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Scions of the Dark City [Dark Eldar casual RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jan 4, 2017.

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    "Sybarite Ave'ras! And where have they kept you hiding? We missed you on the mission." Aesra patted him on the shoulder as he looked across the haemonculus lair. "Well the short version, slaughtered a temple full of guardsmen, killed some marines and captured that Inquisitor." Then he tapped his chin a few times with his finger looking toward the ceiling as if trying to remember something. Raising a single finger in air as if he finally found what he was searching for. "There was one more thing, but it's just your typical backstabbing type stuff." He then shrugged his shoulders, "But they won't be around anymore to try it again."

    Looking around as the lair was reorganized for the new group of haemonculi, Aesra wasn't exactly happy about the change. "So what is going on here exactly? Yara stay with that mon'keigh or something?" He needed to get patched up and really didn't feel like waiting.
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    "Alas, I was too busy with with the recruits and other newcomers to be able to go on a raid, but I must tell you that our forces are ready for deployment at any given time. We have lots of troops now, quite frankly I have no idea what for did Kouron got all these men, but I guess our Archon will let us know soon. Also, good to hear that everything is done with it," Ave'ras said, sighing a bit. "There was only one way for that to end and I'm glad it is you who came on top."

    "As for this," the Sybarite nodded towards the laboratory and its occupants, "This is the new state of things. Remember Xurilith," he pointed towards the smaller Haemonculus, "It turns out he was the member of Coven of the Thirteen Scars, some nasty flesh-crafter union from the Lower Commorragh. The way I understood it, they were not so pleased when we attacked one of their members who was under their protection, so they came to seek vengeance but Archon anticipated it, therefore he kept Xurilith alive for all this time, rotting in the cell without anyone knowing about it."

    "Archon also struck a deal with the Coven to evade unnecessary bloodshed that included returning Xurilith from captivity and giving one of our own to the organization as Kabal's way of supporting it. Not a bad idea if you ask me but Yrara, who was approached by that big Haemonculus, Magister...something, and was asked to join the Coven, blatantly refused it! Imagine their surprise!"

    Ave'ras once again sighed after continuing. "Yrara was organized a separate exit alongside the Mon-Keigh traitors - our agents - from the raid, so he returned a bit before you did. On his way he was captured by the Blood Queen and her daughters, after which he was handed over to the Coven alongside majority of the humans as additional currency so nobody feels bad. Finally, since the Crimson Moon still needs a Haemonculus, the Coven allowed Xurilith to stay with us and do the tasks required of him from our Archon while also serving as a proxy or sorts. In the end, all sides seemed to be happy and the life could go on. At the moment I'm overseeing the transfer of items and I'm here to provide any assistance to them if needed."
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    Baeleris sighed as she realized she could get nothing from this man without ending his life, she paced around the chamber regardless . To kill someone who posed her no danger was something she could not stomach. She ran her fingers over the implant trying to find a way to pull it free without killing the incapacitated Inquisitor. She let out a groan of frustration as she paced as she pondered a solution, euthanasia possibly ? Clean and painless but with what ? The crude knife at her hip would cause more suffering than merely ripping out the implant. Her pistol which lay outside the cell would risk damaging the implant and cooperation from the guards . The guards ! The Lhamaeans did specialize in posion... she had not much to bargain with but she could try . Leaning against the bars Baeleris called to one of the guards

    "Hello ? Excuse me to interupt you but may i trouble you for some assitance. You wouldnt happen to have anything quick and as least painful as on hand... i have not much to offer other than my craft and efficient work for the Archon " she said as respectfully as possible almost pleadingly
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    Nodding along as he listened to the story. Not much has changed, backstabbing at pretty much every turn, as per the norm. "Well it seems things go in a cycle, and the Archon is always a step ahead." He nudge Ave'ras. "Looks like we did good landing a spot here. When do you think they will be ready to treat me? Is the area even ready for that?" Aesra said as he looked around the lab, various tubes, crates and the like strewn about the room. For the life of him he wasn't even sure he saw an operating table in those mess.
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    The Roost

    The notion of the Neverborn being on the move unnerved Kadara, but it certainly explained the absence of the big players among the Scourges. Being in the loop was part of the job, and armed with this information, she went about her business of practicing with her monomolecular knife, combining powerful flaps of her wings with lunges to stab fiercely. It was hard to say if she was showing off to the junior Scourges, or simply honing herself for the darker days ahead. Regardless, she had elected to stay among them for now.
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    Time spent in the Roost of her birth was Kadara's and Kadara's only. She met many Scourges, some older and more experienced while others were fresh like she was before she came here. They listened to her teachings and her stories, some even offering to come alongside and join her in her flight around the spires below. Due to her standing with the rest of her kin, she was also rewarded with a wicked-looking long venom dagger, its pommel made to resemble bat wings. All in all, if she wanted to actually become a Solarite she could, she now had the symbols and the warriors to follow her, only thing remaining was to announce it herself.


    "We can do it right away," the taller Haemonculus waved Aesra over, obviously overhearing their conversation. "A proper master of flesh doesn't need a classy laboratory to conduct such trivial procedures like repairing intestines. I assume that is what you came for, isn't it?"

    "Xurilith," he clapped his hands and the shorter Haemonculus bowed his head before pointing towards a nearby table that was placed on the side of the room seconds ago by a lumbering Grotesque worker, "You shall work while I oversee. Time spent...indisposed better not have dulled your senses and that you remember doing this simple task. If not, I'm sure we can send Archon Zar'uil a different Haemonculus to do the job, yes?"

    There was a pure fear in Xurilith's eyes as Magister so blatantly told him what was going to happen if he fails in this. Aesra was in a bit of a tight spot now as two Haemonculi awaited for him to lay down and get himself ready. What was worse - placing your life in hands of a "healer" who was doing this without having a room for error or being nearby if that healer gets zapped by whatever arcane item the other Haemonculus possessed if the task didn't meet his expectations?


    A female Lhamean appeared at the bars, dressed in beautiful green and black attire with a dark hair tied in a nice bun, she looked quite dashing and out of the place in this prison. Of course, Baeleris knew better.

    "Quick and least painful...why would one want such a thing?" she purred, playing with a set of needles that somehow made way into her hand. "The suffering is to be prolonged as much as possible, the pain a sweet thing to be cherished, not thrown away. But what would one of our misguided kin know about such things? All you do is prattle around in your tree-cities, hiding your true nature behind masks total hypocritical idiots. No wonder you are getting extinct."

    Her face twisted in disgust as she handed Baeleris a small bottle filled with turquoise fluid. "Take this, pour it down the slave's throat and he'll die in a minute, won't feel a thing as his heart snaps. Hopefully it was worth it," she said and left the Bonesinger alone with the Inquisitor...who just opened his eyes and widened them as he looked around himself.

    "WHAT IS THIS PLACE!? WHERE AM I?!" he tried to move but his entire body was chained to a wall. He glanced around and his gaze fell on Baeleris, eyes widening even more. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME! TELL ME! WHAT!"


    Ever since they returned from the raid, Thû dreamed the same thing. Time spent in meditation and rest was the time the visions swirled back to him, each one little different than the other. It was the same vision like before, only with small adjustments. Sometimes the lighting struck a tower in the open field, sometimes the tower was in the middle of a beautiful white city, sometimes the city was a ruin filled with ghosts and sometimes there was no lighting, only the sound of thunder echoing through the dead streets.

    Skull-faced Reaper was there, sometimes standing alone, sometimes cutting grass made of bones, sometimes looking right back at the Mandrake. Besides him, the two-headed blue bird was also present, most of the time it either flew around the empty grey fields or perched atop a withered tree, its baleful gaze almost enveloping Thû entirely before the vision stopped and he opened his eyes. But recently, in few of his latest visions the bird was devoured by a green drake of all things. Small creature really, not bigger than one of Aesra's Razorwings, but it proved to be more than a match for the bird as they fought, the drake winning many times but not every time, sometimes the bird would screech and the drake would fall on the ground, disappearing into the shadows.

    There was something about it which was familiar to the Mandrake and, given the fact Dark Eldar had superlative memory, he remembered seeing something like it all the way back when he met the Archon for the first time in his gallery. He had that mural of sorts, a big painting illuminated by strange fire picturing an Eldar Overlord fighting green-armored super humans on some forgotten world. There were images of similar creatures there, so perhaps there was some connection in this entire chaotic mess after all.
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    Baeleris nodded thankfully taking the vial from her hands "thank you madam , once my work here is done i will repay you in full" she said bowing again and backing away respectfully as the Inquisitor began shouting and screaming startling her. "G-goodness ! P-please remain calm , both of our necks lay on the line here !" She said in a hushed voice as she hurried to the Inqusitor. Tucking the vial into her sleeve as she made her way there. Kneeling beside him she whispered "if we play our cards right both of us can escape with our lives understood ?" She said trying to placate the wide eyed Mon'keigh with fear in their eyes as they darted around the cell.
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    Her voice did in fact manage to calm the Inquisitor, who after the initial shock became a bit more composed. "I'm in the Dark City, ain't I? This...I..." he muttered before raising his head a bit more defiantly now. "Servant of the Emperor doesn't fear death and he knows that aliens only lie, especially ones like you. I'm an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor alien, I know what you are and I know that the Dark Ones sent you here to try and break my will. Don't you think I haven't seen through your plan! Let me tell you right now, you won't succeed!"
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    Giving Ave'ras a nod, Aesra cleared the chamber quickly. As much as he would rather heal on his own time was of the essence. After all he had 4 future beastmasters to train. "Simple enough task, fix what's damaged and no more." Aesra laid down on the work table ready for the work to begin.
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    The Incubus gave a simple shrug in response to her views on the lack of... Pain. "I'll explain later." She said quietly. Once the Inquisitor got to screaming of course, things had to be done relatively quickly, and so, she shut the door - and with that, she waited and watched the Bonesinger do her work.

    "It will take more than just two prisoners to get out." She said, relatively quietly - just loud enough for them to hear, but with the door now closed~. Well; they couldn't speak freely, but at least getting one or two lines in every so often was enough.
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