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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

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  2. I haven't had much free time recently, but I had a short session today and this is what I saw:
    -Resurrection chambers are some of the deepest and most heavily guarded parts of the tomb complex
    -Necrodermis remains sentient in liquid form, and can defend itself if attacked
    -Necrons have spare part rooms, said parts being aware enough to attack intruders despite being but a limb

    Ubjao Boss Fight
    -Strong enough to kill skitarri with blunt force trauma
    -His "alters" can send things near them to the flayer dimension
    -He was a law enforcer of some sort before he was infected
    -He wishes to die, but is to far gone (He says "let this end" and wants to go into the darkness

    Thats all for now
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  3. Update from battlefleet gothic: Among the various hazards on space will be void dwelling beasts that will attack you ships if they get near. There are quite a few that could fit in that category, all of which are fascinating.
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    Now I am really excited to fight Ubjao, although I haven't located him/her yet. I have just defeated Ekropis and I found it to be a very interesting fight, with his Vargards swapping places with him to protect him and get into melee range. I loved his voice and how vocal he was about Necron superiority, using it as propaganda to demoralize the AdMech.

    I have also fought Agrolekh's law enforcer, whose name I sadly didn't record. Apparently his position was high enough to be biotransfered as a Lord, and he can spam his Resurrection Orb to instantly repair (and possibly reanimate) all Necrons in close proximity, perhaps even all accross the map, at once.

    Looking forward for the remaining bosses to appear. I also hope they can soon add higher difficulty levels; I'll gladly replay the game for a greater challenge and get things I've missed.

    That is awesome! Lore is dripping again; I am pleased. It reminds me a bit of Gladius and Stellaris, where there are space beasts and even space bosses to fight or ignore.
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    Glorious BFGA:2 gameplay trailer!

    Noice Necron goodness, even a glimpse of voice acting. Particle whips and star pulse generators seem well present. The rest of the factions look similarly awesome, especially the Tyranids IMO. I gotta agree with Valrak on the UI design: it does look a bit too generic for 40k (it was really cool in BFGA:1) but it's also true it's much easier to read and use, which is important considering the larger fleets we'll apparently be using.
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  6. Did we just see a World Engine? :SMSurprised:
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    It does look like one indeed, or at least a fully active and well-equipped Tomb World... one can dream ^^ Speaking of Orks, I think we can expect you guys to at least have access to Space Hulks given that most factions seem to get very big ships!
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  8. Sorry for the late responses, I've been knocked out sick all week. Anyways, some updates:
    -New "Nemesis" titan class, between reaver and warlord. Meant for titan killers.
    -With Calgar being turned primaris, it is more or less confirmed that marines are being phased out
    -Slaanesh is getting a bunch of new models, expect them on vigilus/maybe fulgrim soon
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    No worries mate, I hope you get better soon!

    I'm not too convinced about Primaris replacing the old marines... I wish they introduced them better into the lore, Valrak made a good video about that:

    We also got a BFGA2 stream from the devs, playing mostly with Necrons. Apparently most dynasties will be in, including Thokt for once, and a custom dynasty I believe! Perhaps the one from the campaign?
  10. Hm. The Druhkari are BBG (guided missile battleships) so I wonder if they cannot miss, or maybe get another chance at targeting? Having watched the videos now, my comments:
    -The two symbols on the Dynasty select screen don't exist outside of BFG, the others I recognize.
    -The Reaper and Kopesh are the two necron ship classes that exist but were not in the original BFG, though they seem to be here. The Cartouche is a new ship.
    -Dynasties in the select screen (based on symbol used), left to right: Charnovokh, Mephrit, Nepheru (New, descriptor says little except winning handily in domain), Nephrekh, Nihilakh, Novokh, Sautekh, Temeryn, Thokt
    -Temeryn took daemon damage during sleep, now Nepheru client dynast according to text.
    -Text is very hard to read due to pixelation
    -~10 subfactions each
    -No Sarnec/Maynarkh, who would have been very fitting
    -The portrait for necron faction select character looks like a cryptek/overlord hybrid. Special void noble?
    -Kopesh is on same light cruiser chasis as the shroud class
    -200+ environs, all systems in game unique
    -Necron ship names are long: The Resurrected catacomb, The pinnacle of the dynasty, The Resurrected Tomb (Escorts), Necropolis of the Phaeron (Cairn), Awaken the Phaeron (Kopesh CL), Scythe of the Phaeron (CB)
    -Cairns are scary. We see a druhkari battleship, he looks at another for ~30sec and talks mechanics, he looks back, we see debris
    -Battle speed can be changed
    -Lots of esoteric necron abilities mentioned in books here, like the rez orb like healing ability from the DoW series and so on
    -Lightning link is awesome and hilarious (imagine the scene from fall of orpheus where the imperial fleet gets driven through if that was on)
    -Tyranids have almost all their ship combos/species
    -They also have interesting aspects, their macros cause fires and lances are short ranged
    -Tyranids ships are not named
    -Spore shields do damage to enemy ships in addition to blocking fire and destroying ordinance.
    -Tyranids have dash. Why.
    Thats all I noticed particularly. That and tau remain OP
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