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Secret of Xebes III

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Jul 2, 2018.

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    On the planet of Xebes III, there had been a very major discovery during a planetary scan of one of many galactic drones. The planet was habitable in theory, but no one had ever tried to colonize. And then the drone detected a massive, unknown energy signature under the surface of the planet, with a core and then massive tendrils of that same energy going out around the planet's surface. Now, the energy core was not at the same point of the planet's core, it was localized under what had been discovered to be some ruins.

    And now, an archeological expedition has been sent to explore the ruins and chart this energy, as new discoveries in this day and age are rare. From space descended the lander, filled with Archeologists and scientists, and others who would be able to help. In addition, there was a small group of private security warriors sent as a precaution. It was five warriors, all with different specialties. Their charge would be a total of eight, all under the guidance of Dr. Varik Archanan, chief archeologist.

    It was a quick decent with the lander stopping in a clearing just outside the ruins, so nothing in there would be disturbed. After that it was a short trek to the ruins, where a camp would be set up with plenty of equipment and tents being carried and laid for use.

    One of the security people, a young man named Sam, had power armor with an arm cannon built into the right arm of his suit, and it seemed to be a very modular design. The young man seemed rather excited, and it was very possible that this was his first job, as he seemed to be looking at everything in awe, while at the same time trying to keep watch. He did seem a little intimidated by his peers, so they would probably have to approach him. Indeed, even though they all worked for the same company, they had never worked a job before. So as camp was being set up, was a perfect time to get to know one another.​
  2. Nicolaus found a decently sized rock to sit down on while the camp was being made by the scientists and more menial members of the expedition. The energy that was coming from these ruins interested him somewhat but he wasn't a scientist like the people he was supposed to protect. He sought more practical applications rather than just study, if it could be harnessed maybe his lighting generator can do far more than just the little sparks it can do now. Speaking relatively of course, his lightning generator is more than capable of producing lethal charges but compared to what he thinks he can do with the energy found in these ruins. Well it was more than enough reason to come here and protect the less fighty kind of scientist he wasn't particularly fond of.
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    The discovery of the site was a mixed blessing to Shion. This was a good chance to field test new systems and power armors but sadly the expedition had already filled up on its archeology and mechanics team before she could. However, as the team didn’t seem to have the budget or interest in hiring from a single private security company she had got the chance to sign up as an additional security contractor and due to her background of being capable of both combat and modifications of suit’s it didn’t take long before she was hired.

    As Shion got off from the lander she saw a young man look around all nervous and excited. With a chuckle, she quietly walked behind him and tapped his shoulders before saying

    “First day on the job? Calm down and focus.”
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    Robin helped carry the heaviest equipment for the scientists, his armour made it easy. He introduced himself to the civilian crew, to those he encountered and assured them the security team were there to watch their backs.
    Eventually he approached Sam, Shion and Nicolaus while opening a bottle of water. The heavy urban warfare armour thumped its way to them
    "How's it going? Some place, huh?"
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    Sam glanced over at Shion when he approached, and at Nicolaus who had sat on a nearby stone. He bit his lip a little at Shion's words, and he looked around at the ruins that they were stationed in. "But it's just so exciting." he said with a big grin to Shion, before looking over to Robin who approached. "It is! And that's what's so exciting, I've been standing on a cargo ship for a while now, so it's good to be on ground again - and helping to learn about a new discovery." he grinned at the rest of them. "I'm Sam, and it's exciting to meet you all." he said, his smile never disappearing.​
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    Robin would finally be startled from her nap as a researcher curiously touched one of her drones "im here to protect you so please dont touch those since they're here to protect me while i protect you so yeah thank you bubye" she would say hurrying the researcher along and turning to her energetic excitable new team mate. Smiling broadly she'd meader up to him as her drones sparke to life floating behind her "bice to meet you too Sam ! Im Robin by the by , the pleasure is all mine in meeting all you peole. If your suits need a mechanically minded hand just give me a holler and i'll see what i can do capiche ?" She said standing as tall as her meager height would let her.
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    Shion shrugged at Sam’s enthusiasm before giving him a reply.

    ‘Shion, recon” was all she would reply before another woman joined them.

    After hearing the short women Shion introduced herself again before frowning. After a brief pause, she would point to Robin
    “This is going to be annoying, so your name is Robin”

    and then point to the other robin.
    “And if I remember from the crew manifest correctly then his name is Robin as well.”

    Shion tilted her head, a bit before saying

    “Please tell me both of you have different last names because i only paid attention to the first name.”
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Robin smiled and wiped his mouth after drinking water.
    "Erran, I'm Robin Erran. You're just jealous of the best name ever."
    He found a piece of rock to sit on and thumped himself on it.
    "We wouldn't be here if they didn't expect something, so don't get too comfortable. Don't mean to worry you but the risk is there."
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  9. Hearing the other armored security greeting one another Nicolaus waved, not really wanting to approach what seemed to be some very energetic people. “I am Nicolaus, if your suit needs a jump or any electronics that need some fine tuning call me over.” He said as he leaned back on the rock a bit, containing his own excitement far better than some of the other members of the security group.
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    Sam frowned a little and looked at the rest of the team. "So there's two Robins? That'll be interesting, but I'm looking forwards to getting to know you all!" he chuckled, but before they could continue talking, there would come a call from Dr. Archanan. All members of the expedition were called to the center of the camp.

    Once the security members and the rest of the expedition arrived, the Lead Archeologist would stand on a small pedestal and would look around at the members of the team he was leading. "I hope you're all as excited as I am to finally be venturing into the unknown here." he said with a big grin. "This energy signature, as I am sure you all know, matches none of our known readings. The core of it is situated deep in these ruins according to our initial scans, so our first order of business is to start our way down. We have no idea what is in these ruins, so we have hired a number of security professionals for any unforeseen circumstances." he would pause and gesture to each of them.

    After the rest of the speech, it was decided that as it was only midday they would take their first delve into the ruins. Varik and a few others headed into the main entrance hall - or so they assumed it was. It was a large, long hall with doors and hallways branching off. Something they would all recognize is that the ruins seemed remarkably preserved, as the majority of pathways were actually still available to be used.

    The archeologists and other scientists would go to the various walls, or begin setting up equipment. Dr. Archanan would walk to the far end, where a large stone seat sat against the wall. This would leave the security people to do their jobs, perhaps speak with one another a bit more.​
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