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Serious Concern - Will Orks Be Fodder?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Argentspear, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Will orkz be fodders?
    Bloddy frottz kid, I neber eben touched ya mudda!
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  2. CaptCole CaptCole Recruit

    I've given this some thought and it seems the best solution would be to make nobz the lowest class of playable ork (for players who've bought the game). A basic nob is comparable to a space marine and as a nob you'd have your own squad of npc ork boyz. Nob skillz could increase squad size, increase the squads armor ('Ard boyz anyone?) rate or increase the chance of boyz spawning with better weapons like flamers or big shootas. Thus the ork faction could have a horde of npc cannon fodder without needing 10x more players then SM or Eldar.
  3. I should note, that in hand to hand combat, Orks should win against Space Marines usually. Ignore the fact that they also should outnumber them 20/1. And actually, a Space Marine isn't about as tough as a Nob. A Nob would probably rip apart a Space Marine, until you add in the weapons, that is.
  4. you saw some of the streams? how do you think a single person would get a whole squad of 10 boys through all this thin corridors and doors? and the elevator?

    just make orks not cannonfooder so we dont need such mechanic
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  5. Are we doing this again? Okay, let's. I have all week.

    First of all, the official plan for Ork players (both Free2Waaagh and paying players) is that each Ork player is equal to any other player, SM, CSM or Eldar. This doesn't mean that Orks will be as tough, well armoured or accurate as a marine, but that they have their own strengths and weaknesses to balance the players out. I think the direction is, that Orks will be short-ranged and good in melee through stagger, but a bit weaker at range, where Marines often excel.

    Second, while the fluff can be a varied beast at best, nothing has ever described Nobs as being anything resembling equal to a Marine. A Nob isn't really comparable to anything Marine, but the size of a Nob often makes them more than a match for even veteran marines.

    Third, we've had this discussion before. Maaaaany times before. Various points: So much AI will slow the game down to a crawl, the game must be designed around mobs, and most Ork players wouldn't want to be gimped for another game, just because the Marine fans are used to stamp all over us in everything ever. This is the game, that will change that.
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  6. orks will be strongest in short and melee range but weak at longer range
    hope we get a few mechanics to reach the shortrange area
  7. That's why I hope for a speed/melee boost through the Mob mechanic - it would fit perfectly!
  8. Oh da boyz kan get stuck in purty fas if dey knowz 'ow.

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  9. Not with good leaders we wont. Like myself the original Warboss on here.
  10. Yea! Yaz need stragilogical leaderz n bosses dat wotz kan do all da finkn fer yaz!

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