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Scions of the Dark City (Dark Eldar OOC\interest thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. im back :)
    also damn our beastmaster is a beastlord, snapping a krootx neck like that :p
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  2. kanila kanila Subordinate

    He's kinda mad right now. Losing his newest beast and another Razorwing.
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    Player : Bossaroo
    Character name: Ave'ras
    Sex: Male
    Class :Kabalite Warrior
    - Kabalites armor with deeper embedment spikes to secure the armor , a modification made after a horrid incident
    - a jagged , serrated combat knife used on foes, allies, and whomever he takes fancy ro
    - a Splinter gun
    -a mnemonic scope to record foes and whomever is hit, their dying moments perserved
    - splinter cannon

    Appearance: Ave'ras is noticeably shorter compared to others of his kin and an avearage build. His face is relatively unscarred with only a minor scar across his eyebrow though down his body the scars are exceedingly more evident . The areas showing repeated damage from the imbedment spikes which hold his armor in place, and A massive maring across the left side of his chest asking of which will lead to the Kabalite's usual docile demeanour disappearing rapidly
    The Kabalite's expression is generally one of uniterest on most occasions , combined with his docility it generally seems as if he is bored though his eyes are always crtical

    A seasoned Kabalite having gone on quite a few raids into realspace and tasted the agony of the pitiful mon'kiegh and even on one occasion back-water exodite kin . He is suprisingly docile for a Kabalite though it is unknown whether the docility is an descrete ploy or if the Dark kin is particularly foolish

    Environmental hazard: Being one to tinker around with the explosives, Ave'ras was given the option to carry additional 2 grenades into combat (on top of the original 3) and he has +1 on all attacks made with the grenades. On top of that, he can take any (logical) object from his current surroundings and turn it into a projectile or a bomb by strapping one of his grenades on it and then throw it on his enemies for additional +d3 attack. This throw counts as a free action. CD 4 Turns.

    Character Name: Heltherith Mertrixa
    Sex: Female
    Type\Class: Wych/Healer.
    Equipment: Glaive with a blade at both ends of the shaft, Splinter Pistol, Dagger, shardnet.
    Make-shift Wych-Suit

    Appearance: Heltherith is around average height and girth for a Dark Eldar with azure eyes and raven-black hair, kept long and bound up. Possesses a small, but still notable scar on her right cheek in the pattern of a claw from a beast, along with a faded marking on the left side of her neck where she had been tattooed as a part of her punishment. Prefers clothing that would be considered daring, mostly as a proclamation of her skills.

    Background: Heltherith is Trueborn even if her relationship with her parents and siblings is rather... Strained after her misdeeds. Suffice to say, an attempted heist (which would have grandiose if it had been executed correctly, and made their target a laughing stock among their peers) upon a Kabal of high stature to gain some extra wealth was not the best uses of her time. That lead to her having a long stint as a slave to that Kabal as punishment for Mertrixa's transgression, one that made her wish she'd been given the regular treatment rather than the one her parents agreed that she could undertake to preserve her beauty.

    After her time in captivity was done, Heltherith ended up as a wanderer on the wrong side of the tracks, only saved from the life of the Parched by being willing to step into various back room gladiator matches as a contender. Unlike what was expected by those running the ameture games however, she developed a talent for that style of bloodshed, the dance of blades becoming part of her skill set.
    Likewise, Mertrixa also ended up learning about healing wounds and leaving no trace of the blow’s existence, given that she lacked the personal funds for medical care (that was even remotely trustworthy), and wouldn’t besmirch her body.


    Exploit Weakness: Due to her innate suspicion and thoroughness, Heltherith is capable of scanning and quickly spotting the weaknesses in both friend and foe alike. It's only up to her to decide whether she would exploit such a thing or not. Heltherith can opt to use the fiery precision behind her melee attacks and make a strong attack against a single foe that does +d3 damage and breaks a piece of foe's armor or equipment. CD 4 Turns.

    Player: Wata
    Character Name: Kaesar
    Sex: Male
    Type\Class: Trueborn Incubus
    Equipment: Klaivex and Incubus Warsuit, Wrist (armor-integrated) flamer
    Appearance: Two small and careful vertical scars under his right eye from fights he deemed to be most exhilarating. Possesses a wiry yet intimidating build. In the tallest side of Eldar standards regarding body height.
    Background (optional): Kaesar holds little interest in the myriad power plays and political intrigues that Dark Eldar are infamous for. He cares for combat and the feeling of seeing his opponent hopeless and broken before the killing blow. The scars on his face are a record of kills, which are from his trials to reach incubus status. His predecessor Incubus and Craftworld Aspect Warrior specifically.

    Sadist: Despite being one of the Incubi, Kaesar loves to revel in the bloodshed and tends to go a step farther when inflicting suffering upon his enemies. This act invigorates him more than usual and his soul gets stronger for it. After every kill Kaesar makes a d20 is rolled, on 15+ he restores 1HP.

    Player: Brother_Draconion
    Character Name: Gorthâür Dráuglanath, "Thû" for short.
    Sex: Male
    Type\Class: Mandrake Assassin
    Equipment: Twin power falchions, scoped Splinter rifle, courtly robes with hooded cloak, ivory masquerade mask, grisly trophies, sundry odds and ends, haywire pistol.
    Appearance: In build, Thû is a typical Mandrake - lean and hard like a starved wolf, ropey muscles rippling with savage grace, light-drinking skin shot through with swirling patterns of frozen fire that blur vision and nauseate the viewer. That being said, he is in many ways not your grandmother's Mandrake - rather than the crabbed, feral poise commonly adopted by the barbarous cannibals, he grooms and carries himself upright like a high noble of Commorragh. Likewise, he has speech and manners to match, able to blend seamlessly with the poisoned politesse of a great Archon's court and converse knowledgeably - in an incongruously melodious voice - on almost subject at length. In combination with obsidian eyes that glow electric blue when flush with stolen life, features oft described as 'statuesque', and a quirky half-smile that echoes the decadence of the Fall itself, more than one female Archon (and at least one male) has attempted to retain the ostensibly-civilised savage long-term for less-than-professional reasons.
    Background (optional): Like most others of his kind, the Mandrake known to greater Commorragh as Thû makes his living as an assassin, plying his trade freelance to the highest bidder. Again, like most Mandrakes, no one knows much about his origins, nor even his real name. All they know is that, approximately twenty years ago, a strangely urbane Shadewalker appeared out of nowhere within the circles of the city, announcing his presence with a series of high-profile decapitation strikes that ended a three-way war between bitterly feuding middle-tier Kabals.
    Before long, a mysterious figure began appearing throughout the courts. Cloaked and cowled in midnight blue, face obscured by an impassive ivory mask, this mystery man would be seen conferring with the powerbrokers of Commorragh. Wherever he trod, death would soon follow - none could foresee where or when the stroke would fall, but fall it would before long. In another unusual twist, reports soon arose of a Mandrake whose attacks were often presaged by sniper fire - typically on the principal target's security and other companions.
    Few had the savvy or privileged information to put two and two together, but those who did wasted no time in putting the right whispers in circulation, hoping to summon the masked man in midnight blue to help them with a sticky problem or two.
    For those who offered the right price, the masked man would indeed appear at their door within a matter of days. Inevitably, he would set their problems aright. Invariably, he would also demand this privilege on top of the agreed-upon fee - that he be given leave to freely circulate in their courts for a period of time - days, weeks, months - speaking to all comers.


    Living Shadow: Due to his mastery over the shadow realm, Thû can create a perfect "clone" of himself during (and outside) combat. His clone will soak next direct attack aimed at Thû (but not aoe) and allow him to disappear - disengage from combat or attack from another angle. The clone will mimic the move Thû was about to do and on 15+ the Mandrake will retain enough control for the clone to actually do damage to an opponent (aka get an actual attack).

    Character Name:Yrara
    Type\Class: Hamonculus
    Equipment: Modified Shardrifle , Hamonculus experiment armor(Mix of operating tools, drugs and chemicals and armor), power blade, Stinger pistol, Stimuli injector (3 charges, d6 HP gain, loses it after d3).
    Appearance: Tall Compared to most Yrara bears many self surgical scars on his body and several wrinckles among his forehead a crazed expression can be noted on the Hamonculus face and at times when enthusiast or amused a long smug grin will appear across it. More surgical tools on his armor then him he often seen with a rifle and a husk blade at his side while out on a mission always looking for odditys in living beings for him to capture and examine.

    Background (optional): Yrara is a oddity amoung Hamonculus due to his many Enthusiastic views and desires, To him simple direct toruture is boring more subtle means are need for him to be truly pleased. From seeing a fantaical imperials body changed into that of the Vial mutant to they hate to causing one of there way ward cousins falls Yrara Goals are alwalys odder and more long term with what he works on, Many rumored and whispers among other eldar believe Yrara has some type of plans for Real space as he has been seen on many more raids out of commograh then in bringing in specimens and oddly taking some out.


    Tough Skin: Being a Haemonculus, Yrara did many upgrades to his original body in order to prolong his life and make some of the things that could kill him merely a nuisance. Thus, his enhanced metabolism is capable of some regeneration, giving him even more durability in combat. After each suffered wound a d20 is rolled. On 15+ Yrara regenerates 1HP.

    Player: kanila
    Character Name: Aesra
    Sex: Male
    Type/Class: Beastmaster

    Equipment: Modified Skyboard (pheromone emitters built in), barbed whip, knife, assorted vials of pheromones, 1 Helspider and 2 Razorwings

    Appearance: Almost always wearing a mask, which currently mimics the razorwings he controls, Aesra has ritualistic tattoos across his right shoulder and bicep in tribute to the razorwing. Of average height and build to his dark kin he bares numerous scars from taming beasts and fighting in the wyche arenas.

    Background: Aesra spent much of his time staging hunts in the wych arenas and random realspace raids. During realspace raids pushed his ambitions to control even more deadly beasts, razorwings had a special place to him as they would drag their victims directly in front of him for his entertainment as they shedded the flesh to get to the bone they so desired. But working the arenas didn't offer him the opportunity to REALLY use his talents to the fullest. And it appears that his chance may have just presented itself in the form of an open call to all who seek glory, time would tell if this would end in glory or his own death.....

    Beastlord: Aesra's ability to communicate with various animals across the galaxy became well-known skill and many of those creatures tend to flock to him, no matter where their original "loyalty" lied. Once taking them, Aesra can further enhance his companions by injecting pheromones that can push the creatures to new limits and aid him in combat. Aesra has a better chance of taming and finding new beasts during the missions. In addition to that, he can chose a friendly creature and give it +d3 damage for the duration of the turn. CD 4 Turns.

    Player:Grall Stonefist
    Character Name: Hetax "Razorhand"
    Sex: Male
    Type\Class: Wrack
    Equipment: Barbed hook'n chain. grafted barbed claw. splinter shotgun (paralising and coagulating poisen instead of nerve toxin)
    Appearance: Like all Wracks Hetax is a nightmarish and grotesque being, standing taller than the average dark Eldar wilts also having a much more brutish and muscular frame.
    Hetax posses two right arms, the top one being the visible strongest, also carries the hook he throws to ensnare his marks, wilst the lower arm has a barbed metal claw grated to it so those that get close enough wont escape his painfull and powerfull grab. In due to the nature of his specially made splinter shotgun, he carries it one handed in his left arm.
    his head is covered in a black helmet though his differs a bit from the average wrack helm, since his sports a mechanical jaw filled with razor sharp teeth.
    Several small spine potruet from his back, though the largets is the one right below the neck with grows up just above the hight of his helmet.

    The Hook: Due to his job as a Bounty Hunter, Hetax was asked many times to deliver the bounty intact and sometimes, his toxic ammunition would do him no good. Therefore, he was given a small upgrade to his hook that has an inbuilt shock field in it which allows him to incapacitate his opponents. Hetax can use this ability to throw the hook, pull the enemy to himself and stun the wanted opponent (non-boss, works on small machines as well) for one round. In addition to that, he also received couple of experimental upgrades that prevent him from dazing out and making him immune to such afflictions. Immunity to stuns and dazes. The Hook CD 4 Turns.

    Player: @Kalle
    Character Name: Kadara
    Sex: Female
    Class: "Trueborn" Kabalite Warrior
    Equipment: Kabalite armor, monomolecular dagger, splinter rifle, splinter pistol

    Kadara is not lithe. She is not serpentine nor elegant. She is better compared to one of the big cats, with a powerful and imposing presence. Her build is best described as amazonian, standing easily a head over any crowd of her kin and endowed with great physical strength. One might even call her brutish by Dark Eldar standards, though she remains unnervingly agile and graceful. She is no mon-keigh. However, despite her raw physicality, she is not at all unfeminine, but her curves are rooted in outright thickness and not the sleek, slender surface of most females of her kind.
    Rather than the pearly white complexion of the higher classes of Commorragh, Kadara's face is grayish and pallid, contrasted by cold, yellow eyes and pitch black hair. The sides of her head are shaven short, leaving her hair in a mane-like, flowing crest. Usually, her hair is bound at her neck to prevent distracting movement.
    Her kabalite armor is painted in a matte, black color scheme with crimson lining. Kept in tip-top shape, the suit of light, form-fitting material is nonetheless painted in a fashion to evoke the image of blood splattered across the black plates. The armor is quite modest --- besides the dramatic paintjob --- and sports smooth, angular surfaces instead of the spiked ornaments many warriors choose to adorn themselves with. Her helm gives her a bright red, baleful stare.

    Though trueborn in the most technical sense, Kadara's birth is an ignoble one. She was neither vat-grown nor born in the union of the privileged, but conceived from a rutting tryst between the dregs of Commorragh society. Borne into the world among the Parched, Kadara eked out a turbulent existence in the Sprawls. She was born free from servitude, but subject to suffering and want beyond the debased sadism of the Dark City's institutions. She was born an animal.
    Even so, Kadara thrived in spite of --- or, rather, because of --- the great opposition stacked against her and she rose above fighting for mere survival. She climbed the rungs of misery to Port Carmine, where she took out her brutality on the trash lurking in the corners of the spaceport like rats on a ship. Her actions drew the eye of a Sybarite of one of the local Kabals, earning her an offer and the promise of greater glory fighting in an Archon's name. Naturally, she accepted.
    Her skills continued to develop under the guidance of elder warriors and were continuously tested by rival Kabals and peers alike. Her first Kabal was a short-lived one, however, as it was quickly beheaded and replaced by other, smaller factions. Even though she made a new pledge to a new Kabal, she was hounded by old rivals and comrades alike, and the chaotic circle of killings continued.
    Eventually, Kadara grew weary of the sameness to her superficially turbulent experience and upon the closure of yet another Kabal... she opted instead to strike out on her own, seeking creatures of greater ambition that might pursue greater goals than fighting over scraps. Her conflict-frought wandering was brought to a close when an invitation to the Crimson Moon Kabal was extended to her. With the recent buzz about the Severed Hope's leaders being deposed by the Archon Zar'uil, the offer intrigued her. Naturally, she accepted.


    Bring it on: Being a tough specimen of her race, Kadara's martial dominance is easily seen and even easier shown when competing with her fellow Kabalites. Besides her toughness, she's also quite agile and thus can become a huge nightmare for her opponents to deal with when she wants to. Activating "Bring it on" forces Kadara's opponents to reroll scored hits against her for d3 turns. CD 4 Turns.
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    Player: Vlayden

    Name: Venessia
    Class: Trueborn Incubus
    Sex: Female
    Equipment: Incubus Warsuit, Punisher, splinter pistol
    Appearance: She wasn't quite different from most of her kind, with dark-brown hair and paranoid eyes that glanced this way & that. Her form was considerably wiry. and while she may be considered beautiful by any Mon'keigh standards, to Eldar she was... Well. Certainly not feminine. Little in the way of curves that could catch the eye, though what attraction one might have certainly would be in her face; even with the scars upon her chin & left cheek, she was certainly able to grab one's eye.

    History: As a Trueborn she'd been spoiled to a considerable degree; something that had made her somewhat disgusted at times, moreso when she had witnessed how some would try to get her favour through gifts, yet show no loyalty. Years down the line once she'd come of age, she would have turned to the Incubus shrines, where her training had started.
    Numerous times she had nearly failed, though even then the Trueborn showed no respite; the Aspirant showed no quarter when she tore the armour from the Incubus in training, and showed even less against the Aspect Warrior. A Striking Scorpion. The fight itself had admittedly been accidental, her eyes set upon a Dire Avenger that she had stalked through the forests, only to get ambushed by him.
    The fight itself had lasted for hours, though neither called for help. And when she had finally bested him, she showed a rare thing amongst her kind, in the Craftworlders' eyes; respect.
    After taking his soulstone for her final trial, she had set to burying his body, marking the grave with his chainsword.

    Player: @Skarboy
    Character Name: Kholivaz Scarnax
    Sex: Male
    Class: Disgruntled Corsair, the Helliarch Returned!
    Mesh armor with respectable wear and tear, each scrape and impact of fractured thermoplas worn brazenly, the surprisingly tame paint scheme of stone gray faded into teal could use a touch-up. A sash the same pitch black of the Commorrite's eyes is wrapped around his waist.
    Paired Eldar Chainswords.
    Brace of pistols, both Craftworlder and Commorrite in origin.
    The decades spent terrorizing Realspace have left little change on this dreaded denizen of the Dark City. Born of the Middle Darkness, raised on the savage law of the open sky, Kholivaz is as lean and quick as they come, mind and body hardwired into survival above all else. Of average height for an Eldar, there is none of the civility seen in the Craftworlders or the primitive Exodites. Hair flowing in a wild mane, streaked red by design. Body marred with scars from countless wars against Reaver, Scourge, and Realspace denizens. Face thin with predatory eyes and a savage smile, hidden behind a fanged mask that covers the lower half of his face, the sole remaining possession from his previous life in Commorragh. To the eyes of an Eldar, there is a visible and wild darkness about the
    best hope, not literally.
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    Hey man - yeah we do :) if possible, hop here on discord since most of the RP conversations these days are happening there:

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