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Serious Concern - Will Orks Be Fodder?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Argentspear, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Jthaelon Argentspear Subordinate

    Let's not try and chew into lore TOO much, because if you really want the truth about Space Marines is a squad of 10 could in fact take down an army of 1000 guardsmen alone. They say it takes 100 normal men to match 1 pace marine in effect, so we can't really go that realistic. :p Also, Space Marines have one of the fastest regenerative abilities in 40K, flesh wounds heal nearly instantly, deep wounds heal in minutes, and they can suffer the loss of several key organs and still survive. (Namely the loss of one of their hearts, one or two of their lungs since they have 3, kidneys; all 3 of them, their stomachs, 3 of them, and their secondary liver) Orks on the other hand can be killed more easily, but their flesh is indeed tougher than an average humans' and their bones far denser as well as those Orks killed can be "salvaged". Their limbs can be removed and reattached to other Orks so long as the nerves in the limb are intact and Orks can even survive a head transplant though extremely rare.

    Now, in terms of the game itself, a large health pool is a must, but it would still probably be lower than Space Marines as well as their armor and resilience. Their true shining moment, aside from hopefully large numbers, can be their burst damage. Orks alone, when enraged, are frighteningly strong. Orks in a mob with the psychic resonance of the WAAAGH! are truly ferocious and there should be a mechanic that multiplies all damage by a flat amount depending on how many Orks are nearby.

    THAT is my solution Behavior! Please consider! :D
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  2. Heh I kinda loik dat idea, noice ta see sum of ya gitz using yer 'eads.
  3. Zaeryn Zaeryn Master

    Ain't da Eldar s'posed ta be glass cannonz?

    Also, SM don't 'instantly' heal flesh wounds, their blood clots much more quickly and thus stops the bleeding. That doesn't mean the injured tissue has been repaired. Also, generally any damage that could penetrate deep enough to damage and SM's heart is probably going to have done enough damage that he'd still die even with the second. Furthermore, simply because you have more organs does not mean you can live while losing a few. Even their second stomach(and they don't have a 3rd) is meant more for toxin neutralization and the sapping of nutrients from generally nutrition-less things, like sticks or even mud.

    Orks, on the other hand, have lost limbs and continued to fight, able to be 'killed more easily' because not every Ork is fitted with an advanced suit of Power Armor to both enhanced their physical capabilities but provide them greater defense and protection. The very fact that an Ork could even survive a head-transplant already means their physiology is more resilient than a SMs.
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  4. Oglethorpe Ogie Menial

    'Ear Dat hummies? don't go losin yer 'eads Har har har!
  5. next gene seed upgrade: second head :D

    we orks will be a green horde :)
    can't wait to see some gameplay of dem

    and as soon we are able to play them I will start to form the orks in the way I want them to be ^-^
  6. Jthaelon Argentspear Subordinate

    I'm sure there have been Orks with 2 heads, imagine a Weirdboy with 2 heads... O.O

    We HOPE the Orks will be a populous faction.

    The way you want them to be? What do you mean?

    I think it would be great to see the Orks in huge numbers, even if they have to use bots to fill up the lines. I hope Behavior listened to my idea. Make Orks do more damage the more Orks are in a mob! :D
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  7. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Space marines indeed can take those wounds and live and keep fighting. Basically, all an astartes needs to fight is a brain, a spinal column, a heart, a lung, and some intact limbs. A wound that takes out a heart is not even incapacitating.

    Mind, they would still need their other organs like livers, stomachs etc repaired, cybernetically replaced or be put in a Dreadnought AFTER battle.
    But the loss of these does not put a boy or a marine down for good.
    Being put in a Dreadnought is akin to head/limb transplant. Both species can also support powerful cybernetics.

    Orks and Astartes can both survive extreme trauma and their bones and tissue is far more resilient than human one. They can shrug off forces that would leave a human's bones reduced to dust, like drop pod or rok insertions.
    While I think orks only got one heart, they still can fight the same way as a marine, to their last heart, lung, head and spine.

    To kill either you need to either blast the head off, destroy the spinal column, or take out all hearts and lungs.

    Choking them also doesn't work well, since it takes a lot of time to choke an Astartes, and I would assume same stands for orks.
    Both also heal extremely fast and can survive very deep wounds.
    Of course, some space marines have survived some of these by going into healing coma, so the only sure way is destroying the head. We can assume that with quick medical attention, a marine or ork head is salvagable to be put in a dreadnought, on another ork, or maybe cyborgified. Both heads can survive for minutes before lack of oxygen causes brain shutdown.
    Ragnar for example had a decapitated ork stare at him hatefully for minutes after he cut his head off.

    Orks are simply not as durable because they usually don't wear power armour, and space marines usually have superior reaction speed, wargear, skills, intellect and coordination, even if they are usually equal to orks in terms of resilience and brute strength.

    I'm not sure on endurance. Space marines can fight for weeks. Not sure on Orks, though their endurance is greater than humans and they can fight for at least days on end.

    So basically, normal basic boyz would be fodder against Space marines.
    Nobz, Meganobz, Flash Gitz, Big Meks, Bosses and other bigger, thougher, stronger, faster, better, greener than average orks can match a space marine in a fight if they are good enough.

    Mind, these orks elites are less numerous than their lesser kin.

    In game this can be that F2P orks are the general boyz, and paying orks are the Elites. If ya wanna stomp dem spessh merheens, get yer teef an pay up for more WAAAGH!

    Giving the orks damage bonus that scales with mobs is good idea.
    Consider it, they are hacking and shooting with rusted iron and exploding lead against invicinble unobtainiums. WAAAGH is the only explanation how can they so reliable damage things that should be invinicible to their weaponry.
    With the power of WAAAGH, an ork nob can split a tau battlesuit apart with a steel axe. If a space marine tried the same, he would just batter the blade blunt on the suit's armour and keep the tau knocked down. Since WAAAGH gets stronger more orks are there, its totally logical that their weapons get stronger too.
  8. i mean I will fill the mailbox with suggestions for the orks to improve them or make them or orks or to differ them from the other factions more ^^
    and I hope the waaagh mode is something more. complex then simply more DMG ^^
  9. Jthaelon Argentspear Subordinate

    Well, it could be, but they have to implement the basic damage multiplier first. I'm thinking that they could have a 2 stage WAAAGH special ability. One half is passive and does the flat damage bonus per ork in your vicinity, the second half could be an active ability triggered by the player that does a quick shout and increases damage by an additional percentage for some seconds and making stamina free, thus free heavy attacks.
  10. Hm i have something more class related in mind
    (I don't know how often I have repeated it by know)
    for example the shoota boys get the dakkadakka buff which is a chance to shoot without using up bullet
    (for sure your ork will scream dakkadakka whenever the effect triggers)

    orks with a melee weapon but without rokkit getting a dmgshield while Charging to the enemy

    stormboys getting an increased flying speed and more brutal impact
    maybe a reduced chance to get their rokkit into a critical state after the 3 jump charge use without waiting for the cool down to reset (that would need more explanation which can be found in other threads :D )
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