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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

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    Thankies for the link!
    Woah. That is a very interesting lore reveal! I'm loving it... What you said about the Aeldari feeling like the first and only "true" allies of the Necrons, helping one another and later that alliance become eroded by the sands of time, with the Aeldari dying and slowly forgetting that such an alliance existed and the Necrons seeing this happening (and some important Necrons in this regard coming awakening with no memories of this, or never awakening)... It is one true sad, tragic bro story. I hope it becomes more prominent in the lore!

    I'm absolutely loving Mechanicus. I decided not to watch Valrak's gameplay so as not to spoil that first experience of the release version, so I will watch it soon. I've just completed the tutorial mission (dat Destroyer Lord wiping left and right, and with that SWEET voiceover), and eager to play more before bed. And that OST and sound design, by the Silent King... just eagerly waiting for Steam to enable the DLC and listen to it everywhere! Plus I love the new splash art, so glorious to both factions!


    I really like Ankra and will surely get him. I love his story and personality... T'au, of all the creatures you could piss off, you had to choose the Novokh lord who holds grudges. That... is actually impressive. I can't think of any way to top that f*ck up.
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  2. All necron stories are sad. We just can't have nice things it seems. Mechanicus has been challenging so far, to say the least. Some things I've noted going through:
    -The tombs are to deep to be taken out by orbital bombardment. (the standard necron excellent architecture)
    -They don't know the Ankh, and have next to no language data.
    -Gauss is volatile enough it killed all the tech priests trying to study it.
    -Wounds that would kill skitarri instantly are said to cause "class C grazes" to warriors
    -No present tech priest recognizes scarabs
    -Rhesaks notes tell that they have many, many variants and fulfill many economic and architectural roles (scarabs) while also being able to deconstruct and make anything, and repair any necron rapidly and are very dangerous in swarms.
    -There are scarab vents in all rooms in many places
    -Necron datalooms are incomprehensible to imperial tech
    -Temporarily break Scaevola and take language when the Mechanicus tries to interface with the necron terminal
    -Argolekh's exotic energy levels go beyond sensor range, he has a nightmare shroud, and he has a least 1k years of void combat experience during the War in Heaven
    -Necron leaders are rarely seen
    -Warriors combat ability is equal to or greater than humans (elite skitarri are the ones being used here) and they are capable of ambush and hit and run without taking fire/notice
    -Tombs have inbuilt defenses/repair/maintenance and are one large construct
    -Scarabs are not individuals, but instead resource of tomb
    -Phase out cannot be stopped, even when find malfunctioning one flickering in and out of reality
    -There is lots of radiation, in tutorial they just harm, in mission killing jar causes rashes, sores, coldness, etc from exposure
    -Lots of platforms/moving/floating stuff
    -Gauss teleporting away molecules is still canon.
    -Phase out not common knowledge to mechanicus
    -Skitarri can have music player augments
    -Flayers unknown, hypothesized in mission they are larval, parasitic, or deformed. Not allowed in tomb, climb out of shadows and cliffs
    Necron Stasis Coffin
    Continued after load limts
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  3. upload_2018-11-16_0-49-25.jpeg
    A necron databank
    Scarab vents in the floor
  4. upload_2018-11-16_0-50-2.jpeg
    Necron consoles. So thats what our terminals look like...Anyways, this is all I could get for now. Ill upload later when I lose less.
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  6. Day 2 mechanicus update: Pictures taken on my phone are terrible so I will just mention what I was observing.
    -Rhesak says the armor of Kataphron destroyers is useless against acanthirtes, as are Castellans
    -They found a necron workbench and could not break it
    -Argolekh recorded the desperate cries for aid of a dying xenos ship during the WiH and plays it alone in a room for lols
    -Even early on the skitarri are being pushed off the planet
    -War in heaven and the c'tan are complete unknowns to the mechanicus and much of what the steele it was on was made of was heavily radioactive
    -Charnovokh dynastic glyphs are full visible on the elavators, so either they are allied or part of Thoekh's domain
    -The tomb plays such havoc with mechanicus comms their is a 50/50 chance that when someone goes dark its because they are dead or because the comms are broke again
    -Warriors are capable of faking tracks of skitarri and flanking behind those who follow them for an ambush
    -Argolekh is majorly destroyer mad but is still very loyal, rationalizing everything he does for the necrontyr empire
    -Trying to get at a necron in a revivification coffin leads to it teleporting away, sounding alarams, and dousig the ones who tried in heavy radiation
    -Ekropis continuously sends out messages praising "Lord Szaregon" and mentioning his court, so Szaregon is probably the name of the overlord not the planet. He is also an astromancer like Orikan, despite his portrait being that of a noble.

    Thats all for now
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    @Xanxas Very noice compilation. I love the lore dripping out of every encounter, every comment by the characters, every situation. I haven't encountered Ekropis yet (wasn't able to play that much) but I'm in his/her sector so it's probably close. So looking forward for more... I will add one point to the list:
    - AdMech cannot comprehend that Deathmarks use an alternate dimension so Scaevola rules their shenanigans as "+Unknown". Apparently it is widespread knowledge that there are only Materium and Inmaterium in the universe. Poor children.
    Btw got the Omnisiah version and thuse got the OST. I love the entirety of it, but I think my favourite track is "Dance of the Cryptek", a combat theme that perfectly suits their endless shenanigans. Kind of reminds me of this. "Overlord" is awesome too and very fitting for Necron nobles.

    Oh! And do NOT check out the artbook until you've completed the game, even though it's awesome. You'll spoil yourself heavily. Trust me!
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  8. How do you access those anyways? I could never figure that out with older games, but this one comes with an E book which makes it even more important. What Makes me happy is since you cannot complete most missions in every run each new run will have you learn new things, especially considering that there are multiple endings. Anyways, day 3 impressions and notes:
    -Impressions: Things really start to heat up, if you aren't power leveling tech preists you doomed. Keep an eye on that awakening level, because at level 7 you have entered the zone of god cant save you now.
    -Flayer tomb fumes are actively damaging to rebreathers, and overwhelm filtration glands through said rebreathers
    -As you said, they are in the this is clearly not teleportation camp, as they can't really accept the necron tech is so much better than their own
    -Flayer virus has HEAVILY contaminated the tomb, fleshy growths prominent and everywhere, the stuff hung like tapestries and skulls stacked with no canoptek cleaning crews cleaning the areas. Color has changed, spikes all around
    -They made an alter out of corpse bits. Also can climb vertical surfaces
    -Interestingly, there is a bloodstained nearly destroyed astartes drop pod. Weather it cam in with Rhesak, or if the flayers dragged it here through their dimension is unknown, but the gashes on the inside and blood stains leave little doubt about the fate of the inhabitants

    -There are multiple necron languages, and some are simpler than others
    -Writings on the walls suggest destroyers hate even themselves and possibly all necrons and seek their destruction as well. Given Argolekhs statements not all may share this view or it may not include the general necron populace
    -Scarabs used in art/statue making
    -Orb like devices can be used to generate areas of complete darkness, where no light can be generated and radiation interferes with all sensors and augments
    -Argolekh was watching the whole time, waiting to draw you into open battle
    -Phase out not understood, think dead despite teleporting away

    -Ekropis whispers into the ears of the skitari, trying to get them ti leave, and putting in data plagues
    -Says the weak hate the strong for their knowledge and what they make
    -Necron astronomy takes the C'tan into account
    -He chooses to fight in his throne room with his star chart
    -Immortals far tougher than warriors, and have been seen giving orders
    -has a blue cape, non-sautekh then, Charnovokh mostly confirmed
    -High ranking Lord, has FOUR vargard
    -will swap with him (teleport) to take blows
    -Seems honorable, says to rage against the necrons and fight to the last
    -Great banter though "You know what it is. You have always known. You, whose existence is war, whose first terror is peace? Did you think we would let you destroy us without a fight?" Mechanicus remains evil

    -Flayers are smart enough to trap corpses with rad bombs (scavenged probably)
    -Argolekh has ships mounted on display
    -Mehlob sector is a vast, shifting library
    -Can generate lots of shifting impenetrable energy gates
    -Necrons can fill bionics with viruses so bad they need to be ripped off
    -lots of shifting platforms form bridges
    -corpses are rigged with crystalline explosives. Necrons do not play nice.
    -Skitarri are found, dissected on tables with augments layed out. Crypteks analyzing new threats.
    -Turrets hidden in the walls, thin walls and low to the ground. Small devices provide normal and energy armor built into the ground
    -Glowing harbinger staff several levels down in the background of one room moving around in similar motion to staffs used by normal crypteks. Closest match is that of abyssal staff, used by harbingers of despair. Found the boss that goes with that OST you liked.

    Thats all for now.
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  9. Damn, for a game starring the AdMech, it seems to be full of Necron lore. I'll definitely have to pick it up one day. *grumble grumble backlog grumble grumble*
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    It is indeed! It also has an awesome depiction of the AdMech. I'd say it's a glorious representation of both factions, with lots of attention to detail. Give it a try!

    You can find the Omnissiah Edition files at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mechanicus\OmnissiahEdition (if that's your Steam installation directory). So much good stuff. I will add that there are Necron devices capable of broadcasting a corrupted version of Lingua Technis. I wouldn't be surprised if they use similar devices against other factions to demoralize them, mocking their motives and ideals. Good psychological warfare.
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