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Scions of the Dark City [Dark Eldar casual RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Venessia didn't take too long to follow suite with her partner, watching his actions from above - once he made his way to the door she would lunge down, leaping off one of the pillars to land across from him and attempt to close it with him; the sight of the men outside the door would be shot at ruthlessly from the Shuriken catapult, the sole noise of the bladestorm of the monomolecular discs swarming them, shredding through their armour with ease.

    She didn't exactly go waiting for much of a response, closing the doors alongside Kaesar in the meantime - hopefully after the men outside were dealt with, so as to avoid any unpleasant company.
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  2. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Seeing as other members of the group had already began jumping to different tasks, Aesra dart across the vaulted ceiling. Making several passes amongst the darkened pillars he slashed out at the chandelier chains sending them plummeting on top of its victims. As the sudden increase of darkness took hold from the chandelier's light being snuffed out, the Khymerae began their work. The otherworldly howls echoing across the cathedral as they killed and maimed the wounded and any medicae that were present.

    Meanwhile Aesra began searching for a target of his own. Seeing as the doors were being dealt with, as well as the ogryns, he made his way for the eviscerator armed priest. Using the added darkness and commotion he planned to dive in with speed and surprise, the power axe aimed to sever the mon'keigh's head from his body.
  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Baeleris was filled with a deep sickness in her gut. The fanilairity of being surrounded with the dying and damned struck far too close to home for her . The fact that she was here to slaughter them to the last , the wounded , weak, and defenseless and how gleeful the scions seemed sickened her to the very core of her being. She sang to drag her thoughts away from the screams as the Incubi hurled themselves into the fray headed for the door. She channeled her powers through the wraithbone bringing it forward into the world

    It was a Small construct , orb like in its creation as it hovered on the walkway a small indent in its front giving way to a rudimentary shuriken weapon. She sent it ahead hovering downwards to float amongst the Startled mon'keigh below them and it opened fire into the medics as they tended to the wounded . She looked away as it began its grim work firing into the medical workers who only wished to help. She fought the urge to wretch up the delicacies she had consumed at the estate earlier
  4. Skarboy Skarboy Well-Known Member

    Kholivaz wasted no time in adding to the terror, admittedly after a fair amount of sulking on their way here and even while ascending to this level. Some of the others may have chosen to climb, he had simply set down his Skyboard and risen at their own pace, arms crossed and expression sour. But now that he was here, he may as well put his best foot forward. Let us bring the Inquisitor by being an enemy less than ourselves, why not?

    The Hellglaive was stowed away safely along the board, the Corsair opting for weaponry that could draw some attention and most importantly, make a mess. If I must act like some clumsy warp-worshipper, best the kills reflect it. The skimmer began a wild corkscrew dive down through the wounded, each time it turned to tip a wing down through the aisles of occupied cots, the chainsabers flashed out in a pair of shrieking blurs, sending sprays of crimson across the floor. A few passes and the chamber would appear a charnel house.

    Mercy killing the maimed wasn't Kholivaz's main goal however, the dark blur working across the crowd towards his true targets. The Priests of the mon-keigh's naive faith were what he sought, and in that fraction of a second before his chainsabers would crash down on their befuddled heads, a storm of poison shards erupted from beneath his Skyboard to shock them before his arrival, a roar erupting from his throat to add to the cacophony which followed him.

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  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Heltherith was rather displeased by the Cathedral attack (and that would be her personal understatement of the decade), but it wasn't as if she could voice her feelings on the matter without the perception that she was weak for not wanting to engage in mindless slaughter. That and the glee her fellows had for the task was evidently making her wish she was elsewhere and not having to partake in this.... Atrocity.

    Still, the Wych had to take part, and so she charged forwards towards the fray, using her Mirrorswords to avoid drawing out the deaths of those she had decided to fight. Namely she had picked the priests, considering them the only foes that really posed her a threat. Suffice to say, she hoped that it wasn't going to be a drawn out part of the mission.
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  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Cathedral of His Radiant Might - Upper Hive>
    @kanila @Draconion @Maleth @Kalle @Skarboy @bossaroo @Wata @Vlayden @Grall_Stonefist

    Like a well-oiled dagger the Scions descended upon the unsuspecting Imperials like birds of prey, swooping down in perfect synergy. Two chandeliers fell in the middle of wounded Mon-keigh, the destruction happening so sudden that the humans had no time to register the dark shapes coming in for their lives.

    Kaesar was first on the ground, the Guardsmen not spotting him until it was too late. He waded in, swinging his klaive with deadly precision and three soldiers fell before they even know what hit them, their entrails spilled all over the floor. Somebody shouted, but the Incubus was already at the door, slamming one of the wings shut and killing three humans more who tried to come in from the outside before a volley of lasfire forced him to dodge to the side but such was the aim that not a single shot found him, his armor remaining in the same condition like before and allowing him to cause more hurt to the enemy (@Wata feel free to kill 3-4 Guardsmen with your next post).

    Those Guardsmen outside were rallied behind their Sergeant, a rough-looking man with a deadly plasma pistol, who ushered them onward. He and couple of soldiers managed to get in before a hail of shuriken fire cut those behind them, their organs splattering the door in dark red. Five of them died to Venessia's fire before the female Incubus slammed the door shut, but half a dozen of them were in now and they fired on her, her armor absorbing most of the damage. However it was then that the Sergeant fired a shot, the gout of plasma finding Venessia on the left part of her hip, the substance melting through the armor and skin, forcing her to stop and see the Mon-keigh leader charging at her with a generic warcry "FOR THE EMPEROR!"

    The entire place quickly turned into a charnel house as Kholivaz did couple of flybys, slicing through the wounded Guardsmen with such ease that awarded him with at least a dozen kills, men and women of all shapes and forms same in death as the chainswords screamed and ripped through them. He found the man he was looking for quickly enough, the Priest shouting and trying to organize couple of nearby wounded to pick up their lasguns and start firing. He saw Kholivaz incoming and activated his chain flail, the weapon equally ugly like the man himself.

    Getting in close, former Corsair opened fire with the inbuilt shard rifles but the Priest ducked, Kholivaz instead of him killing those few Mon-keigh nearby. But the Priest would not go through this that easily as Kholivaz angled his descent towards him, swinging past and chopping Priest's arm off with a precise blow from his sword. However at the same time, ignoring the pain, the Priest swung his own chain flail which caught Kholivaz across his left leg, punching through the armor and muscle and nearly knocking him over before he managed to get away.

    It was at that same moment that Aesra struck, his beasts already doing the work of cutting through the medical staff, hunting the nurses down and feeding on their worst fears before devouring their souls. Khymerae went unmolested but the same couldn't be said for their Beastlord, who found the Priest he was looking for right when the Mon-keigh saw him. "VILE XENOS, YOU DARE TO DEFILE THIS HOLY PLACE?! YOU'LL DIE FOR IT!" the man screamed and ran at Aesra at full speed, swinging his giant chainsword with a strength of a madman. It caught the Dark Eldar straight across his shoulder, the teeth biting through the bone and making Aesra's arm go numb for a second. However he was not born yesterday and these humans would have to work harder to get him, yet alone think to kill him. Retaliating like a viper, the power axe opened the Priest from head to groin, killing him on the spot and letting Aesra watch as a number of wounded Guardsmen got up on their feet, few of the nurses helping them out, and charged at him, intent on stabbing him to death with their bayonets (OOC @kanila you can emote killing 4-5 of these wounded guardsmen with your next post).

    Before the Medical staff could help more of the wounded get back into proper fighting shape, a ball of Wraithbone formed as if out of nowhere and moved with a life of its own, firing on the nurses and killing them all where they stood. For what it was worth, the Mon-keigh screamed in their death troves and it caught the attention of couple of guardsmen, who took aim and fired on the Construct, trying to take it down. Lots of lasfire streaked towards it and despite few of the shots finding the mark and peeling away the psycho-sensitive material, it still floated and was not yet out of commission. Baeleris felt all of this, the pain of the small Construct transferred to her in an instant and making her mind swirl. At that moment she felt another presence, something akin to an raging inferno, about to enter the main hall from one of the side chambers. She could warn the others but even if she did it, she knew it would be too late.

    On the other hand, Heltherith had no problem of running through the melee as she was not more than a blur to these wounded humans, something like a ghost or a mirage. Having no desire to participate in the massacre more than needed, she found the Priest she was looking for, hefting the chain flail around and pulling back towards the Ogryns. Before he could take another step the Wych struck, her Mirrorswords singing as they went for the Priest's head. More in despair than anything else the man swung his flail around and it screeched across Heltherith's shoulder guard, little more than a nuisance to her as she stabbed the man, cut of his arm and brought him to his knees (@Maleth you can execute the Priest with your next post). But before she had the chance of claiming the man's life she had to jump back as three Ogryns charged at her, firing wildly with their ripper guns but even though they hit pretty much nothing, she still had to move out due to the sheer amount of fire. At that moment one a beam made of pure dark energy fell on one of the Ogryns, creating a huge gap in the mutant's chest, courtesy of Kadara. But despite the wound, the beast swayed on the feet and kept moving as if too stubborn to die - which was probably the case, the Scourge having to take another shot at the thing to make sure it stayed dead (@Kalle you can kill the Ogryn with your next post if you wish).

    Sure enough, the third Ogryn dropped on the ground, his head blown off his neck. A proper way to kill the big mutant if there was any, Thû acting as some sort of a sniper and taking lives from afar without a worry in his heart. Two more Ogryns remained who looked around, trying to spot from where the Mandrake was firing but it was a lost cause, allowing him to take aim one more time. However then instead of a familiar thud of the Long Rifle his hiding place exploded as mass-reactive rounds impacted all around him, the railing on which he stood breaking and dropping him on the floor below. His skin was damaged, not from the fall of course, but from the multiple fragments lodged in his body and he finally saw the "hidden" attacker for the first time.

    A giant of a man encased in black power armor appeared on one of the side doors to the main hall, holding a smoking bolt pistol aimed towards Thû's close vicinity. "There's the shadow walker. Bring it to the light my friends, so he can suffer under the radiant gaze of our true Lord and Master," the man intoned, setting two Ogryns after Thû, the big ones charging with reckless abandon and if nothing, they would trample the Mandrake if they got to him. However more important was the man, the Space Marine, who besides the pistol carried an energized mace shaped in a form of a Aquilla. Similar symbol of the gold eagle on purple background was etched on one of his shoulders while bone-white skull helm turned towards the carnage, its gaze unflinching.

    "The enemy has come to this holy house, this place of worship," Space Marine spoke, where he stood the shadows moved away as if afraid of the man's presence, "They hope to use the fear of the dark against us, but they do not know that the true servants of the Emperor have no fear. Rise brothers, rise sons of Agrax and purge the shadow with the fiery blades made out of your fate!" Wherever the Chaplain stood, the Guardsmen around looked at him for guidance and following his example, they too stood up, the pain and fear forgotten, making way for hatred directed at the aliens invading their sacred site. It only meant that the Scions had a proper problem on their hands as long as that Space Marine lived.

    Cathedral Slaughter:

    Thû:9HP Kaesar:12HP Venessia:10HP Kholivaz:10HP Heltherith:11HP Kadara:12HP Baeleris:10HP (Wraithbone Construct 2HP) Aesra:10HP (Khymerae 3/3 (Elite))

    - Double doors to the Cathedral are CLOSED.
    - @Vlayden Venessia is dueling the Sergeant, if she tries to disengage the Sergeant will score an automatic hit
    - As long as Chaplain is alive, the Imperials have +1 to all rolls and will not break or flee


    - 17 Guardsmen (at the door) (lasguns)
    - Sergeant (plasma pistol + chainsword) (Veteran) 3HP
    - 6 Recovered Guardsmen
    - 23 Wounded Guardsmen (injured, need 18+ to hit you, will use las\stub\basic melee weapons)
    - Ogryns (Elite) 6/6/2/6 (ripper guns)
    - Imperial Priests (Veterans) 4/1/2 (lost his arm) (1xEviscerators, 2xChain flails)
    - 80+ severely injured who can't fight back
    - Chaplain Severus (Boss) (bolt pistol + crozius) 15HP
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  7. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Just as he was sighting on another Ogryn, Thû's world turns upside down in flame and thunder. Even as the walkway disintegrates beneath him and plunges him towards the stone flags below, even as metal shrapnel embeds itself in his onyx flesh, his mind - honed by centuries of survival in every hellscape possible - is already reorienting itself. Only one family of weapons in the galaxy makes that noise, and, in that family, only sub-family operates that smoothly, detonates that cleanly.

    Adeptus Astartes.

    Mid-fall, Thû slings his Long Rifle across a shoulder and twists about with feline grace to land on his feet. The heroic option, of course, would be to engage the Space Marine in a duel, but Thû is far too much of a hardened survivor to not know better. Easily his own match in strength and durability, the super-man's armour, weapons and, more importantly, training and indoctrination make him a far more dangerous target than run-of-the-mill prey. Yet, observing the effect he has upon human morale, he has to be dealt with, and quickly.

    And so he shall, in the manner of all dangerous prey - in darkness, in stealth, in deceit.

    Flitting away into the shadows outside the unnatural pool of light that seems to surround the Chaplain like an echo of divine favour, Thû draws a power sword and his Haywire pistol. Emerging from the darkness, he plunges into the midst of the severely wounded, slashing, battering, kicking and stomping his way through them. In fact, he cares not if he kills them, preferring instead to leave at least some alive to cry out in pain and alarm, hopefully drawing the Chaplain after himself, isolating him amongst the wretched dead and dying, surrounded by deep shadow, away from potential aid. Thû leaves a meandering trail amidst the wounded, never moving in a straight line for long, until he judges the Chaplain isolated enough to engage, whereupon he will open up from behind hard cover - a pillar, a bank of medicae machinery, some stone feature of the cathedral - with his Haywire pistol.
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Kaesar killed and maimed with a wicked laugh echoing in the cathedral over the cacophony of combat. With every swing of his klaive he destroyed their frail bodies.
    Then he saw the astartes chaplain. Something worthy! Could it be, something worthy at last!?
    "YOU!" Kaesar shouted and pointed his blood soaked klaive at the mon-keigh. "LET ME KILL YOU!"

    Kaesar twisted a guardsman's neck and cleaved his head off. He held the head high, blood dripped and soaked his arm. He walked fast toward the chaplain, still pointing the klaive at the astartes.
    He threw the head across the chapel at the astartes and charged, killing anything in his way.
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  9. Skarboy Skarboy Well-Known Member

    Pained cursing was all that emerged from Kholivaz's mouth as he completed his pass, nose rising upwards and climbing up the chapel wall at speed, bleeding off only as he neared the ceiling of this "sacred" place. There were many things that Kholivaz was, but a good-natured combatant was not one of them. His leg ached and to think he had nearly been forcefully dismounted by some aged mon-keigh of all things.. I've a special treat for you, bastard.

    Faster than the human eye could follow, the former Corsair ripped his Skyboard up, over and dove back down towards the one armed priest, splinter pods firing on full blast as the shadowed terror from the Middle Darkness ripped his way down the wall. The Commorrite would allow his foe no room to swing the clumsy weapon this time, pinning his foe through weight of fire in the split second before he would have swung his chainsaber.

    But Kholivaz had an entirely different weapon of choice on this pass, momentum increasing as he descended like a meteor and pulled the nose of his skimmer up at the very last second to flatten or impale the Priest beneath the combined weight of rider and mount. It wasn't a clean kill, in truth it was vindictive and a humiliating way to go. It certainly wasn't Kholivaz's first time doing the maneuver either, given his poor temper. But it would deny the Priest time or room to swing his oafish weapon, even as the Commorrite slammed the chainsabers back into their locked holdings and pulled his Hellglaive free. His eyes alighted on the plentiful targets mid-fall, the fate of his opponent still undetermined but new opportunities springing to his mind, just as his trademark snickering began to surface.
  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Incubus didn't bother hesitating in putting her ranged weapon away, swinging up her Punisher halberd and the Chainsword; the deadly sound of its engine revving up was heard by all, Venessia rushing forward with her heavier weapon trailing behind her and her Chainsword held in front; almost as though using it like a shield, if the man dared fire one extra shot she would have something to block it with.
    Otherwise, she'd close the distance in short order, bringing her Imperial weapon up to try and gouge at his flak vest, whereas her Halberd would soon be used to swing down under and try to bash against his knees, in an attempt to send him into the ground.

    Venessia barely even gave much of a glance at the others - focused currently on her foe. The Mon'keigh - his muscled thighs, the tension in his arms, the glare from his eyes, the dirtied uniform and flak armour. Oh how she loved it all; she loved the thought of tearing through the armour and seeing his shocked face looking down at his innards, or the imaginary sounds of his agonized screams.
    She wanted to feel the rush of combat again; one of the only things that kept her pinned to Commoragh. And she demanded it now.
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