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Scions of the Dark City [Dark Eldar casual RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jan 4, 2017.

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    For a moment Kholivaz imagined his ears had actually moved of their own accord to better capture the agonized cries of the decrepit priest impaled along the bottom side of his board. Imagination, surely. He had heard far better and was determined to give an Astartes enough reason to scream, in the coming moments. Skimmer moved left and right, the occasional burst from the shardcarbine used to keep the enemy distance, the slightest shifts in weight dipping it's wings to and fro even as he hovered just above the ground. Cruel eyes searched quickly across the ground until at last..

    There you are. A bit of madness for this mad cult.

    Helglaive's spiked blade hooked through one of the links of the Priest's chain flail closer to the handle, the former Corsair giving it a twist to secure the weapon around his own. It was a clumsy weapon of mon-keigh design, but the Hellion saw the potential for mischief as his board shot across the floor towards the Chaplain and his entourage. Combination of speed bringing the weight up off the ground and his own strength bringing it about to strike, Kholivaz's heel depressed on the firing stud of his Skyboard a split second before reaching the crowd, announcing his presence to the mob that may have not noticed him until just now.

    Confidence aside, a Commorrite such as he knew better than to risk everything with Astartes. He had never clashed with the misshapen super soldiers of the Imperium, but he had heard enough tales from Corsairs in their cups to know that they were a danger, even to him. Instead this was a variation of the same strike he had pulled off on the Nob in their last battle. Before he fully entered the striking range of the Chaplain, his skimmer rose and flipped him to fly overhead just outside of the Chaplain's striking range. Whereas his own Helglaive with it's superior reach and the added weight of a flail..

    The weapon quickly slid through his grip until he had both hands at one end, it's reach doubling as he brought the weapon down towards the Chaplain's unguarded shoulder, the twisting motion of his entire body adding a rotation to the flail. Even if his blade missed shoulder or helmet, the weight swinging around would wrap the chain across the Astartes' neck with a thunderous impact, which Kholivaz would happily leave planted in the Chaplain's body to retrieve later. It wasn't meant to be a fatal strike, but one to put the Angel of Death off balance until Kholivaz could swing back around and visit Death upon him.
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    Pushing back onto the offensive, Heltherith swung her Mirrorswords at the Ogryn and with a few short blows had managed to take off an arm and a head, leaving the corpse to be acted upon by gravity. With that death over and done with, an act that brought no pleasure to her heart. Still, there was more of her deadly work to do, so she focused upon the remaining Ogryns just to finish them off as a threat.
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  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Cathedral of His Radiant Might - Upper Hive>
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    The ceiling darkened for a second, the hundred little sharp daggers made out of wraithbone formed in the air. Each piece was razor sharp, hovering above the Mon-keigh soldiers for a moment before plunging down. The psychic feat was great, the destruction even greater as each dagger found its mark and sliced through the hearts of those below, killing most of the guardsmen almost instantly. Those that were too unfortunate to survive were dealt with, courtesy of Hetax and Venessia, who proceeded into slicing them into little pieces.

    Thû, Heltherith and Khymerae executed the two remaining Ogryns, now that the battle was turned it was easy to dispatch the abhumans, while Aesra himself found out that the aged Priest was no match for his own speed, the eviscerator he acquired earlier cutting the servant of the Emperor in two parts, making a mess out of his corpse.

    As for the Chaplain Severus, the Space Marine was besieged from four sides by four different attackers, something hardly possible for him to live through on his own. He deflected the blow from Kaesar's klaive only to be hit by multiple shots from haywire pistol, Thû making sure this time he didn't miss. Once again locking his armor, the man was open to an attack from Kadara, Rosarius artifact this time failing to protect the Chaplain as the dark lance punched through his chest, creating a huge hole in his body and dropping the Space Marine on his knees. It was a testament to the Emperor's genetic engineering genius that the warrior still drew breath as he tried to raise his bolt pistol and fire it upon the flying Scourge but Kaesar hopped in and looped the arm away with one precise strike of his giant sword.

    However it was Kholivaz who claimed the kill as he swooped in on his skyboard, the stationary target an easy prey for the former Corsair. Hellglaive was lowered and chain wrapped around Chaplain's neck that yanked him backward with enough force to rip his head from his body, leaving in inside of the skull helm trailing behind the Hellion's board as he flew away, the black-armored body toppling over on the ground with a final thud that signaled the end of the Mon-keigh resistance.

    Simple task of slaughtering the wounded would commence and nobody would leave the Cathedral alive tonight. Few minutes later all of them heard voice of Captain Shyla, addressing them via vox. "We can't hear anymore shooting outside, so I suspect you completed the task. Rest assured, few guards that remained outside have been dealt with, so your infiltration remains a secret. Once you are done with, erm...decoration, give me a signal and I'll send a call for help to the HQ that'll sure get the Inquisitor and his lackeys going. Shyla out."

    Scions were left with enough time to make the place as they wanted, all to fool the Inquisitor that it was a Chaos Cult that did all the killing and not the Dark Eldar infiltrators. Of course, they could just make the interior of the Cathedral in a way to allow them to set up an ambush there, so once the man they are looking for arrives they could spring the trap and catch him without much issue...

    Thû:7HP Kaesar:9HP Venessia:9HP Kholivaz:10HP Heltherith:10HP Kadara:10HP (BIT:1T, CD:3) Baeleris:9HP Aesra:7HP (Khymerae 1/3 (Elite) Beastlord CD:3) Hetax:12HP
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    What a disappointment. Dead already, this chaplain was a too popular target. Kaesar kicked the brutalized astartes corpse to the side and stretched his sword arm and neck.
    Kaesar heard whimpering from behind him and turned to look upon two guardsmen who had lost all hope once the chaplain had died.
    Kaesar scoffed and slowly started walking towards them. The arm he had chopped off the astartes laid on his way. He kicked it at the humans, it slapped the other one in the face.
    Once Kaesar was towering over them, he placed his klaive on one of their shoulder uncomfortably close to the humans throat.
    "Pathetic. Race of slaves, you are."
    Kaesar kicked him in the chest hard with such force that the human sliced open his throat on his blade. Kaesar punched the other one in the face and firmly grabbed the back of his head.
    He forced the human to watch the other one bleed to death.
    Kaesar hummed his favorite lovely tune into the humans ear, while enjoying the death throes of the other one. After a moment he kicked the human's leg to make him kneel, turned him around and started to choke him to death with one hand. Kaesar shook him violently a few times while he watched the life fade from his victims eyes.

    He dragged the two dead humans to the doors, leaving a blood trail on the floor and started carving chaos stars on their foreheads and flesh. After that he'd nail them to the doors by their wrists.
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  5. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    As the rain of flechettes fell onto the guardsmen baeleris couldnt look away , most were shredded in moments not having the chance to screw the barbs of wraithbone tearing them to gorey messes on the floor. She collapsed onto the railing of the catwalk and everything felt wrong. She couldnt catch her breath her eyes were wide as she looked on guardsmen , still alive from the rain of death and he glared at her in his dying moments , the accusatory hatred in his eyes burned like a star before smouldering out blood loss cutting fuel to those flames as they glossed over.

    She looked down as her captors - no accomplices she was as much at fault as they were began brutalizing the bodies. Innocent and injured unable to escape as they were made mince-meat horrific icons craved into them , their bodies torn and shredded . It was all too much everything was spinning shaking so violently , the sounds of screams, ripping flesh and snapping tendons, breaking bones and whilstling riddled lungs echoed louder and louder in her ears her head. She bent over the railing and wretched the morsels she had had at the Human lords manor escaping her and onto the chapel floor below as the guilt and horror drove her over the brink.

    Once done she collapsed onto the catwalk her makeshift armor thunking against the metal and silently she wept knowing the killing and horror had only just begun
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  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard


    A rush of air, as something descended from the heavens above the bonesinger. A singular, hellish figure that she was all too familiar with. The Scourge had descended near her. She was quiet. She watched the bonesinger retch and expel her meal and fall to the floor. She stepped closer, and her mask opened to reveal her pale face, the cat-like, yellow eyes and the dark lips. A heavy frown on her face. "... Come now, morsel," she murmured in a low croon. A clawed hand extended, the Scourge's wings extended to cover the both of them, as the Scourge dropped to her haunches and sat before the bonesinger, staring at her. "It is always vile, the first time..." her voice rolled through the air like a far-away rumble, a purr of sorts. "... You will not live, if you weep like this. You will not survive. A pretty little flower will wither," she spoke. Bitterness? Resentment? Hard to say. "Come now, to your feet. You'll be surprised at yourself."
  7. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Baeleris tensed up as the Scourge landed beside her the silent approach only meaning berration, belittlement or a beating. She tried to hide herself from the encroaching hellish figure before they spoke and instead of biting comments and harsh words they were , reassuring and instead of blows raining upon her head a hand extended to help her up. She nodded and took the scourges hand standing before backing away as well she could within the cover of the Daemon-like Crea-Person's wings. She wiped her tears quickly not wanting to seem any more vulernable then she already was, if not to the Scourge then to any others.

    "Suprised how ?" She asked trying to force a bit of bite into her voice but it merely came out strainedand tired as she gazed attentively at the Figure infront of her thouhj the way she stood made it obvious that a sudden move would set her runninh
  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard


    "How quickly you take to it," Kadara said darkly. She kept her wings wide around them, creating their own little niche. Her clawed hand held onto Baelaris', its touch careful. "But you will... We all have it in us... Some just more obvious than others," and her ironic grin bared her fangs. "And if you suffer well, if you can bear it... then you'll never suffer again," her purr promised.
  9. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Baeleris shuddered at what the scourge had told her , her eyes widened and she felt conjecture flood through her trying to burst out, to proclaim the path and damn them all to she who thirsts for it was right but... the niche felt oddly enough safe, the grin comofrting and the purr lulling her kind with the promises rather then the wrongs. "To never suffer again..." she only realized she had spoken it aloud a moment later but the promise of such a future was , enticing truely and the sirens song of such a future and the purr lulling her into security she smiled faintly at the Scourge. She felt inside her a divide begin to form, the path or this promise ?
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  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Incubus gave off a small scoff as she tore through the Guardsmen - casually revving and slashing her Chainsword through the victims without a care, bashing through the medical personnel as well. It wasn't long before she pointed over at the Priests, and exclaimed at her Eldar brethren, "Defile their damned corpses - and the Space Marine. Let them know the Dark Enemy did this instead of us, make sure there's no trace of our existance. Use their own weapons against them to set the scene if you must." She said, glancing back at the Bonesinger briefly and - after casually hacking at a human's femoral artery, tearing it apart and causing a small fountain of blood to appear, and...
    Watch, the Scourge. A few moments of fuming went by before the Incubus carried on with her work, even now looking to take one of the Guardsmen's knives for when she does take to doing her dastardly work of... 'disguising' the scene.
    "Are you done spewing your poisonous vomit onto her mind, Scourge?" She called out, sheathing the bloodied chainsword at her belt once more and tapping the ground with her Halberd. "As if your kind ever did give helpful advice that wasn't out of blasted greed."
    Her gaze couldn't be set upon anything that was going on in there - and admittedly, she can't hear a damned thing that was being whispered. All she knew was that the malevolent bat wasn't with any benevolent intentions; in fact, nothing in Commoragh tended to. Something as innocent as the Craftworlder? A delightful treat; and the Incubus had no reason to see that this was any other choice.
    "Bonesinger. You create Wraithbone, yes? I have questions to ask." She then added, her voice far less... 'Venomous'. More respectful even, polite, even if the Shuriken Catapult that was slung under her arm made her needs clear.
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