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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. The thread is still active, though the posting is slowed considerably and not much is about the actual game the forum is dedicated to. For, example, the update I'm here to bring.

    So, another update from the blackstone fortress crisis. The debris field is now more than a million miles (1.5 million km) wide and the fortress seems to be active, unlike the inert ones discovered during the Gothic War. It seems capable of not just action, which would indicate simply automation, but reaction which implies intelligence. What this means is uncertain, but it could be anything from the Ancient Aeldari in a sort of proto-infinity circuit (which I find unlikely given they species used to be able to reincarnate at will and had not slaanesh to force the creation of the devices (which occurred ~M30)) or some sort of intelligence vaul crafted in that the others lost during the passing of ages. Those hidden vaults are mentioned again, and I find likely to be some form of armory or other storage unit by its original crew during the War in Heaven. The article also mentions that it is filled with archeotech from species that tried to take it over the ages, so there could be something useful there. As aside note, it mentions that hundreds of thousands of the imperiums worlds are at war currently. How many that is is uncertain, as the total number of imperial worlds is in flux between sources, but most of the time it is between 1-10 million. The fact the worlds are at war means they are likely important ones, as the garrison has yet to fold to the apocalyptic forces rampaging about the galaxy. This total does not of course count the number of worlds which have fallen since the cicatrix has come, which is significant in the dark imperium, especially considering the new ork map:
    and our map:
    and the Tyrant Beast Map:
    cover most of the galaxy, and that doiesn't take chaos into account, and take into considering the gap in trade cause by the Cicatrix, and it seems the imperium is in a bad spot right now.
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  2. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Open and always welcome to new members, fellow Necrontyr! Although as Xanxas said, posting is quite cold now and not really about Eternal Crusade anymore; we just discuss noice Necron lore, updates and possible appearances in videogames. Although if I recall correctly @Xanxas , hadn't @ZceeNook suggested to make a Discord group?

    Gork and Mork coming?? Now that is highly worrying turn of events. We're not ready to deal with that, especially since the Aeldari got a new god as well. We are in dire need of getting our forces back to peak potential, and for that we need the Silent King to take matters more personally and once again lead the entire Necron race, although without loyalty protocols this time. Our main disadvantage is that most of our power is still inactive, and while that continues to be the case, there is a very real risk of actually losing this deathmatch of a galactic war. We haven't come this far and we don't have the assets we have just to lose now because we were too slow to react to events. We need to fully rise again and show those pests, all of them, why were we the galactic superpower. My Mephrit Destroyer fingers are twitching over the superweapon interfaces and fleet command engrams... please allow me to erase a few systems.

    The IoM is worse than in a bad position right now. Split in half and with all other factions gaining a foothold, I don't think they will be a "galaxy wide empire" anymore unless an impressive recovery happens. To be fair they are indeed getting back some Primarches and should the Emperor actually be a Perpetual, when he actually does die and resurrect that's going to be a huge problem for us and everyone else. I just hope will have dealt with other big problems by the time that happens... starting with that Blackstone fortress. I don't see any reason for it to be good news for us at all... If the Aeldari somehow join forces with it, then we'll have an even bigger problem, and once again we don't have our offensive units awakened yet. The Dynasties that are closest to full power need to come together and launch a series of preemptive strikes to eliminate anything that could become a real threat later on. We need the Silent King to come back to the front!
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    Woah woah woah. Wait a minute.

    A Men of Iron character?? This Blackstone Fortress game keeps surprising me so greatly. So much as-of-yet untouched lore, now being explored for the first time! I'm so happy they're not abandoning these parts of the 40k lore.
  4. The silent King would be a nice unifying figure, though it seems not everyone trusts him after the mistakes of the war in heaven, Anrakyr doesn't for one. Setting up the Triarch again would be a good idea, give the positions to the next two strongest phaerons and the empire is back on track. If he gives one to Imotekh (who has the position by right) and Subhekar (as Ahmontekh is the Strongest combatant) and help the crimson scythe out with his mental issues, he will have Sautekh, Horth, Arrynmarok, and Seketmar from Imotekh+a bunch of xenos, Subhekar from Ahmontekh, Mephrit, Atun, and Maynarkh from pre-existing loyalties, and Maynarkh would bring Vralekth with them. An additional seven phaerons have sworn themselves to Szarekh, with more being possible after the Ghehena incident. Anrakyr would easily join the force dedicated to his goals, and Sarnekh would simply be given a writ of corsairship and allowed to do as they please. Nihilakh would likely join, given they are dedicated to the nobility and pride of the empire so of course they would want it restored, and Nephrekh would need the assistance as most of their worlds are in the rift. Charnovokh would join as the primary focus of Szarekh at the moment, the Tyranids, is theirs as well, and novokh would love the oppurtunity to earn yet more glory. The Oruscar could be bought fairly easily with a promise of not touching their orrery as well. Beyond that we don not know enough to truly say who would join, but the Empire of the severed, Kardenath, and Nekthyst would be our primary opponents. The empire can be dealt with fairly easily with some technological warfare and reprogramming, and maybe the genocidal urges of Kardenath can be rained in and focused on the other races, but nekthyst is both dishonorable and hates the Triarch. They would never join. So that leaves us with 16 assured dynasties, 7 likely dynasties, 2 maybe dynasties, and one definitely no, for a total of a 25 dynasties+700~+ xenos worlds with the above plan. This is of course no counting most dynasties, which we just don't know enough about to guess the actions of. Of course even then we would need time to ramp up further, but it would be easier to by it. It burning a system or twenty would certainly help...

    The Imperium is done. It is a non-functional state based on war and perpetual fear that is now in the hands of an optimist and cut into a thousand pieces. Even if it wins, its society has no way to survive in peace time, and will fracture. As it currently is, rowboat is done with the emperor, who apparently admitted some of his plan (in case you don't know, he apparently planned the heresy to subjugate humanity forever, destroy their psychic potential, and possibly become a god), the part he found out being he only ever saw the primarchs as tools. At this point I think if he came back he sons would not side with him. Either way, he couldn't leave terra or ftl wouldn't be a thing for the imperium. We really do need to get going though, but GW won't let us do anything. The fortress shouldn't be a huge problem though, remember that before the retcon we killed one fortress and sent the other back to the eye with its tail between its legs.
    He doen't look like the images we have of them, but if the book says so...I am pretty sure this is giga heresy though, I'm not sure how the explorers are weighing the full weight of the imperium falling on them like a truck vs having a robot buddy.
  5. Another update, the reason chaos is in the fortress is because it apparently ATE their ship. This is why you musn't touch the ground when it is made of blackstone or necrodermis.
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    Wait a minute, the Emperor actually did that? Oh boy... Then it will surely be as you say, Roboute and any other Primarchs won't follow him after knowing that. The fun part is, that's when the IoM gets truly screwed, because it will become even more fragmented as loyalists and separatists fight once again. Easy pickings. We'll do well with about 25 dynasties dedicated to the cause.

    Apparently that Men of Iron successfully pretended to be a Legio Cybernetica robot contructed by certain Magos. It seems it also modified itself into disguise for so long. Quite an impressive feat tbh, I hope it succeeds.

    Big lol. Of course it did! One does not simply dock to a War in Heaven era space construct.
  7. The later horus heresy books got very divisive as you may have guessed. Many have accused the editor of trying to turn the series into an open therapy session on his daddy issues. I like this version more though, as it is more in line with his actions (cruelty towards the primarchs, genocide, etc). The imperium has been in trouble for a while now though, this is just the cracks starting to form on the damn so to speak.

    I am quite interested in his character. He will have seen much of the imperiums history, and as such is getting a novel with the other explorers it seems. We might get to see some awesome dark age stuff. The spindle drones got an update as well, they apparently get more dangerous the more you kill in what is called an alert system and they have a ranged attack. This likely means they hold back to avoid hull breaches/excess expediture but escalate with threat level.

    Speaking of awesome stuff, wild riders is great. It talks about the war in heaven a lot, and focuses on the team effort bit too. Apparently the Aeldari have a ancestral memory the gods can access. Have some wonderful quotes:
    "After-images of arcane yet disturbingly familiar vistas floated through his thoughts. He remembered - recalled as though he had been there - vast cities in space larger than any craftworld. Giant figures that reminded him of the avatars of Khaine stalked alongside them, taller than Phantom Titans, bearing weapons that devastated strange cities and incinerated armies of unkempt alien beasts. He witnessed flights of starships that dwarfed the Ynnead's Dream laying waste to whole star systems. Endless legions of skeletal warriors and terrifying engines of destruction fell upon him, razing worlds. With them flew the sun-eaters, feeding upon the suns of their foes, the galaxy swathed in shadow by their passing."
    Moon+sized craftworlds and what sounds like the Mon-keigh. The eldar war constructs are HUGE. Ships were massive and very, very powerful.
    "The thought-trail brought another flash of memory-data: portal-rips of ravening warp spawn as they burst upon the inhabitants of Chazaokal. The denizens of the accursed under-realm had rampaged through half a continent before the first attack-cohorts had been ready to fight back. Beams of deadly fire crisscrossed the skies above the Lanternbridged, searing the forms of immense predators.
    The descending aeldari ships seemed inspired by the same creatures, sleek-flanked and swift. Had they succumbed to the anathema? The Watcher of the Dark could not see other overt signs of corruption and the notion seemed counter to her recollections of the aeldari that had been sent against the Crownworlds. The Galactic Engineers had brought this deadly new species into being with the specific intent for them to resist the counter-dimensional incursions."
    The Aeldari were apparently meant to counter the Daemons, not the Necrons, its just because of that they were the only two left standing.

    Other revelations:
    Chaos butted into the war in heaven, and the Aeldari and Necrons actually alligned to fight them. They were called teh Aeldari Dominion at the time until the fall. This story repeats itself in the book- the Ynnari and Saim-Hann invade the tomb world (after much politicking) and the Phaerekh called the Watcher of the Dark tries to stop them from breaking into to the vault at the heart of it's defenses - a vault with ancient Aeldari runes on it. The problem is, it's not a vault, and the Necrons weren't hiding some kind of great prize. It was a defensive facility, a joint-venture between the Necrontyr and Aeldari to contain a warp portal, and once the Ynnari and Wild Riders break through the defenses and open it, they're forced to work with the Necrons to fight through the Daemons and close it again.
    The Phaerekh was certainly a fun character. A bit heavy-handed with her Death Star reference when she pulled out her C'Tan shard and set it on the Daemons, though... 'Witness the power of this fully wakened defense complex,' she announced. I have a feeling a meme has been born.

    The entire plot is an amusing reversal of how Imperium and Eldar stories usually go. With the Eldar being the ones to poke at the unknowingly dangerous artifact disguised as a prison and the Necrons as the ones that know better. I would definitively state that this is an important book to get, for the lore implications alone are more than the last 2 codexes put together, and the most we have ever gotten on the first war. It also explains why the necrons are as mentioned in the codex not fond of fighting the Aeldari for non military reasons (they were allies once) and why they are so willing to let them be. It seems the necrons are getting closer and closer to the coveted "good guy" status.
  8. Oh, and reminder, mechanicus comes out tomorrow. Also, the new blackstone fortress article says the book will contain nearly all races. So far we have out of the main ones: Human, Aelddari, Kroot. We don't have: Necrons, Tyranids, T'au, Druhkari, Orks, and 100+minor races. I expect they meant the major races only, so that is 3/8 so far, not most. The nids are inlikely given the no food, the T'au are unlikely given the lack of speedy ftl and position in pacificus, the druhkari are unlikely because they need to have something to raid and this is empty space, which leaves to races to get the 5/8 majority, one of which is known to have an interest in the fortresses...
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    Personally I am super interested on reading more about the Emperor. He's been this "distant" character for so long, while even Horus got the spotlight. I will be nice to have some in-character reading, even if it still leaves some things open to interpretation. Wild Riders? I can't seem to find it, but that War in Heaven lore is amazing!! I would have never expected Aeldari and Necrontyr working together on anything... but it kind of makes sense, given the common foe. I shudder to imagine the extremely serious Wap-fuckery that was powerful enough to get these two bitter rivals together... This lore does change the Aeldari-Necron relationship quite a lot, since it used to be more in the lines of

    That's so true! I had forgotten about the release of Mechanicus as I've been quite busy recently. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I cannot wait!! I've just seen the new splash-art for the game on Steam, it's glorious! I really hope you're right and we get to be present in Blackstone Fortress. It just makes too much sense for us to be there. Although I'd love it if all factions get to play; the more the merrier. Personally I'm waiting to go back home for Christmas to get into some Necron collecting... perhaps I'll start with a Kill Team and work from there.
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  10. Here is the Black Library link:
    This is the last in the series of retcons to clean up the post 5e mess that is the war in heaven, and does so quite nicely. Previously The C'tan were running out of food and in danger, so they had to go to sleep. Now it is because the necrons were exhausted fighting them. But what about the daemons? Why were the eldar so powerful so quickly? Why Did they allow the pylons to be in their capitol? Why did the necrons back down when they were so hilariously spiteful they crashed an burned the universe running solely off that emotion? Why did the eldar let them go when they had a map to a lot of tomb worlds? Why don't necrons go into turbo murder mode at the sight of eldar? Why Don't they hunt craftworlds? In order: the daemons were destroyed by the power of the Aeldari dominion and Necrontyr Infinite Empire. The eldar were so powerful because the already weakened necrons spent much of what remained of their war engines on the daemons. They allowed the pylons because they were a defense gifted by an ALLY! The necrons backed down because they were honorable and despite the hatred they likely felt, the Aeldari Dominion had been their first real ally, ever, and though they fought both really had meant to fight another, neutralizing much of the hate. With the wait and see strategy they could win the struggle and not have to face the only ally they had ever had, satisfying their honor. The eldar backed down because these guys had shown they can be reasonable and said as long as the eldar ruled the galaxy they would sleep, so it would be fine right guys (this turned out to be a mistake). The necrons let the eldar onto their worlds calmly because they aren't sure if they are friend are foe, because they could be friend. Its why they don't ramp up when they see eldar as part of the tomb world suppression force, are they playing the long game? Are they on the necrons side secretly? They don't hunt craftworlds, because in the end they still remember the knife ears who fought by their side oh so long ago. Really this just makes the relationship even sadder. These guys once went toe to toe with the necrons, with some semblance of honor if they trusted them enough to ally, and look what has become of them. The destroyed empire is depressing enough for a long time rival/ally, but the treacherous, deceptive, dishonorable mess that their culture is? That is truly depressing. No wonder imotekh told starbane off in such a way. No wonder necrons are so relaxed at first, willing to ignore them even, and then easy to provoke into a rage. Its a reminder of how far they both have fallen. In a way, its like the necrons were the only ones to survive the war in heaven, because these are not the eldar of back then, it probably creates serious cognitive dissonance even considering them the same species. That lingering memory of old allies is probably stayed the Dynasts hand for now. How long that will last? Who can say...
    Some art of what looks like a gate of some kind. Anyways, I haven't got very far yet, but the voice acting is great for the necrons. Gladius, Mechanicus, and BFG really give a sense of menace with teh voices of the last survivors of the war in heaven.


    On the matter of collecting, remember that the Necrontyr Kill Teams of the Novokh Dynasty have a special character named ankra the colossus. He would make a great HQ choice.
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