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Seraphel's Stupid Ideas

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seraphel, Mar 6, 2018.


Which Ideas have Merit

  1. Flamers!

  2. Vehicles!

  3. Banshee!

  4. Mark of Khorne!

  5. Clang Bleedthrough!

  6. None! These ideas are stupi-oh. I see what you did there.

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  1. Seraphel Recruit

    All right, fuckit, I'm done.
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  2. I don't get how adding flamers would kill people's computers unless they run ec on A 100 dollar wall mart laptop lol
  3. Seraphel Recruit

    I... I don't think I said they would?
  4. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    dude the devs are lazy or noobs

    a year or 2 years ago they cannot even finish one freaking armor

    no doors

    no push button elevator ( if u want to join allies in a freaking elevator you have to roll or use jump assault)they forgot that the program is being use in PVE map

    they cannot even make a freaking inferno pistol and it is a reskin version of fusion pistol

    dude a heavy bolter can damage a freaking predator tell that to freaking corax

    and a plasma cannon can burn a hole
  5. Seraphel Recruit

    So, what? Never post ideas? I'm not following the subject of your post.

    Also, the M in CSM in your signature is not capitalized so it says "CSm Lord ravager". I wouldn't say anything but you capitalized the M in LSM so I assume it was a typo.
  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I see no reason why Fusion Gun should not receive the same buffs. Actually, that would have been my preferred fix: Increase ailment of Fusion Guns (and FR) to 3.0 and remove the bundle.
    That way you have one melta-bomb and a handheld multi-melta with longer burn.
    No more instant-kills to Rhinos, less pigeonholing into bombs with more flexibility and more AP-capacity.

    'Cones' might be a problem. I don't think there is such a mechanic in the game.
    You have two alternative options:
    -Copying the Banshee's Wail: a Hitscan-projectile that applies the effect to everyone in a radius around its path. Problematic here is that the effect would be interrupted by cover and have the same width everywhere.
    -Just generate a lot of high-spread, invisible projectiles like a shotgun. Might be pretty bad for performance.
    If you talk Ailment, it is important you also define the ailment-cap, because thats what determines your DPS.
    For instance a flamer could apply a lot of ailment with a low cap, leading to very consistent, slow damage-output.
    I also don't think I would give them to Tacticals. Only Devastators, Havocs, Lootas, Dragons.

    I will read the vehicle-adjustments in the context of your melta-changes.
    Its still pretty excessive, Vehicles are annoying AF, Tanks in particular should not be hard to kill.
    I wish we could change the game to depend less on transports, but until then, they should be your main concern.
    I think the solution to this problem lies in map-design, not vehicle-design.

    Vehicle-physics are probably not something they can improve at this point.

    Ive made at least a dozen posts about how to fix the Banshee over the last year. If anything, our situation has worsened due to the melee-rework. The only viable meta now is QA-spam and Banshees are perhaps the only class that can't really do that.
    I will repeat my core points:
    -Reduce aftercast on QA and precast on HA, speed up the Debash a lot
    -Increase force and damage of the Power-Sword
    -Double the clip-capacity of Shuriken-Pistols
    -Improve our Lifesteal-options

    I would actually do that for everyone: A full heal on executions. Would make them somewhat rewarding, rather than just a good way for dumb people to get themselves killed.

    The easiest way to make a big impact on melee would be by removing the movement-restrictions on attack-moves + the aimlock.
    However, that would break animations, so we can't do that.
    I don't see this, particular problem tho. Yes, melee is easy to stall.
    On the other hand I can stall a ranged player for at least as long by just hiding behind a pillar and forcing them to get close to me.
    The first thing I would do is bring the old Debash back to end this spam-fest. After that, I would try to find a better solution to the ranged vs melee-problem. I have some things in mind, but too much for this post.
  7. Seraphel Recruit

    My idea was not to change eldar fusion rifle so it could fire longer without interruption. The current value of meltas in anti-personnel fights is that (aside from surprise attacks) is that they can continue to fire after two roles so as to continue applying heat and prevent rolling to cool off. I wanted to make fusion rifles more effective as antipersonnel weapons than regular meltas.

    I assumed the banshee cry would be the best template for cone effects.

    I felt vehicles were relatively easy to destroy, rarely lasting more than a single encounter with an AV build while at the same time being relatively weak option for AV or AP. In essence, we use tanks only because they let us attack without dying immediately, but they don't feel like tanks.

    Then again, I might have been playing too much world of tanks.
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    So...lower DPS=better AP how, exactly?
    Also, Meltas are not currently very good for sustained fire. A Fuegans Resolve might have enough heat to take out up to three targets, if they don't dodge and are lined up nice and neat.
    Still nothing compared to the destruction-capacity of a drum-mag.

    Still not a cone tho, its more like a cylinder.

    Yes, Vehicles are not powerful right now. Thats a good thing. Because they are very unpolished even for the standards of Eternal Crusade.
    A properly piloted or defended-by-infantry vehicle is fairly hard to take out. An isolated, static tank is easy to kill.
    The important part is that you can't just spawn a Predator, put it in the middle of the road and snipe everything.
    You either need good positioning, or some backup.
    The downside is that you can't just abandon a Rhino and expect to win the objective.

    If vehicle-combat was in a better state and actually fun or requiring the least amount of skill, we can discuss making it more prevalent.
    Right now, the best part about Tanks is playing saboteur, diving deep into the enemy lines and taking them out (I love playing Dragon without a Tank of my own, its much more thrilling)
  9. Warlord Theodotos Recruit

    Is Mark of Khorne still the ugly step-child of Chaos marks? If that's true, it should have been buffed a long time ago. Khorne, Chaos God of Slaughter, War, and Bloodshed is the least used mark in most of my games.
  10. Warlord Theodotos Recruit

    Doesn't necrotic chainsword require MoN?
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