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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Savage Shark, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Arby New Member

    Chapter Name: Angels Justicar
    Founding: 19th Founding
    Parent Chapter: Blood Angels
    Primarch: Sanguinius
    High speed shock attacks from both bikes and drop pods.
    Strength: 1,200 Personnel
    Home: Varies, a planet named "Tempestus Primordis", or their Battle Barge "Eternal Storm"
    -Chaos is a blight that must be exterminated (No mercy)
    -The Inquisition is stupid
    -The best way to win a fight is to strike even before the fight begins
    -The Chapter Master is chosen by the Emperor
    Interesting Tidbit
    -Their Parent Chapter's Gene-Seed flaw
    (the Black Rage) has lessened in it's severity.
    Battle Cry:

    "Spare not a bolter round for the heretic!"
    "Death in the form of the storm!"

    Space Marine Colors:
    spacemarine (2).jpg spacemarine (1).jpg
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  2. Typhonius-Rex Recruit


    Adeptus Astartes Third-Founding Crusade Chapter

    The Iron Angels are a secretive Chapter that have no clear Progenitor. They use the Chapter Organization, strategies, but have allied themselves with the Adeptus Mechanicus, using bionics similar to those of the Iron Hands. The reason being is that they are a doomed Chapter.

    The Iron Angels lost the knowledge to creating new Black Carapaces, and therefore, the ability to replace their casualties, as they are cut off from other Chapter's support & Holy Terra. Therefore, the Iron Angels will fight to the end, in any manner possible.

    All Iron Angels Space Marines are precious to the last Battle Company, so they use bionics to replace lost limbs & organs and entomb the more fatally wounded in the Dreadnought Sarcophagus. All in the name of the Emperor, so they may give every breathe they have left to the fight for the Imperium.

    In the Battle Company, which consists in total 200 Marines, Apothecaries and Techmarines are valued above all in the Chapter's few ranks. They are undeniably crucial to the upkeep and welfare of the last few Space Marines.

    The Chapter Master of the Iron Angels is Obliteratus Rex, known for his pitch black Techmarine armor and his obliterating attacks on the enemy. He wields the legendary Ragnarok Hammer, a master-crafted Thunder Hammer that was said to be crafted with a grav generator. Whenever he strikes a foe, the very being is sucked in on itself, slaughtering the unfortunate foe in a grisly spray of gore.


    IA Tactical Marine.jpg
    The Tactical Marines of the Iron Angels wear full black body armor, as a representation of the doom that will eventually destroy the Chapter. Squad Sergeants will have red helmets & grey robes.

    Assault & Devastator Marines of all kinds will following the same pattern, except Assault Marines have Yellow Helmets, and Devastator Marines have blue Helmets.

    IA Veteran.jpg
    Veterans are the most valued members of the Chapter. Each wear a white helmet and both arms will be silver (if they have already been replaced with bionics. If so, they will still be silver.) Vanguard & Sternguard Veterans will display yellow or blue stripes on their helmet, while Sergeants wear red stripes, on the crest of their helmets.
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  3. pizzacheetah New Member


    The Loyal Hands were founded during the 39th Millennium due to the Emperor’s spirit predicting a future threat in the Stauvis system. The Loyal Hands are a successor chapter to the Ultramarines, their gene-seed remained pure from their progenitors, and they continue to work closely with the Ultramarines and share their traditions. Their mindset involves cleansing and purifying everything in sight, often shouting “Suffer not the impure!” or “By Holy strength, you shall be cleansed!” Their original Chapter Master and Master of Sanctity, Maccaebus Willhael, is revered and remembered for leading the first crusade of the Loyal Hands against the rebels of Stauvis, now the homeworld of the Loyal Hands.

    Maccaebus Willhael died in combat while fighting against a Chaos-aligned Traitor Legion alongside the Aurora Chapter. The Aurora Chapter’s Chapter Master refused to continue pursuing the enemy into a canyon, seeing that his tanks would be surrounded and vulnerable. Maccaebus Willhael did not wait for a secondary plan of attack, and personally led his forces into the canyon, where he was promptly surrounded and killed, before the Aurora Chapter moved in to save what was left of their forces.

    Stauvis is a desert hive world, and the Loyal Hands take very little part in governing the planet, mostly using it to recruit. The Chapter is generally too busy on a distant world crushing everything in sight to care about governing a planet full of beggars and abhumans. Most of the planet’s populace doesn’t even know who the God-Emperor is, but as long as the Loyal Hands can take potential neophytes off the street and things remain relatively safe, they don’t care what the civilians of their homeworld believe.

    The Loyal Hands, like their progenitors, treat the Codex Astartes with immense respect. Maccaebus Willhael in particular was known to unquestioningly decapitate anyone - civilian, guardsman, or astartes - who questioned the Codex’s insight or authenticity. The Loyal Hands do make one minor deviation, however: All Chapter Masters must also serve as Master of Sanctity, and all Commanders must also serve as Chaplains.

    The Loyal Hands prefer shock and awe tactics, striking hard and fast with overwhelming force. They are particularly fond of Thunderhawk strikes, their pilots being known for such precision that it is said their infantry can safely take position less than 20 meters from a bombing run, allowing Assault Marines to engage immediately after a strike. Being a Codex-adherent Chapter, they have standard battle formations and ranks. They have ten companies, with ten squads each. They are numerous and fit for battle, and with such a populous homeworld, replacing losses is not usually an issue.

    As their name might suggest, the Loyal Hands revere the God-Emperor above all else, and are champions of purity. Their beliefs can quickly be summed up by “Follow the Codex, destroy all impure enemies of the Emperor, rinse, repeat.” Space Marines in the Loyal Hands Chapter are almost unanimously known for being blunt, direct, and to-the-point. They come off as gruff and uncaring, even by astartes standards.

    Considering the Loyal Hands’ homeworld of Stauvis is riddled with poverty, crime is a large issue. As such, the Loyal Hands maintain close relations with the Adeptus Arbites in order to ensure that their homeworld remains safe for recruiting neophytes while the Chapter is off massacring the Emperor’s enemies. The Loyal Hands also harbor an intense hatred for the Planters of Tzeentch, a Chaos-aligned rebel group that attempts to sow distrust and disruption in the Imperium. This group is responsible for the rebellion on Stauvis that caused the Loyal Hands to be created.

    The Loyal Hands Chapter colors are purple and yellow with black accents. The purple signifies purity, and the yellow signifies strength. Their insignia is a purple fist raised skyward, with an inverted Ultramarine insignia in yellow placed around it. There is little visual difference between Marines specializations other than the symbol on their right shoulder (the Loyal Hands insignia is on their left). Sergeants have yellow helmets with a purple half-stripe instead of the traditional purple.

    Loyal Hand Standard Armor Scheme
    Loyal Hand Captain (and Chaplain)
    Sorry this one is so long, but I got really into it while writing and... well, I am a great summoner of walls of text.
  4. Polariso Recruit

    Polar Flares
    Primarch-Known only to members of the chapter
    color scheme- alpha legion pre-heresy with out the green strip down the middle
    homeworld: Polariso: a Ice/Dying world
    Tactics: Over elaborate seamlessly complex plans that have almost all ways worked Along with Sheath, suffrage. lies.
    Battle cry: For the Emperor! or a moment of laxity spawns a life time of heresy
    founding: unknown
    This chapter's first chapter master is still alive although why he is alive differs from person to person. They Hate Nercons, Orks, and Tyranids for nearly wiping out their entire chapter in one single blow. They were at their highest strength 750 marines lowest 50 marines right after the War For Polaris. Current numbers are 150-300 members strong.
  5. Polariso Recruit

    Update-Polar Flares
    Rivalries: Black Templars And Blood Ravens
    War of Polaris
    Aggressors: Nercons, Orks, and Tyranids
    Defenders: Polar Flares, Dragon Eagles, Alpha Legion?
    First Strike
    Nercon Outbreak Reported on the Polariso and the Polar Flares ambushed a major nercon force heading somewhere and they won but they lost a 1/3 of the troops that participated in the ambush and then they froze the entrance to the tunnel and they never bothered them again.

    Then they heard reports about A massive Ork WAGHHH! come and asked the Dragon Eagles for help.

    The Orks were ambushed By The Alpha Legion and as a result were not as strong as intended and then THe
  6. Das2Eazy Recruit

    Chapter: Laughing Skull
    Founding: 27th, aka Sentinel Founding
    Predecessor: White Scars
    Numbers: appx. 600 marines, never exceeds 653 (reason is stated in link)
    Tactics: Varies per company; Infantry-heavy warfare.

    Rest of the juicy details are provided in link... Furthermore, if you can, provide some CC (Constructive Criticism) regarding the Chapter if possible.

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