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Scions of the Dark City [Dark Eldar casual RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jan 4, 2017.

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    The moment baeleris felt the fury and presence of the chaplin the pain from the fire the construct had taken dulled and went away drowned in a cold tide of fear. The marine blasting the walkeay and sending Thu down to the floor below the bonesinger quickly panicked grabbing the the cryo grenade from her belt and chucking it down at the Raging Chaplin before crawling over to another section of the catwalk attempting to hide her position her shuriken pistol clutched whiteknuckled in her hands.

    She willed her construct to whirl about and rain fire onto the guardsmen that had damaged it the exposed wraithbone strcture within melted slightly from the heat of the lasgun fire. The construct whirling about and firing at the guardsmen moving side to side strafing in an attempt to keep its structure
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  2. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Shrugging the momentary numbness from his shoulder, he stared down those that had gotten up to avenge the priest. The blood from the priests death covering the nearby area to include Aesra himself. "You should have run when you had the chance worms! Only death awaits you here!" He laughed as he quickly swooped down, grabbing the eviscerator that had earlier dug into his shoulder. With his power axe safely stowed, he activated the primative weapon before spiraling towards the rushing guardsmen. The eviscerator lashing out at the guardsmen, spraying blood and viscera onto those too wounded to flee or even fight. Aesra cackled its glee as he fealt the fear of those around him growing from all of the carnage, four of the charging guardsmen turned into nothing more than blood and chunks of flesh from the vicious weapon.

    Upon slaughtering the foolish guardsmen Aesra moved away from the carnage, gathering his Khymerae for a boost of pheromones before unleashing them on the ogryn that were rampaging through the area. (Beastlord ability) With the Khymerae reinforced and set upon their task, Aesra moved to hunt down the last of the priests. The chain weapons easily found through the carnage and chaos. Aesra knew the hulking Space Marine would need to be dealt with but he saw the others moving to deal with that large threat. Seeing no reason to have everyone attack one target he continued on his own set target, the last eviscerator armed priest. Using the skyboard's speed and mobility, he jittered around the cathedral spreading death and guts with the eviscerator that once fought for what was right, at least to the foolish mon'keigh that once owned it.
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    Seeing the Marine and feeling the presences of the human warrior, Heltherith decided to not get entangled with them given that others were moving to deal with them. She finished off her Priest with a quick decapitation to spare him any prolonged agony. That left her the question of what else she could do that wouldn't single her out as not entirely being into the whole Scions' business.

    So the Wych turned her attention to the Ogryns, swiftly advancing towards them with the intention of bringing more death to the humans with her Mirrorswords and hopefully swift enough that they didn't have to suffer too much in the process.
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  4. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard


    Kadara saw her shot tear into the ogryn's chest, though it did not down the brute. She growled, before she unloaded a second beam of dark energies straight at the beast, boring straight through its skull. "You're welcome, wych," she murmured through their Vox channel, before she launched into the air, soaring towards the ceiling of the cathedral. Gaining a bird's eye view of the situation, she spotted the chaplain and his wide gestures. Boasting. She resented that. She leveled her dark lance on the space marine and squeezed the trigger, launching another beam of dark energies right at him. Moreover, she was unafraid of whatever reprimand striking the space marine might bring... they could just bring it on.
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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Cathedral of His Radiant Might - Upper Hive>
    @kanila @Draconion @Maleth @Kalle @Skarboy @bossaroo @Wata @Vlayden @Grall_Stonefist

    Chaplain heard Kaesar's cry and prepared himself to meet the Incubus, relaying the orders to the rest of the humans now via vox link. What happened to Kaesar is that, despite his undeniable speed, most of the Guardsmen behind him were either around Venessia or were trying to find some cover around the (now closed) entrance and trying to survive his onslaught. But now that he turned around and charged the Hawk Lord, they were free to open fire, most likely following Space Marine's command.

    Kaesar's back was riddled with lasfire, enough of it for him to feel the burning sensation on his skin and foil his attack just enough for his klaive to miss the intended target, cutting through Chaplain's shoulder guard and ruining some of the heraldry but not preventing a swing from his crozius that caught the Incubus straight in chest, hurling him backward into a mob of wounded soldiers, his armor (once again) turning into a ruined mess.

    It was Thû who prevented the follow-up attack as, after easily dispatching the nearby couple of humans, he opened fire with his haywire pistol, aiming for the central figure of the Imperial defense. Even now the wounded guardsmen hurried to Chaplain Severus' side, so few of them soaked the electric projectiles, which actually dropped them down on their feet, convulsing. Few of those found mark in Chaplain's armor and he was forced to drop to a knee, the system responsible for his right arm and leg movement disobeying command and preventing him from making another attack on Kaesar.

    This draw more attention on the Mandrake and some of the recovered guardsmen fired towards his position, blowing chunks of the pillar he was standing behind but not actually hitting him. However then he heard a roar and an Ogryn burst through the pillar, breaking half of it into pieces that washed all over Thû but the biggest damage came from the ripper gun's bayonet that the big abhuman swung which cut through his shadowy skin and sprayed his attacker in black blood. (@Draconion you can kill this Ogryn with your next post).

    duel was sadly a short one, the Sergeant managing to land only one blow with his chainsword which carved a chunk from her left vambrace before he opened himself clumsily to her own counterattack. Her own chainsword ripped his flak armor to pieces while punisher slammed through both of his legs, severing them completely and dropping the man on the ground, only to be squashed by a downward swing of the great halberd (OOC first kill claimed by your talent :)). Even though their Sergeant died, the surrounding Guardsmen held and opened fire on Venessia, however their shots were either misses or were absorbed by her heavy armor.

    Before more of them could open fire Baeleris' construct flew around, opening fire and ripping through the Mon-keigh ranks, the shuriken weapon clearly cutting them apart in such close space they had nowhere to hide from a levitating orb. Six Guardsmen fell before the return fire finally destroyed the construct, its shattered remains falling worthlessly on the ground and making Baeleris hurt as her "child" was so crudely obliterated. Thankfully, the humans were focused on the happenings below to actually spot her hiding on the catwalk, so perhaps she could remain here until the shooting stops, but what would then the rest of her captors think of her if they suspected she intentionally didn't want to fight?

    Flying close to her position was Kadara, who saw the Chaplain dropping on one knee and took the man for an easy prey, or at least easy enough to take a shot at. Dark matter flew through the air and Scourge knew she'd hit the mark, but as the projectile came at hair's breath a golden halo enveloped the Space Marine, the energy shield of an ancient device hanging around his neck nullifying the shot and preventing any damage whatsoever. In return, both the Guardsmen around him and the Chaplain himself opened fire, the humans missing as Kadara weaved through the air but the Space Marine's shots were true, the projectiles ripping through Scourge's wings and forcing her to feel the pain like she never felt before as her movement was now slowed and she was forced to take cover while the Chaplain reloaded his pistol.

    Around that same time Kholivaz descended on the one-armed servant of the Ecclesiarchy, his skyboard spilling death as it came down. Splinter shards ripped through the man's body, his robes not nearly enough to protect him from the pain caused by Dark Eldar weaponry. It also meant that he had no time to properly react as Kholivaz swooped in and impaled the man on his skyboard, the Priest loosing grip on his chain flail and instead of the weapon, he flailed helplessly with his one good arm as the former Corsair went back up, flying through the air with his newest "friend" in tow (OOC @Skarboy the Priest will die\is dead but you can do something with him if you wanted - wasn't sure what you had in mind when you spoke about it earlier. Also feel free to emote killing couple of Guardsmen with your next post).

    Back on the ground, two Ogryns remained which both went for Heltherith. Weaving through the bullets, the Wych reached the melee range more or less intact as couple of shards found their purchase in her skin. Even though her Mirrorswords could cut through Ogryn muscle like it was nothing, the big beasts were still quite tough and she managed to do two slices across both of them, drawing blood and spilling guts before she was pushed on the defense. It was then that two Khymerae pounced on the Ogryns, appearing as if out of nowhere. Emboldened by their lord, they jumped on the Ogryns and started ripping through them from behind. One died instantly as Khymerae devoured its skull, however the second one grabbed the warp hound by its neck and slammed it on the ground before pulling trigger, filling the monster with shells and properly wounding it before it could disappear back into the safety of the warp (OOC @Maleth you can kill this Ogryn with your next post).

    Speaking of Beastmasters, Aesra was successful at finding his prey, couple of wounded guardsmen scoring hits on his flesh as he flew by on his way towards the last living Priest. The man saw him coming and shouted something to couple of nearby humans, who opened fire on him as he came in close. Whether they were lucky or skilled they hit some important system in the skyboard and it went out of control, knocking Aesra on the ground. Funnily enough, the skyboard ended up slicing through those Mon-keigh that damaged it, as if its spirit exacted one final vengeance before turning off. Aesra had couple of moments to get back on his feet and see the Priest charging at him and swinging the eviscerator at him, the giant weapon missing him by couple of inches. "YOU WILL DIE ALIEN!" the man screamed as he brought his weapon around, using the momentum to slam it into Aesra with a circular strike that would cleave both the Beastmaster and couple of men besides him (if there were any) if it connects, "AND I WILL TEACH YOU HOW!"

    Cathedral Slaughter:

    Thû:7HP Kaesar:9HP Venessia:9HP Kholivaz:10HP Heltherith:10HP Kadara:10HP (BIT:2T, CD:4) Baeleris:9HP Aesra:7HP (Khymerae 1/3 (Elite) Beastlord:+2, CD:4) Hetax:12HP

    - Double doors to the Cathedral are CLOSED.
    - As long as Chaplain is alive, the Imperials have +1 to all rolls and will not break or flee
    - Thû's attack stopped one Chaplain's attack for this turn


    - 10 Guardsmen (at the door) (lasguns)
    - 3 Recovered Guardsmen
    - 15 Wounded Guardsmen (injured, need 18+ to hit you, will use las\stub\basic melee weapons)
    - Ogryns (Elite) 5/4 (ripper guns)
    - Imperial Priests (Veterans) 4 (1xEviscerator)
    - 70+ severely injured who can't fight back
    - Chaplain Severus (Boss) (bolt pistol + crozius) 13HP
  6. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Swinging the stolen eviscerator to block the incoming attack, Aesra laughed in the priest's face. "Your puny faith will be your undoing." Shoving the man back he moved to make a swing of his own against the stumbling priest. Meanwhile his Khymerae moved on the ogryn currently assailing Thû. Using its blind rage against its foe to their advantage.
  7. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Taken by surprise as the Ogryn comes barrelling through the column, Thû fumbles in his evasion and finds his chest laid open by the Ripper's bayonet. As his obsidian-black blood splashes and hisses on the stone flags, foaming into wisps of shadow, he hisses in chagrin. As the massive gun whips around in a return barrel-stroke, he recovers his equilibrium with a vengeance. Dissipating into feathery wisps of shadow, Thû drifts past and through the confused Ogryn's body. Materialising behind the raging brute, his power swords flash out and through the backs of the creature's knees. As the brute topples to the ground, Thû runs lightly up its back and follows through with a decapitation strike that sees its head slowly slide off its neck and bounce off the stone flags.

    Turning on the Chaplain again, Thû makes another flanking run, squeezing off more shots with his Haywire pistol in the hope of disabling the Space Marine's armour entirely and making him vulnerable to attack.
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    When he got shot in the back, Kaesar let out a laugh and basked in the burning pain. To the chaplain he gave no time to breathe.
    "Fight back! Hate me, you ape!"
    Kaesar taunted, beating his chest. He attacked with the full intention to kill his target as quickly as he could.
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  9. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    The pain was excruciating. In spite of the blinding jolts that ran through her wings and into her spine, Kadara hunkered down in cover, folding her wings over themselves and clutching her dark lance. She breathed deep, feeling the adrenaline pumping into her body the pain became dull and distant. As quickly as she could, she popped out of cover to attempt another shot of her dark lance at the chaplain. His artifact could surely not hold for long!
  10. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Baeleris let out a cry of pain as the construct collapsed into a ruined heap on the floor. She went to ground against the cat-walk bringing her thoughts bwcm in order . The construct's death was as if all in her head and been scrambled thoughts interrupted by brief flashes as if watching from the drone as guardsmen were shredded by its Shurikens their screams echoing though she couldnt tell if it was merely the acoustics of the cathedral or if they echoed in her mind. Though no harm came to her physically she could feel for breif monents the las-beams burning paths across her skin. She had left herself too open to easy to access the construct and the feedback wracked her body.

    She did not have the luxury of resting and waiting for th e phantom pains to finally rest , her captors would not be forgiving if they learned she had not fought more then sending out her little construct and so once again she began to sing , the song echoed out over the fighting below the sound melancholy and light , a dirge and as she sang she raised her hand and above her they formed . Small objects each not much larger then a finger but coming to a sharp fine point , she sung and willed as many as she could into being above her and when she created as many as she could muster she let loose the veritable hail of flecchettes into the guardsmen below and hoped her allies were not in their path
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