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Secret of Xebes III

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Robin had his guard up as he secured the big hall. Checking corners and doorways, keeping an eye out for traps. He paused to inspect a piece of interesting architecture.
    "We probably should establish a scouting mission. See that the eggheads don't step into the jaws of wildlife or any traps deeper in the ruins."
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  2. Nicolaus was inspecting some of the ruins on his own out of blind curiosity when he heard one of the other members of the security detail say something. "I could agree to that, last thing we need is for them to take two steps and trigger some kind of trap that kills us all." He said as he placed an armored hand on the wall, he found it strange that there wasn't any dust on it. Its almost like nothing living was ever in here, it gave him ideas about the possibilities of who made this place.
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    Shion followed the rest of the expedition into the hall. Noting both the remarkable preservation of the place and the many doors offering lots of avenues of attacks she frowned. Amid her thoughts, she heard the other members of the security team talking and so offered her opinion.

    ‘I agree as well but before that, we should find a better place to set up a temporary base before we make scouting parties. Establishing a temporary base will allow us to coordinate our efforts. However, there are too many avenues of attack here and we don’t know if the ceiling has any tricks.”
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    As the security team discussed what to do, the science team continued with what they were doing, setting up equipment and in general poking around at things. For now the plan was that they would stay at the home base, making camps as they go - not unlike old expeditions up mountains such as Everest. There was various excitable chatter coming from everyone, and even their youngest member was looking around in awe. "This place is amazing." he said softly. "Pristine. How long have they been here...?"

    In the shadows, something moved.​
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  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Heads up, got unregistered movement. Secure the area again." Robin announced while one of his wrist guns deployed to a firing mode.
    The urban fighter made slow advance toward the last position the shadows moved at. No one would find him unprepared.
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  6. A few sparks came from one of Nicolaus’ palms as movement was detected. “Is this planet known to have any indigenous life?” He asked as he sparked up a bit of energy which bounced around in his palm to produce a bit more light. “Depending on a few things we could just be scared over this world’s version of a rat, a lost tribe of blind troglodytes, or somemkind of ancient robot guardians, or all three.” He said as he moved to back up Robin.

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