole Imperial populations to turning against each other before swooping in and killing everyone ruthlessly. He is even known to have helped manipulate events such as the months of shame and the age of apostasy to better undermine the efforts of the foul, rotten Imperium that he once called home. Erobar’s location is currently unknown, but his base of operations is theorized to still be on Maeleum where he still trains new recruits to this very day, though rumors have also speculated that Vorth Mordrak had tracked Erobar to his Daemon world some time after the Erobar helped assist the Red corsair's in their raid on the imperial world of Mortain. Vorth slayed scores of Erobar's daemons and chaotic followers for all the brothers he lost to the forces of chaos and has since chased the Lord of Change and his Cabal of followers in hot pursuit to a world only known by one name......Arkhona!​

    (It's probably not the best character background but it's all I got. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!) :)
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    OOC: Paragraphs?! Wall of text man, at least make some lines free between some sentences.... please? XD

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