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Serious Concern - Will Orks Be Fodder?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Argentspear, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    It's funny because, Orks are portrayed as Fodder everywhere. That's nothing new.
    But what's kinda sad, is the fact that the same happens in EC. Literally Orks die in every single concept art.
    Just look at Wars of Arkhona trailer. Guess how many Space Marine dies, oh. zero.. Zero Eldar died. Zero Chaos Marines died. 12 Orks died and they killed enemy.
    May I ask why the hell you would encourage this, when you plan on Orks being a playable faction. Orks seem to have the smallest amount of players. No wonder, when they're portrayed as dying in masses in every single media in the game. While they still cling to "big buff power armored dude, the angel of death hurr" eradicating everything else. It's just ridiculous.
    Imagine if this was a CSM vs Space Marine only game. In every single picture and trailer, Space Marines just plow trough Chaos and no Space Marine dies.
    I hope we'll actually see some artwork, with Orks actually managing to kill something instead of Still being fodder, despite featuring them as a faction.
    Even in the short-stories. One Space Wolf killed by a Killa Kan, after the two Space Wolves had a Ork Horde for dinner.
    I know that it's no suprise Orks being fodder as they're counted as a "Numbers race," but why would you ever continue this when they're a playable faction. Way to go.
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  2. well but other then the 3 poster boys of that story have killed like no orks at all ^^
  3. Grimgrub Dregdakka SneakyGit Arkhona Vanguard

    Don't write off the Orks just yet. Many a Space Marines and Eldar have met their end at the business end of a choppa. The fabled endurance of Astartes comes from their power armor (which is far from invincible).

    A lot of people like portraying Orks as just fodder. The thing is, Ork fans are too busy having a zogging good time (fighting and killing) to get much art or fiction done. But seriously, Orks are a much bigger threat than a lot of people first realize. Even the Emperor (that grot-faced 'humie git) took years to clear out just one Ork stronghold system. And that was with the aid of several Primarchs.

    Orks have overrun plenty of Space Marine Chapter home worlds, Mechanicus Forge Worlds, and Imperial Guard fortress worlds. We have an unmatched fighting spirit no matter who we're fighting or how many are on one side or the other.
  4. Dis lad knowz wotz he talkn 'bout!
  5. Yar youze gitz don knowz ya teachinz:

    I'm da hand of Gork and Mork, dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill ‘cos da boyz forgot what dere ‘ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da ‘ead an’ I ‘membered dat Orks is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don’t kill.
    I’m da profit of da Waaagh an’ whole worlds burn in my boot prints. On Armour-Geddem, I led da boyz through da fire deserts and smashed da humies’ metal cities to scrap. I fought Yarik, old one-eye at Tarturus, an’ he fought good but we smashed iz city too.

    I’m death to anyfing dat walks or crawls, where I go nothin’ stands in my way. We crushed da stunties on Golgotha, an’ we caught old one-eye when da speed freeks blew da humies’ big tanks ta bits. I let ‘im go ‘cause good enemies iz ‘ard to find, an Orks need enemies ta fight like they need meat ta eat an’ grog ta drink.

    I iz more cunnin’ than a grot an’ more killy than a dread, da boyz dat follow me can’t be beat. On Pissenah we jumped da marine-boyz an’ our bosspoles was covered in da helmets we took from da dead ‘uns. We burned dere port an’ killed dere bosses an’ left nothin’ but ruins behind. I’m Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka an’ I speak wiv da word of da gods. We iz gonna stomp da ‘ooniverse flat an’ kill anyfing that fights back. We iz gonna do this coz’ we’re Orks an’ we was made ta fight an’ win!
    - Graffiti on Warlord Battle Titan wreckage, found by Dark Angels at Westerisle, Piscina IV
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  6. dont worry boys! zah'wych dakkaeye will lead ya gitz to da biggest crumpin eva!
  7. sorry bout dat, gotz me a warboss alredy ova at Da Leadbelchas tm! But seeeing as things have been going in terms of numbers, it will be a horde of ultramarines and small sqauds of expert orks. If anyone will be using horde tactics it will be the space marines.
  8. HA! what's diz? ork complainin abot lotz o 'umies to crump? BAHAHA! mez say der can't be enuff to stomp! if dey standin cloz to eatsh otta da betta!

    well since we get limited troops for each instance I don't fear the overpopulated SM that much
    it might become a prob when open world is there
  9. The issue is going to be coordinating the Orks around the F2P players that's why I have been talking about "The Green Tide" idea sense this game has announced.
  10. That's been addressed by the Devs already - The F2P players will behave exactly how Orks do in universe (muckin' about), so those of us who want more coordinated play may just want to try and set a good example. A Waaagh mechanic is supposedly coming, which will support Orks fighting a lot in one area, so if there's a Player Ork followed around by Yoofs, those Yoofs are gonna follow him if they want to have some succes... And go off do whatever they want when they wanna muck about.

    That's what Orks are all about anyway.

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