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Shadow War Armageddon

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by The-Mad-Magos, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Dozen Factions?

    I take it this won't be strictly sticking to lore. Or rather is to be more a skirmish game mode than a setting.
  2. Lynata Lynata Active Member

    And here I was expecting an actual Necromunda-Necromunda, considering their earlier announcements. But nope. Pretty disappointing.

    "What's that, you loved that skirmish game with those cool cyberpunk gangs and the bloody street violence between human thugs? Say no more, here's MORE SPACE MARINES!"

    10 skulls say they won't even have a Sororitas faction, even though those actually had a presence on Armageddon, unlike the Tau, the Eldar or the 'nids... :p

    At least there's still the upcoming Necromunda video game to look forward to.
  3. Had to take a second look at that rumor. Man that fucking sucks if that's likely true. It's a lose lose sceanario for Necromunda fans who want the actual setting back too, either you don't buy it and GW doesn't think there's interest in the system or you do buy it and they think their replacement is acceptable. You can hope they'll eventually actually do the setting justice but I bet they end up thinking "it needz moat SPESS MAREENS."

    Well no, Genestealer Cults were actually an expansion in Gang War suppliments, and the world is actually one of the Imperial Fists recruitment worlds, so they actually could have included their precious LSM and given us the real deal. They even had rules for CSM in Outlanders Codex, just not as a gang, as well as Cultists as another Gang War addition. It also has Orks and Eldar were written to dick around there too. There's frankly no reason to do it this way.
  4. Lynata Lynata Active Member

    Yeah, I effed up that part in my post and referred to Necromunda rather than Armageddon. I've stealthily corrected it now, thanks for pointing it out!

    Goes to show how much I want to play in Necromunda, I guess.
  5. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    I think the most depressing thing is that im considering getting it just becuase its one of those rare fleeting brief ray of sunshine moments where GW gives any love at all to Orks. Also a skirmish setting is cool and i think they didnt do a physical reboot because of the game coming out for Necromunda.
  6. I like how Steel Legion isn't included as one of the 12 for a game in Armeggedon.

    And by like I mean wtf
  7. So, looking at the bright side.

    Since Cultists are included I can hope that means that they've got some updated rules for this game. I think all of us who play TT realize that Cultists are pretty much a throw away unit, so I would prefer to assume that means that in this game they're going to get some better rules. And who knows, maybe they might do at least a White Dwarf update to make them something worthwhile in TT(besides the formation that gives you a 50/50 chance to feed them into the grinder a second time)

    I mean a lot of CSM utilize hordes of Cultists and Renegade Guard to inflate their numbers, maybe that will end up finally being reflected in game if they become a unit worth taking.

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