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Set the bar too high

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deathwish, Aug 11, 2017 at 11:27 PM.

  1. Wrong, but I understand your sentiment. I am actually following the official storyline and referrencing it in the Community Campaigns storyline.
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  2. By the Dark God's your denial is unbelievable. LSM we're the only one handed a Campaign victory you dolt. Strange you forget that when you continue to post this drivel, because I distinctly recall the last time you posted this bull about everyone else being babied it was the solo campaigns and LSM won less than Orks.
  3. Nope, failure is always an option. I know there are many ppl conditioned to receiving an award for participation but that is not always the case.
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  4. I'm gonna have to say that failure is not an option for LSM. After they lost their first camp, the devs made sure that LSM hits their mark. They moved the goal post twice during their solo campaign right before they brought out LotD. You dont go from 50% progress with 2 days left to suddenly 80% with one day left to suddenly completed with 1 day left. Not with average LSM win rates. Not without "assistance".
  5. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Personally, I think that "Total Wins" as a measure of progress is a mistake, since it relies on predicting player numbers as well as performance, and is vulnerable to any change in player numbers whether that's increase, decrease, or justy volatility. There is almost no way that bE will manage to hit the moving target of player numbers well enough each and every time.

    The targets should be population independent, such as win ratio, or territories gained, or even take from the work I did on metrics and use something like TD7.

    Total wins is simply not a good measure of a factions actual performance.
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  6. +1 this. This campaign has shown that there just isn't any interest in the game anymore. Camps used to bring back players but I haven't seen any significant increase in the number if games being played at any given moment. Everyone is starved for games. It will be interesting to see the totals for each faction tomorrow when it's done.

    Everyone loose !!!!

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  9. The_Crow2k The_Crow2k First Blood!

    I am not a fan of the everyone gets an award mentality society seems to be pushing nowdays. Ironically the most imporant things in your life will come down to winning competitions and sometimes there are no winners.

    Without winners & losers there can be no competition. So the fact that no faction won in this case is fine with me.

    There are however 3 other issues here IMHO:

    1) Low population &/or matchmaker issues leading to really long queue times regardless of faction.

    2) People crashing out of the game (seems to have started quite a lot since last patch) is too frequent & ruins matches.

    3) Total wins & losses is kind of stale format for a campaign, it also does nothing to encourage people to play outside of their preffered faction.
  10. If the dev team isnt going to make camps anything more than just a win counter, they should just leave it up to the player to get X amount of wins and not have any faction requirement dependency. maybe increase the individual wins to like 20 or so and make the rewards worth more.
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