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Share Your Custom Space Marine Chapter Here

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Savage Shark, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Malvulgein Cairanmac1 Subordinate

    Hey new member here. Will be uploading a chapter later if this thread isn't dead. matt4eva11 if your not trolling then can we offer you some C&C? I can only assume you haven't ready any of the 40k novels or fluff because Matt Ward has committed less fluff rape
  2. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    And Boom, Thread necro'd after 4 months.

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  3. Malvulgein Cairanmac1 Subordinate

    Is that good or bad? I don't have time for a full chapter description so here's a brief sneak peek.

  4. Well now i do not pity myself by making a SPEASS MAHRINES Chapter but i will make a chaos legion

    Name: Skull-Reavers
    Formally:Black Legion and Skulltakers

    Leader: SkullCrusher
    Known for Crushing The Skulls of most enemies.

    Uniqueness: The more heads you collect the more higher up the ranks you go BUT if the the owner of the head wasnt strong enough you will get a place on the spikes of shame

    Battlecry: "You Are a challenging opponent maybe you will get a place on my belt"

    Scheme: Bright Red with skull colored head silver trimms (very much like Skulltakers)
    But the Reaver twist was the fact they have a black legion shoulder pad
  5. 126thLegion 126thLegion Subordinate

    My Chapter: The 126th Legion
    Founding: It's complicated
    Primarch: technically Guilliman
    Tactics: Differs by commander and situation
    Home : A series of systems near the eastern fringe
    Beliefs: Many of the rank and file soldiers worship both Tosiv (the chapter Master) and the Emperor as Gods
    Interesting tidbits:
    Not technically an imperium Warband, more of an Ally. Better to let the Tau beat on the Legion than us -Imperium Officials
    Uses Tau auxiliary force of Tau who turned against the Normal Tau
    Imperium sends Imperial Guard for support from time to time
    The Chapter Master, Tosiv, was a Chaos Marine for an amount of time, as a sergeant for the Vectors Of Pox.
    Battle Cry: No specific battle cry, as much of the 126th Legion is built on groups of Mercenaries under common Leaders
    Space Marine colors: Green and Gold, for the first companies, green and silver for much of the rest.
  6. Rankein Recruit

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My Chapter: Winged Lions

    Founding: Unknown

    Primarch: Unknown, presumed to be Lion El'Johnson

    Tactics: Preferably smashing through a point in the enemy then overlapping and UTTERLY ANNIHILATING THEM IN MELEE... ahem...

    Home : Western Fringes

    Beliefs: That The Lion will rise again[Again not sure if it's Lion El'Johnson or someone/thing else]

    Interesting tidbits: Are very similar to the dark angels in all but color code and some traditions.

    Extreme hatred of chaos

    Have 200 human troops attached to the Chapter, but are never used offensively.

    Have hunts on their world, but their world is much like a Savannah.

    Their first company is made up of terminators, but after a recent conflict, their numbers are at 78.

    Any battle brother with black on his armor commands respect, for if you kill enough warriors their souls become 'trapped by the machine spirit' so anyone with black on their armor is a veteran.

    Battle Cry: Just a huge roar

    Space Marine colors:

    Regular Battle Brother:


    Battle Brother of the 2nd Company:


    Lion Pride Terminator:


  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    images don't work.
  8. I made up my own Chapter called the Death Spectres well before the 5th edition Space Marine codex came out and they stole my name :(
    Admittedly my version had turquoise armour and looked terrible...
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  9. Rankein Recruit

    I believe that I have fixed said problem
  10. karl333 Recruit


    Current Chapter Master:
    Leviathan Tetracold, Son of Glacier.

    Upper half:Brown/Bronze
    Lower half: Dark Red

    Chapter Symbol:
    Mastodon skull (in drawing, will insert soon)

    Chapter of origin:
    Propably White Scars or Space Wolves. Some say both because there are traces of both primarchs genes. Maybe it contained in early years warriors from both?
    All records are locked from public knowledge. Only the Mammooth Priests (Apothecary and Chaplain in one) Assembly can permit access to such knowledge.


    Feral planet of Clawe`rack located in Segmentum Tempestus. Mostly covered in steppes and enormous glaciers.
    On Clawe`rack are scaterred nomadic tribes, struggling with harsh environment and each other. It gives the chapter best recruits- warriors hard like adamantium.
    Notable form of fauna are "mastodons" from which the chapter took their name. Furry, terra- elephant like creatures propably cloned from terran mastodon gene strain and taken in age of Stellar Exodus into stars.

    In nowadays tribes are quasi feral. They live without advanced tech, which they call "majiik". They believe in only two gods. Father Ice and Mother Fire. Each one is lethal alone, but together they give life- water.

    Heavy and swift crushing attacks, called Hammer swing. (similar to Speartip attack, instead of small group they are sending whole company.)
    Mostly dependent on burned land tactics- to starve out your enemy and draw them deep inside.

    Gene-Seed Mutation:

    Only a few years ago Mastodon geneseed samples brought attention of Inqusition... Most comon are mutations of Ossmodula and Biscopea organs which gives them bulkier look and greater strenght in little cost of agility. It also gives ther brows more savage/ atavistic look (heavier forehead and brow)

    Codex Adherence:

    "-What is that Codex of yours? We will survive because we follow the ancestors."
    Organisation: Marines are divided to 9 War Tribes of similar organisation and Chosen of Father Ice (Veteran Company)
    Chapter Beliefs:

    - Emperor is embodiement of Father Ice.
    - Trophies show how good warrior you are.
    - Pissing against the wind is dumb.
    - Spitting too...
    Chapter Special:
    - Similar to warriors from Fenris, they are using mastodons as their mounts. Most of calfs are now implanted with something simillar to ossmodula and fed adamantium rich diet. Few of mastodons are modified by Iron Masters(techmarines) and Adepts of Mars to serve as moving bolter or launcher platforms.
    - Great usage of one handed mauls and hammers. Mostly combined weapon.
    - Capes of mastodon fur.
    - Tusks trophies used to decorate armour.
    - Chaplain skull helmet is stylized to mastodon skull.

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