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Shift from f2p to Demo version and price of the game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Duximus, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Recently, EC developers decide to cancel f2p and change it into demo version of EC.
    I think this is a good decision but in horrible time.

    Lets talk about what happened before this comes start with F2P version
    when they first announced f2p, hoping for increase player base and popularity for EC
    If f2p suceeded, The ideal scenario would have been stable playerbase with short queue time and popularity that makes players to spend their money on cosmetics and upcoming campaign. BUT it didn't work.
    It did increase upto 4k playerbase. Except temporary for 2 months. Overtime, 4k player bases drop to 2k to 1k and back to 3oo playerbases average.
    Thus, F2P brought temporary playerbases with short queuetime and constant battles going on but overtime it leaves mostly negative reviews and losing trust to players both for f2p and founders who bought this game for 50 dollars.

    Now Lets go with Free Demo version.
    Since november 6, new players must purchase this game for 21.99CAD or 19 dollars something USD to play this game or they can try free demo version before they decide to choose to buy or not.
    Apparently we have no idea how this demo version looks like cause it is still not uploaded yet. At this point, I assume it is going to be some sort of tutorial version where u can try out some weapon and shoot but without actual pvp or pve content.

    To be honest I feel like nathan is playing with fire at this point.
    Since attempt to revive this game with f2p has failed, They are trying all other options at once to CPR this game. and these options are like i said on the top sections are actually good decisions.
    Workshop with great potential by passionate wh40k fans and skilled artist to bring more cosmetics and even contents.
    Free Demo version, to lure players to actually buy to play. So founders wouldn't feel left alone for bought it too early.

    But Like I said earlier,
    these good decisions are made in the worst possible moment.
    We all know that Thousands of players who've already tried Eternal Crusade during f2p left because it's not really on their palettes.
    and now f2p options are gone I don't know how developers are going to allow them to return to eternal crusade instead of force them to buy game.
    Speaking of buying game there are 20 dollars and 50 dollars version.
    Both versions gives you full version and 25 dollars worth of in-game cash. except 50dollars grants extra cosmetics for 4 factions.
    That might not be serious, but in terms of marketing this is complete scam.
    Right now there are not many variety of cosmetics in game shop ( this could be potentially resolved by future workshop content).
    Many new players prefer to pay only for full version of game not extra in game cashes that force them to pay more to play game.
    I suggest developer should add another purchasable option that provide the full version of the game with no others packages. Price somewhere around 10 to 16 dollars . 15 dollars will be it. I guess

    Other than that Eternal Crusade is now going through final path that could potentially bring this game back to life or could fall into deep abyss of warp hole for eternal damnation.

    Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this :/
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I never payed for the game.

    I just bought 20 bucks worth of cosmetic shit and got the game for free with that.
    So what's the problem exactly ?
    You talk about all these versions and demos like you actually have to buy those to get the game,
    You don't , you just DL it for free , play it and as soon as you drop 20 bucks into it somehow you own the full version.
    You technically don't need to buy the game at all.
  3. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    You talk about all these versions and demos like you actually have to buy those to get the game
    -If you take a look at
    Now you actually have to buy the game to play. It's no longer f2p.

    You don't , you just DL it for free , play it and as soon as you drop 20 bucks into it somehow you own the full version.
    - I bought this game since this game officially out of early access, that time game is 50dollars which is now turned into imperium edition. Plz don't judge every players out there are f2p like you there used to be hundreds of players who paid 50 dollars for this game hoping to enjoy real 40k themed battlefield including me. Most of them left unfortunately.

    You technically don't need to buy the game at all.
    -Now you have to buy the game to play the full version.

    Please read carefully before u state something
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Well if you wanna go there then please read forum before posting new threads in which you state something than.

    So once that's fixed its back to business as usual .
  5. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I didn't see that thread. Dat was my mistake.
    But I do not understand why would they change it to f2p button to demo button if its going to function as just as f2p. There's gotta be difference between f2p model and demo model. Otherwise they are just changing the button name but its still f2p.
  6. It has always been a demo. If steam said free to play that was just plain wrong. In the beginning of demo nathan even bothered to say that it's not f2p over and over again.
  7. “F2P” creates the expectation that money won’t be involved and the content will roll out without a dime spent on your part.

    “Demo” creates the expectation that what you are playing is a “try it and if you don’t like it no worries “ situation and to get the full experience you need to pay.

    Marketing, not game change. Same product, different label on the outside.
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  8. KHETTI Well-Known Member

    Should a developer charge money for a game that has ceased development of an alpha build, has virtually no playerbase?, i think not!.
    What an insane world of deceit we live in.
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  9. So you're saying companies shouldn't charge for their game after its been released? That makes NO sense. Please tell me I misunderstood you.
  10. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    Its a SERIOUS problem that they don't have their demo button up yet and I have no idea what they are up to either. People who read the world "demo" will try to look for it and won't find it. They will eventually give up and not bother at all.

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