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Scions of the Dark City (Dark Eldar OOC\interest thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Hey guys!

    Like I promised the other day on discord, here's the OOC thread for our upcoming Dark Eldar RP - due to the fact I caught some bad case of flu, I'm spending these couple of days mostly indoors so I have a bit more free time which I decided to use productively and drop this OOC post a bit earlier than I initially said I would. That aside, while also depending on the incoming characters and whatnot, the start of the RP is still scheduled for the next week :)

    So this is the deal: I'm keeping the stuff mostly basic this time around with perhaps less focus on one big overreaching story arc which I usually did in the past and more down to day to day basis and interaction between various parties in Commorragh with hopefully lots of chance for character growth outside simple killing. This of course doesn't mean we won't go on missions, however expect for those "intermission" phases to last longer and achieve more than just being a pit-stop from one mission to another.

    The characters will start as "free agents" and will join the ranks of Kabal of the Crimson Moon, a relatively new (and small) kabal under the lead of somewhat mysterious Archon and from there, they'll work their way to the top. Note that your starting characters won't be total "noobs", they'll be slightly above that in order to act as some sort of lowly lieutenants and will rise in strength and prestige - or die ingloriously - as the story goes on. The combat will be done through rolls which will be in turn done by me, while like before, you write actions and I write responses unless specifically stated otherwise. The system I'll use is an offspring of @DeranVendar original system which I used in Perfect Warriors. To those of you who haven't played that RP, you can check how here for more info: Depending on your wishes, there also might be a possibility to further customize our Kabal, like in older Original Chapter Rps, to make us specialize in something, get a certain number of those and these troops, create alliances or feuds with other Kabals, stuff like that.

    As for the characters, you are free to let your imagination run wild and should not be constrained by only having to play "units" from the Dark Eldar roster, which means you can create a Dark Eldar bounty hunter, or a cook, or whatever else you'd like although just keep in mind the character will have to go on missions and thus be capable of fighting. While we are talking about characters, I wanna mention that this is pro-Dark Eldar RP and thus, other races are not really suited for it (no Orks, Tau, SM, etc). However, I'm cool with 1 (or perhaps 2, if the concept is really awesome) character being an Outcast\Corsair Eldar because it might be interesting to see their take on the stuff the other guys do although keep in mind as this is primary Dark Eldar RP we won't suddenly stop raiding etc just because one Ranger disapproves :) So if you are interested in that, send me your idea through PM and we'll discuss it.

    Here's the char sheet, we'll use the classic one - also, since you'll get rewards after missions you should keep your equipment fairly simple so you can have more room to advance afterwards, not to mention having powerful characters joining small kabal such as this one would not really happen in Dark Eldar society

    Character Name:
    Background (optional):

    Also, there's only 1 spot avaialbe if anyone wants to play a Haemonoculus (hopefully somebody will because I don't plan on having a NPC one, although it might happen if nobody wants it), the honor for that goes to the first guy who sends me sheet with that character via PM :)

    Final stuff I want to mention - since this is pg13 forum I will keep some things down and won't go full retard, I think it's better like that. But if some of your characters still want to do more than it's "polite" on such open forum, I'd ask you to keep that stuff in PMs. As far as the timeline goes, this RP is happening after the Road of Blood.

    Ok, I think this is it, if you have any questions ask below and feel free to post your char sheets as well! I'll tag couple of you guys below because I'm not sure how many of the guys around here are Dark Eldar fans, so if you don't see your name below don't think you are not welcome, quite the contrary! :)

    @Maleth @Casavay @Jorimel @High_Adept_Zeth @matt23 @Grall_Stonefist (not sure if my bro likes DE, but no matter! :D) @Avenging-Angel @Skarboy @Vulpas @Keidivh @BuriasDempsey

    Mission #1 characters:
    Mission #1 briefing:

    Mission #2 characters:
    Mission #2 briefing:

    Mission #3 characters:
    Mission #3 briefing:
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  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    So many characters possible here.

    I bet I'm the first like but the last to send you my sheet :D
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  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    It'll probably be the case :D but it's alright, there's still lots of time to think about it, that's why I posted the thread a bit earlier so you guys can figure out your chars without hurry :)
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  4. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Id likr to join this RP if it isnt an issue
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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Why would it be an issue brother, you are more than welcome! Feel free to post any questions you have and also, since we'll be starting after the holiday don't feel pressured to drop a char sheet soon. Plenty of time tinker around with that :)
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  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Well heres my character sheet here

    Player : Bossaroo
    Character name: Ave'ras
    Sex: Male
    Class :Kabalite Warrior
    - Kabalites armor with deeper embedment spikes to secure the armor , a modification made after a horrid incident
    - a jagged , serrated combat knife used on foes, allies, and whomever he takes fancy ro
    - a Splinter gun
    -a mnemonic scope to record foes and whomever is hit, their dying moments perserved

    Appearance: Ave'ras is noticeably shorter compared to others of his kin and an avearage build. His face is relatively unscarred with only a minor scar across his eyebrow though down his body the scars are exceedingly more evident . The areas showing repeated damage from the imbedment spikes which hold his armor in place, and A massive maring across the left side of his chest asking of which will lead to the Kabalite's usual docile demeanour disappearing rapidly

    The Kabalite's expression is generally one of uniterest on most occasions , combined with his docility it generally seems as if he is bored though his eyes are always crtical

    A seasoned Kabalite having gone on quite a few raids into realspace and tasted the agony of the pitiful mon'kiegh and even on one occasion back-water exodite kin . He is suprisingly docile for a Kabalite though it is unknown whether the docility is an descrete ploy or if the Dark kin is particularly foolish
  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    I would love to join up and play the Haemonculus! But, I won't have regular internet until the 20th of Jan at the earliest. So I'll understand if someone else wants it in the meantime as I don't expect you to wait for me :)
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Ahhh sadly, @Vulpas already put dibs on that character :(
  9. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Thread, meet Surion. No relation to the Mairons, Annatars, and Gorthaurs of this world.

    : @Casavay
    Character Name: Suraina “Surion” Lathellion
    Sex: Female
    Type\Class: Artisan of Armaments (Primarily a bladesmith)
    Equipment: Kabalite Armour, Splinter Rifle, a self-forged combat knife, the tools of her trade

    Appearance: Surion is, for a Dark Eldar, neither tall nor short; muscular from her self-appointed hours of hard physical labour the likes of which are left to slaves by others but not crude or unrefined (truly, quite the opposite, and the artisan would take great umbrage at any suggestion to the contrary), particularly broad or clumsy. Her pale Eldarith Ynneas skin is marred by a few scars and badly-healed wounds, and where once was a rune of the Obsidian Rose tattooed onto the right side of her neck now proudly sits a patch of burned tissue, whiter than her hide normally is. On the opposite side now sits the mangled rune that spells her pseudonym, drawn in fire-red ink.

    On the Dark Eldar sliding scale of arrogance versus malice, Surion's face generally falls on the arrogant side of the spectrum. Pretty enough for an average Trueborn, though not enough by far to impress those of distinguished standing, she possesses an angular visage framed by long, dark blond hair. Green eyes that flicker up with excitement whenever the smith gets to test out her creations, or see them in action wielded by skilled hands, sit perhaps a bit too deep within her skull, surrounded by eyerings that speak of an abstinence from sleep.

    Half-born into the Obsidian Rose by virtue of being, nigh literally, pushed out of the artificial womb into a weapons factory, Suraina Lathellion spent her early existence building Splinter Rifles as one of the faceless many under Aestra Khromys' thumb. And like all slave-workers within her Kabal, she was subject to the Queen of Splinters' noncompromising, almost unreachable standards when it came to her arms. Standards she always had difficulty meeting – a young Suraina was eager to work and avoid punishment, yes, earn a place on whatever raid the Rose was planning, but she lacked skill and focus. As she matured, Lathellion, and the Archon noticed this, became skillful beyond compare to her fellow slaves, but lacked the enthusiasm and drive to utilise these skills. In an attempt to motivate untapped talent, she was put into the care of a proper artisan of arms, with a proper workshop. He hated the young Half-born, but the increased scrutiny only served to increase her skill.

    It was true that Lathellion hated the monotony of the task, but the Splinter Rifles she built launched their poisonous payload like lightning from an angry God; not simply perfectly built to order, but she had also perfected the slicing mechanisms to a level normally reserved for Trueborn, each newly-sliced Splinter perfectly shaped, grooved, to strike true. Commorragh did as Commorragh does, and eventually, she was asked to make side earnings with sharing those well-made weapons she crafted with rivals of the Obsidian Rose. Monotonous or not, this tickled her ego just the right way to enter a deal even if she hadn't been threatened. To protect her identity, and to feed her hubris, the Half-born marked these weapons with a stylised rune, similar to an opening rose (a mockery, directed at her cruel masters), that read as 'Surion'.

    Alas, Surion's guns never earned the fame she felt they deserved, because that faction within the Kabal who had drawn their weapons from her would soon realise that her boredom and their faith in her only earned them a distinct lack of arms. They were crushed, and the artisan responsible flayed alive – Surion's master, that is. Suraina, after all, carried the Archon's favour. She took over the workshop.

    As years passed, Surion, who'd learned to make sure to only trade in small amounts, and not to Obsidian Rose usurpers (still bearing the unmistakable mark, however), found herself in a position of enough resources to focus on something she wanted to do: Craft blades, work with the forge, cut gems and weave wires to build arms that would actually taste blood. The thought excited her. They excited her enough to funnel all resources available into learning and working this new craft. And the blades that resulted from it were, while flashy and certainly ceremonial in appearance, nevertheless more than workable arms worthy of a Dark Eldar.

    With confidence, after quite a few years of Surion-blades finding their ways into the hearts and bodies of mon-keigh, Craftworld kin, and other unfortunates present in whatever raid she took part in, she presented her work to the overseers. Surion was certain they spoke for themselves.

    They were made gifts to the Wych-Cults that Khromys supported, and the aspiring bladecrafter was told to return to splinter weaponry. No, their worth was acknowledged. But it had not been her place.

    Not all tales of dissent are heroic. Surion faced the order with obedience, and fled in a manner most cowardly soon thereafter, taking her beloved tools with her to find a patron who would admire and respect her talent.

    Soon thereafter, certain individuals not bearing the colours of the Obsidian Rose had begun enjoying the oddly-runed, cruel weapons. And the Rose of Surion had just begun to become recognised, once more. This time, however, as the mark for a weapon that was as much art as armament – a weapon that sung of the love its maker poured into it.

    The agonious tools of a passionate blademaker.
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  10. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    And now, I arrive bearing a sheet.

    Character Name: Heltherith Mertrixa
    Sex: Female
    Type\Class: Wych/Healer.
    Equipment: Glaive with a blade at both ends of the shaft, Splinter Pistol, Dagger.
    Make-shift Wych-Suit

    Appearance: Heltherith is around average height and girth for a Dark Eldar with azure eyes and raven-black hair, kept long and bound up. Possesses a small, but still notable scar on her right cheek in the pattern of a claw from a beast, along with a faded marking on the left side of her neck where she had been tattooed as a part of her punishment. Prefers clothing that would be considered daring, mostly as a proclamation of her skills.

    Background: Heltherith is Trueborn even if her relationship with her parents and siblings is rather... Strained after her misdeeds. Suffice to say, an attempted heist (which would have grandiose if it had been executed correctly, and made their target a laughing stock among their peers) upon a Kabal of high stature to gain some extra wealth was not the best uses of her time. That lead to her having a long stint as a slave to that Kabal as punishment for Mertrixa's transgression, one that made her wish she'd been given the regular treatment rather than the one her parents agreed that she could undertake to preserve her beauty.

    After her time in captivity was done, Heltherith ended up as a wanderer on the wrong side of the tracks, only saved from the life of the Parched by being willing to step into various back room gladiator matches as a contender. Unlike what was expected by those running the ameture games however, she developed a talent for that style of bloodshed, the dance of blades becoming part of her skill set.

    Likewise, Mertrixa also ended up learning about healing wounds and leaving no trace of the blow’s existence, given that she lacked the personal funds for medical care (that was even remotely trustworthy), and wouldn’t besmirch her body.

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