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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Savage Shark, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Still no images :p
  2. Ryan Haywood Wraithling Arkhona Vanguard

    Chapter: Imperial Templars
    Founding: 5th (Officially. Wargear suggests 2nd)
    Parent Chapter: Dark Angels
    Primarch: Lion El' Jonson
    Tactics: Balanced combat, emphasis on Tactical Squads, known for initiative.
    Home: Tehelan V (Death (Not DEAD) world)
    *Suffer not the Heretic to live
    *Defenders of mankind (Salamander behaviour basically)
    *Distrust the Eccleesiarchy and Inquisition
    *(Secretly) Atone at any cost (Relentlessly pursue the Fallen)
    *Despise the mutant and Psyker

    Number of Brothers (Current): 978

    *Like their parent chapter, the Imperial Templars are heavily monastic, with much of their time off the battlefield devoted to prayer.
    *Heavy focus on plasma weapons
    *Tendency to field pre-heresy equipment among veterans
    *Extremely guilty about the fallen. Will relentlessly pursue
    *Stubborn, more so than most. Refuse to retreat
    Battle Cry: None, monastic chanting accompanies the Imperial Templars advance
    *Have an auxiliary force of 300 Humans from their homeworlds PDF force
    *Maintain a highly advanced training centre for other chapters to use for their initiates.

    Organisation: 10 companies
    1st Company: Deathwing
    2nd Company: Ravenwing
    3rd-5th Companies: Battle Companies, the 5th is highly honoured however.
    6th-7th Companies: Reserve companies
    8th Company: Assault Marines, fast attack vehicles.
    9th Company: Devestators
    10th Company: Crusading Scouts. The method of induction into the Imperial Templars after their home trials is simple, survive a crusade.

    Codex adherence: Take a thoughtful approach, like their brothers in the Shadow Wolves (Deceased) and Guardians of the Covenant chapters. Do not follow the codex blindly but respect the wisdom contained within

    Chapter colours:
    Brother Phobos,Tactical Marine, 5th Company.

    Company Veteran Khammael, Black robe indicates a set amount of time served in the chapters elite Deathwing company. Brother Khammael has received Laurels for courage on the battlefield and a Skull icon for skill at arms.

    *Black helmet stripe indicates Veteran-Sergeants
    *Red helmet indicates Sergeants
    *Deathwing terminators are Black with red, white and gold accents.
    *Color of kneepad denotes company
    *Red helmet stripes denote Squad Leaders
    *White helm with black stripes denotes Captains
    *Black helm with White stripe denotes Chapter Master
  3. Dr. TravisJBlues Preacher

    Chapter: The Spite Marines
    Founding: Second Founding
    Parent Chapter: Ultramarines
    Primarch: Roboute Guilliman
    Tactics: Shock and Awe
    Home: Ship based chapter
    Beliefs: To spite all but the emperor, and that spite can be conveyed and acted out blindly or with a purpose.

    Number of Brothers: 900

    Interesting tidbits:
    *They have a representative on the council of Ultramar who will spite everyone else on the council, by simply being a contrarian.
    *They have a first come first serve system for wargear, and it gets out of hand fast.
    *Their Techmarines go through the same process all Techmarines do, but when they are with the chapter they have to drive a modified Rhino with no armour and goes exceedingly fast, fast enough to kill them, they are expected to survive or they are disregarded.
    *Apothecaries are also expected to be beyond harsh and vulgar when treating his brothers in any and all situations.
    *They only have a few Psykers who fulfill the usual role of a Psyker but also accompany the Chapter Master anytime he demands it.
    (I apologize for this one) *A chapter Psyker and Techmarine both found a way to exploit sound almost the same way a noise marine would through an old design of electric guitar without it becoming excessive, to spite slaanesh.
    (I also apologize for this) *They are known to play blaring loud music which ranges anywhere from Freddy Mercury to Blind Guardian.
    *Their drop pods have speakers to exploit the previous tidbit.

    Battle Cry: "Spite all but the emperor"
    In combat "Stop crying and hit me"

    Chapter Livery: Bubblegum pink and bright teal, this was very much intended to offend and "spite" people who look at it.

    I would also like to clarify that this infact a chapter i had come up with a while back, i apologize if people dont quite like this idea of a chapter of mine, but i still enjoy it.
  4. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    My Chapter - Bloodmoon Hunters
    Founding - Unknown
    Primarch - believed to descend from Farrus Manus.
    Tactics - Small unit Probes, Large forces setting up Forts for Imperial Guard allies to provide supply train.
    Home - Dying World in the Ghoul Stars
    * .There is power in knowing thy enemy.
    * Follow the Inquisition's instruction, Ordo Machinum.
    * Fore Knowledge is Fore Warned
    * Xenotech can be remade
    Interesting tidbits::
    * Take trophies from the battle field, specifically the xeno weapons. however, anything touch by Chaos is burnt, destroyed or left where it lays.
    * They provide an unusual number of Xeno expert Forge Masters to the Deathwatch
  5. emg Recruit

    the emperor, war,
    battle cry
    commander- show no mercy
    troops- for the emperor
  6. emg Recruit

    get the objectives and keep them,
    galaxy far far away
    battle cry-
    for the empire
    show no mercy
    we shall not fall today
    fight for our rights
    green and silver
    Space marines

  7. emg Recruit

    tactile squad joying the army
  8. Chapter: Angels Observant
    Founding: 35th Founding
    Parent Chapter: Unknown
    Primarch: Unknown
    Chapter Master: Hildengraf, the Divider
    Tactics: Simple, all around ground assault, focus on infantry and armour
    Home Planet: Altgren I, recruit from Altgren II, III, and IV
    Beliefs: The Emperor sees all, original Imperial Cult, friendly with Inquisition
    Strength: 1114

    Company 1
    Company 2
    Company 3
    Company 4
    Company 5
    Company 6
    Company 7
    Company 8
    Company 9
    The Hunters
    Company 10
    Codex adherence:
    Absolutely not, as they have been separated from the Imperium for years
    Chapter colours:
    Green and Blue, Gold trim
    Androgne the Red, legendary Chapter Master who slew a Daemon with a broken sword.
    Demos of Altgren, legendary Brother who held an Ork invasion off with an orbital battery and his bolter
    BX-34-254-8943, legendary Servitor who save Androgne's life and travelled with him
    Captain Catonus Asuro, a member of the chapter (Steel Lions) than the Angels Observant came from, found dead in shrine on Altgren III.
    Fleet: Massively well-stocked fleet:
    • Battle Barges
      • Honoured Of Flame
      • Imperial Of Mysterious
      • Shark Of Errant
      • Effect Of Stallion
      • Basilisk Son
    • Cruisers
      • Heavenly Skull
      • Snake Monitor
      • Executive Giant
      • Golden Scorn
      • Revenger Of Question
      • Venom Of Spirit
      • Flames Of Stranger
      • Inferno Of Typhoon
      • Gate Of Royal
      • Scion Myth
  9. zentmeister1015 Recruit

    My Chapter - The Knights of Sanguinius
    Founding - 21st Founding during the 36th Millennium (Cursed Founding)
    Parent Chapter - Blood Angels
    Primarch - Sanguinius
    Tactics - Same as Blood Angels, just on far smaller scale
    Strength - 100 - 200 active personnel on average
    Home - Jötunheimr (Frozen Wasteland of a Death World on the far flung fringes of Imperial Space.)
    * Fanatical devotion to the God-Emperor and their Parent Chapter/Primarch
    * Complete and total disregard of the Inquisition and their commands/threats. Often responding in kind.
    * It is better to die for the Emperor than to live a life of heresy.
    Interesting tidbits::
    * Mutated version of the Blood Angel Gene-Seed causing increased degradation rates, and amplified Blood Angel's Flaw (Black Rage, and Red Thirst.)
    * Melanchromic Organ causing Albinism in all members
    * Extreme Misfortune, because of this misfortune it is rare for Knights of Sanguinius to live beyond 100 years, or have more than 200 active brothers.
    *Has had two known heretical schisms since their inception. Though they were quickly put down, these events have caused strained relations with the rest of the Imperium.
    *Wear Mk VI Power Armor (with tabard) because they lack the resources/personnel to equip themselves with more modern equipment.
    Battle Cry
    * "Death before dishonor!"
    * "My honor is loyalty!"
    * "Knights of Sanguinius to arms!"
    * "Through faith we persevere"
    Space Marine colors


    Tabard is also Quartered with Chapter symbol on it (Essentially a German Merit Cross with a Blood Drop (from the blood angels) in the center, and two Power Swords going diagonal ((essentially it replaces the medieval swords on the historical merit cross) Also it is in full Mk VI armor (couldn't add shoulders)

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