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Scorpions and Banishes should pay for their wargear

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by mew282, Apr 15, 2017.

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  1. mew282 mew282 Recruit

    Every other class needs to pay for their unique traits like a storm shield or heals but eldar get their clocking and the scream for free letting them stack more armor by not taking a slot or any LP.

    I think that to compensate this the Scorpions should need to use their healing slot and pay 100 LP for their cloak.
    On the note of banishes I think the screen should take the pistol slot as it acts alot like a side arm for the other other races close combat classes.
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  2. Dragonkindred Dragonkindred Arkhona Vanguard

    Seriously dude, is this a troll post?

    If you want to complain about another faction, go and look at the Orks...
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  3. mew282 mew282 Recruit

    I mean you wellcome to make a thread about orks but please try to stay on topic. The goal of this thread is to discuss should eldar pay for their abilities like other factions.
  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    That is their thing they don't need to pay for is because they are allredy gimped enough as it is. Storm shield are not the unique trait of the GA their unique trait is the innate toughness they have over other classes. The eldar armor and lp aren't as effective or good as the GA and Apo so having them "pay" for it is reudenet and unblanced even more then current.
  5. You forget about the fact every eldar class have to research their armor seperately, while marines need to unlock it once and every class got it. And there is an Apoteachry who got his healing without research.
    So i dont think its a good idea research what define the class it self.
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    So no heal for scorpion ? And lp cost ?
    So no pistol for banshee? And lp cost ?
    Stop trying no nerf eldar go nerf orks instead
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  7. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

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  8. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Come on man. Everyone knows eldar are in a bad spot right now. If people are crying nerf eldar now it's either to troll, or cause they just need to "git gud" so to speak. Honestly, before the current patch eldar performed on par with most other factions just fine. It was constant whining and bitching that got us nerfed then as well. Most of this was, guess what, from LSM players who were angry that we were too fast, spammed melee dodges too much, cheated from getting I frames and latency increases, our guys were too tough, blah blah blah....

    Patch comes and we still pull off wins, but I don't think people understands how well we have to play just to get one. An eldar player literally needs to play twice as smart and good as any other faction. They need to coordinate as a team twice as good, because they can't just trade blows vs the enemy. They are supposed to be a force of speed, hard hitting and "moderate" staying power. Even in the table top, slot of their units have average toughness and decent armour saves of 3 or 4 plus. Heck, orks armour is roughly on par with eldar. Before the patch a month or two ago the eldar performed exactly how they should. It's amazing what whining will get people.

    I mean honestly...I played vs eldar wit my ork main two days ago. I got 35 kills with my shield slugga...35!!! One hit kills for me the whole match. Even against their melee classes I just impact stunned them, they couldn't do anything about it. Before the patch, I'd prob get 20 kills, which is reasonable. I'm not some amazing player that's for sure, but with the other factions you basically get what you give. With eldar you can give your best performance and still fall short and lose, walking away with like 10 kills and getting downed like 30 times. Seriously, at the end of a match look at kill counts against eldar. Unless the enemy team is a bunch of newbs, most players will have 15 kills at least. The eldar team, even if they win, will have one or two guys with 20 kills or so, and the rest with 5, 8, 10 etc. Usually eldar win just by out manoeuvring the enemy team, more than outright killing them.

    Funny thing is, the things that changed were the things that didn't need to be changed right away. Should have fixed eldar vechicle lawn mowing, or even the latency issues of players spamming dodge constantly. Heck, lowering EHP of eldar by 25 or so would be understandable. Instead it's severely lower...and still eldar are winning games. This is cause some of the best players in this game play eldar. Heck go look at WoK, MYST or WP....scary to think of them playing other factions exclusively.

    Can't forget DJ penguin either. Go watch some of his live feeds. Or tirrikface from WP. He has live feed as well, pretty cool watching those guys play.
  9. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    No, and I have a very simple reason for that.

    Because they cannot have the choice of what they take and don't have variations of the said abilities.
    Back in the day there were only 1 Healing vial for the Apo, it didn't cost anything, because you didn't have the choice of taking it or not, and you didn't have the choice of abilities (ie: "what it does").
    Currently the Capture keys don't cost a thing. It was planned to have different capture key, with advantages and drawbacks, that would cost more or less LP depending on the advantages or drawbacks. Well this is exactly the same.
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  10. ambersand91 Recruit

    90% of the time, I don't even use my banshee's scream either because 1) you don't think to break your clangs and focus too heavily on the combat in the heat of the moment or 2) it takes a lot of effort to flank into a room and absolutely carve the room up that all the scream is going to do is alert everyone that I'm there.

    I'm trash with scorpion and always get mowed down using their stealth >_>
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