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Serious Concern - Will Orks Be Fodder?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Argentspear, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    It certainly feels like it is sometimes.

    *totally not bitter*
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  2. Andraina Andraina Curator

    I like the Space Marines, but I like being able to troll and manipulate the battle with skill, finesse, and precision a lot more, thus I roll Trolldar.
  3. On a sligtly different note: Why do so many Marine players insist on Marines being so individually powerful? The way I see it, it takes away the cool factor of the Marines, if they can and do take on ten times their own numbers in Orks and come up winning, because of them being Marines, and not because of clever tactics, heroic sacrifices, faith in the Emperor and good old stubborness. Marines are made to be that "Hero who beats the enemy against all odds" kind of Faction, which is cool and all, but doesn't increased power mitigate that quite a lot?

    I'm a part Marine fan, and I love when the Marines win through enginuity, tactical strikes and other sum such things, that show just what these warriors are capable of. It's boring of the Marines just walk through whatever standing in front of them - No drama, no tention, and certainly no room for badass stuff to happen.
  4. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    Because that's probably why half the flock actually like Marines. It's more attractive to identify with an unstoppable, armoured, immortal Warrior than a Guard Commander ("Why would I want to be a normal human??") or an Eldar anything ("lol T3") or an Ork (the thread title's concern).

    I imagine for many people, simply being unbeatable is "cool" enough. Power fantasties, "hur hur im da best", etc. (Before someone even says this: Yes I know there are exceptions within the fanbase. There's always exceptions.)
    "It's not Warhammer unless I can play Space Marine and oneshot everyone with an aimbot because of SM targeting enhancers. Make it happen bE. Other races having fun??? na lmao"

    Most of the people who actually prefer winning through those methods have probably already jumped ship to one of the races who are more geared towards that, like me and Andraina for Eldar.

    (Orks is still da best thou)
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  5. Honest to heart - That part of the fanbase is the worst part of the fandom. It's egocentric, victimizing the rest of the fanbase and turns the fandom into a battleground, instead of a place to come together with a love for a fictional universe.

    And I love Marines. I really do. I love big ass armours, ornate designs, paladins in space and all that. Byt why's that more entitled to the power fantasies than, say, Orks, who in many ways are biologically and mentally equal to Marines? It's unfair I feel, and degenerating for the fanbase in general. It's one of the reason I love the Deathwatch - It's a faction that only plays on the strength of the Marines, being very good at specific types of warfare, and usually being infiltrators and kill teams, Mass Effect style.

    You could say that I should just go love me some IG instead, but regular military soldiers ins't my thing - Knights and heroes are.
  6. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    Orks -can- be equivalent to Marines, but it takes numbers. A lone Ork tribe is nothing, not numerous enough to take full advantage of their passive psychic abilities. This enforces the idea that you are just one of the crowd, unless you become Warboss. Considering Orks have to fight in order to grow and become more powerful, if you had to start from the bottom the reality is that you're probably fucked as far as getting anything done is concerned. You're an expendable number until you grow big enough to make a difference, there's a huge amount of risk/reward along with praying to the RNGods in the life of an Ork. Even if you're lucky enough to become Warboss, who's to say that you don't build your Waaagh! for a few months before running into a bigger Warboss, who kills you and takes your boyz for himself.

    Also Orks are, realistically, pretty dumb. Being retarded is a social stigma, and generally something to be ashamed of and seen as a weakness.
    Would Average Joe rather be a big green dumb guy or would he rather be one of the Emperor's "flawless" Angels of Death?

    Well, that's sort of what I'm getting at. Everyone loves Knights and heroes - they're generally persistent, or at least they don't die without doing something that is seen as very impressive. This is very attractive when you want to identify a preferred race.
    People don't generally think how hard it is to become a Space Marine or what the person was before being a Space Marine. You just start off a Space Marine, you're already a wall of strength and steel, congratulations!!
  7. This is funny - I've never seen Orks as dumb. In fact, they might be the wisest of the races of the galaxy.

    It is true that they aren't traditionally intelligent, but what most Orks know is, what purpose they have, what their relative strength is, and where their limits lay, which is something pretty much no other race in the galaxy has the ability to grasp. They create theories and act all "we are the most important", but Orks are the only ones who takes it in their stride, and just accepts their role in the universe.

    Eldar think they'll get to have an empire again, Tau believe they can turn the galaxy around, Necrons believe everyone else are below them... Orks don't care much. They just do what they know how to do, and love every second of it. To me, that is wisdom.
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  8. ha! cause da SM always get a big name and then they can't simply die in one on one against an ork
    I just read the story X marks the spot and dat 2 SM and a stupid umie killed like 30 or more orks.... but then a deffdread cut one of da space wolves into half! AHAHAHE!
    dat was awesome!
    and da stupid umie got zogged by shrapnels!

    meanwhile the orks slaughter every single umie on the ship which wasn't even noteworthy
    cause they stand no match against an ork

    gork and mork it was an awesome read! GREEN ALWAYS WIN!
  9. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    But we're discussing why Billy Normal prefers to be a Space Marine. Chances are he won't look into things nearly as heavily as you do, not to mention you've entered into a rarer subjective outlook.

    On your point, Orks arguably accept their role because they're genetically engineered to do so. They love fighting, what isn't there to accept??
    They're literally the embodiment of a bad stereotype English thug. You're inferior because you aren't them, and you're only worth listening to if you prove that you're "DED ARD", and everyone but you is stupid cause "DEY AIN'T GREEN, SO DEY AIN'T MEAN - ORKZ IS BEST".

    While you could argue that the latter is an example of the former; there might be a difference between "true wisdom" and "not really giving a shit".
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  10. Yeah, I see where you are coming from. I'm the only 40k fan in my group of nerdy friends, simply because of how many of those Billy Normals that fill the fandom, and how asinine they can be to listen to to many others. It's really interesting, being hit with stigma like that. People assume that you are a powerhungry idiot with fascist/racist tendencies when you say you love 40k, but that couldn't be farther from the truth in my case.

    I love it because of the depth, the grit and the many, many options the universe has. I love the historical analogies, and spotting Roman influence is one of my favourite things to do in the setting. I love the openness of the universe, how it's made to be molded by the fan, and not the other way around... But all that doesn't matter, because I love 40k. So I must be a Bolter-worshipping lunatic who's life depends on power fantasies. Geez I'm beginning to loathe that part of the fandom. I tend to make characters and factions within 40k that is as far from that as possible, just in spite of it.

    Oh well, I'll look forward to shutting up any "Orks are individually weak"-argument when the game launches C:

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