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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

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    In that case I am really wondering how are we going to control all of those ships without losing our minds or running in permanent Cogitator mode (Synapse mode?). I remember that in the TT Tyranid ships would act by themselves if outside of synapse range... maybe we'll see that here too?

    I really hope this is just a matter of tweaking, difficulty setting, or difficulty escalation. From what I've seen in the gameplays, it could be the latter... Necrons become stronger the more the AdMech plays around in the tombs. It's true that AdMech has powerful guns though; we're not talking puny lasguns or bolters here, so the resilience part I can understand to some extent.

    By the stars. OW YEAH. Thank you so much for posting it! Now it looks so good, I'd so much love to have at least one. The lore is very appropiate, it fits perfectly with the rest of the lore, and I'd say it even leaves open the possibility for more constructs (I've always pictured Necrons to have created a huge variety of them for different purposes). The rules are awesome too, and I'm loving those Synaptic Obliterators! So that's what those huge guns were... I love it. Plus of course the black hole weapons, AWYISSSSH. I predict sending these guys into melee and letting them TRANSDIMENSIONALLY explode when they die to mop up the survivors is going to be a truly satisfying and very Necron way of dealing with pests. You're very right, those guns are just pure Necrontyr awesomeness and they so much appeal to my Destroyer side. Its speed is going to be a huge asset too.

    I think they're really going to add to Necron armies!
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  2. As for nid ships, they could do the TT thing and add instinctive behaviors, except when in range of synapse let you choose what a ship will do. Or in other words let you give the ships orders and then they go and complete them on their own terms. Otherwise maybe let you group them and give collective orders to small divisions of ships within your fleet?

    I know that those are powerful guns, but Praetorians and Lychgaurd are immune to things like lascanons and assault cannons, so I can't really see that mattering. It just doesn't make any sense to me that a noble is less tanky than an immortal, that's just not how it works. Either way new update:
    Wraiths confirmed. Now we just need the stalkers and all canoptek units will have been confirmed. For other likely units the CCB and annihilation barge share a chassis, and one of those is specifically used in tomb defense. I doubt the larger units/tanks will be used, especially the seraptek despite lore as it would be horribly unfair. So that means all infantry is in at this point as well, but likely will exclude C'tan shards for obvious reasons. For flyers the heavy destroyers are likely in but fighters are out for obvious reasons. So just 5 more possible units to add (CCB, AB, TS, TSent, HD).

    The Necrons and orks have been getting much more attention recently, especially the orks though. I believe we will be updated further eventually, maybe in the new IA book. We are one of the "Big Bad" triumvirate after all, and according to Eldrad in TGS we are much worse than chaos, so after this arc is over maybe we'll have a necron arc? The guns are very necron, yes. I would say this is our Dominus class knight, so we need Armiger, Questoris, Cerastus, and Acastus class constructs as well. I would say the Setek-class (pictured below) would be our armiger (but its old so maybe not cannon anymore):
    but the others I don't know of. We still have a couple of unmade models: such as the megalith, abattoir, warbarque, aeonic orb, and Crypt stalkers, some of which barely have lore besides is big and shoots things. The warbarque is a superheavy transport, so its basically the necron version of a land raider. The megalith is a planetary assault platform and AO shoots star guts so they probably wont be on TT anytime soon. That leaves the Crypt stalker and Abattoir as titan models, but both may no longer be cannon. We will probably be getting more stuff to the line as a result of the above meaning they likely won't be arriving anytime soon, and as also because seraptek are supposedly common enough all TWs have them in multiplicity, which means there are rarer models of HC because while necrons tend to be better about it all factions horde their rare stuff for use in times of need. Also, we have yet to see any offensive necron weapons. Their armies and vehicles are the garrisons of the planet and all the canopteks and the Seraptek are explicitly defensive tools meant to fix or protect something, even the pylons! The abattoir might have been the only one but it is probably non cannon. As such, it would make sense if they unveiled an offense oriented necron model, which in the case would likely be a titan. The crypt stalker would be a good one, but it will likely be something new. Another option would to be diversifying the immortal's portfolio. They are an army but have no officers, special units, or rank structure like they really should. You could probably fit an entire IG style codex in there somewhere, along with a praetorian codex. You could also probably make a cryptek codex for all the stuff they have or an joint canoptek codex for some new canoptek models. We also need a new fortification. The one we have is cool, but it is explicitly and outpost on the edge of tombs. Something the necrons consider a fort would be nice.
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    That sounds like the most logical way to go. Actually, what you say about small divisions has a precedent on the TT... IIRC, Escort ships could be taken in groups, which would fly in formation and interact with other ships as a if they were a single ship. Maybe they'll take that route here too?

    Very true. They should review those resilience stats because that's just not right. Otherwise, I hope it's just a difficulty setting/escalation thing...
    Wraiths <3 This keeps getting better and better! I don't think they will add any units larger than Castellax robots, but I would love to see them... Perhaps Tesseract Arks? Since they're into FW units... Although perhaps they're a bit too overkill, or too offensive-oriented for Tomb defense.

    It is very true they have been giving a lot of love for the Necrons recently (and Orks too, they really needed it), and I'm so grateful for that. You raise a good point with the lack of purely offensive units; that would be very interesting to see, although something tells me such units have all the potential to be overkill even against Primarches... we're talking Necron tech after all :> I'd really like to see more about the Inmortal and Praetorian armies; with the former, it just feels weird and entire army full of different ranks was reduced to just identical foot soldiers. I'd also love to see some reference to Scarab grey goo... perhaps a huge blob of Scarabs (monstrous creature) that absorb a lot of damage and regenerate (or even grow stronger) as it gets kills, but is limited to melee.Perhaps something like this?

    Speaking of melee, where are our Flayed Lords and more Flayed units?
  4. That is indeed something escorts could do in TT. It seems the likeliest option, given how very close and orderly they were in formation as well.

    I don't seem how it is a difficulty scaling thing, as they haven't changed in stats between 1-3 difficulty in stats. More and more powerful units show up, but other than that nothing seems to change. Castellax is likely the largest they can physically bring into the tombs. Besides the fact that this is an explorator unit so unlikely to have the heavy support a true combined arms force. I doubt a tesseract ark would be used here, the goal is to protect the tomb not destroy it after all! If there is a vehicle, it will most likely be an Annihilation barge, as those are specifically noted in the codex to be deployed inside tombs as defensive measures.

    A purely offensive unit would have been awakened last, so it would explain why they are so rarely seen, most stories and codex entries are about newly awakened tomb worlds. The two stories that aren't ether contain the Nemesor trying to make himself look weak (WOTSK) so that the Astartes would soak up some void losses, or was about Anrakyr, who is very much a man with a makeshift army. He had but a single destroyer after all but an entire small conclave of crypteks on kelrantyr! We likley would hold said units in reserve anyways until needed in serious confrontations, which we have not had much of. The truly dangerous things are most likely stored in specialized war-crypts and crownworlds, which have not seen much action yet. It would certainly be overkill as you noted, for even "mere" destroyers can over penetrate land raiders, something the adeptus mechanicus would require titan grade weaponry on their side. I too found it quite strange that ranks are not truly present in the necron armies. The praetorians make sense, they are rare as is and don't usually require something higher ranked than a judicator on site. The immortals though, given the necrontyr were going into the war in heaven there is no way they discarded aeons of combined arms warfare in an attempt to standardize the army. It is likely just a result of a lack of interest in expanding necron lore for the most part. It is noted if scarabs are cut off from communication that is their default response, likely to descourage the tactic. It apparently quickly grows to the point were orbital bombardment (which cracks continents and can sometimes reduce planets to floating continental plates mind you) becomes insufficient. It is also how I imagine necrontyr mass manufacturing appears.

    Destoyers are understandably unified, you don't get more killy than fast moving jump infantry with necrons AV options. Flayed ones less so. Most castes I imagine would look roughly the same but bigger, as none use weapons, but the higher ones seem more lucid, capable, and overall dangerous. In Damnos, satah tracks a wounded marine across a continent in less than an hour, kills his way through a camp so fast none can notice, grabs a marine, and jumps through the roof and off into the night faster than he can be caught. He bullies the poor squad for a while before the chief librarian has to come and bail them out. In the Warzone book that followed, he was mulching the battle companies badly, and threw assault marines over ten feet with each blow. He was also shredding sicarius before Ygrra'nya came and bailed him out. Also, curse you for making read that book again. Every time I see the Undying referred to as a "Phaeron" I die a little inside. So the flayed lords are in fact rather scary, in fact it says to use an overlord stat line for him in the book. The only rules for them come from there, and they have an aura that gives a 3+ fnp on top of RP and armor saves. Its actually really good. He apparently looked like this:



    From the sounds of it the fortress is in darkspace, and is the location of an old massive battle. I would have said it was war in heaven vintage, but those warships are of imperial design most going into service between M33 and M36, so the battle has to be more recent. This is somewhat strange, as though a million miles (1.5million km) isn't that far for a warhammer space battle, filling said space that densely (or even densely at all) IS, and that kind of casualties should have been noticed by imperial authorities long before a trader did. Of course there is also the possibility most warships are of non-imperial design off screen, but I can only comment on what I can see. Kroot and eldar seem confirmed for the game though, based on the trailer.

    This is the field for comparison.
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  5. It seems the fortress is war in heaven vintage indeed (by which I mean when it was lost)


    Aeldari war-constructs have been confirmed as active within its halls. I wonder if any Maton are around? That would be terrifying, as they were nearly invincible back in the day and required our own "thunder god" class constructs to confront. Perhaps there are some ancient Aeldari dreadnoughts present in the debris field? that would make this scenario VERY interesting, and I predict future necron interference. It seems its version of the master program is still active too, so it was probably a fortress they lost in a conventional battle.
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    I really hope we get to see the Necrontyr ranks expanded upon, as well as at least a Flayed Lord. I really liked Satah in Damnos (plus that miniature is glorious) and very much wish to see more of that available. Plus I wonder: what would happen in the Flayer virus got into a Praetorian? Or a Cryptek? While highly unlikely, it is not impossible... and I don't think these guys would devolve completely either. The prospect of jumping or "wizard" Flayed Ones is simultaenously terrifying and awesome...

    I'm really excited about Blackstone Fortress! They've always been one of those parts of the lore that never received much detail. Misterious, yes... but I really want to know more about them, especially after what we see in the BFGA1 cutscenes... Those "drones" are really picking my interest too, they don't resemble anything we're ever seen in 40k, except maybe Aeldari war-constructs as you say. In which case... those would be REALLY old Aeldari constructs, dating way before the Fall, and probably into the War in Heaven. Now if there's no Necron connections done after revealing these pointy guys I'll rage for days!
  7. Satah was one of the few, few things Damnos did well. I especially loved his reminiscing, it helped enforce the sense of loss and tragedy that is present in flayed ones. For crypteks, we did see one devolving, and she lasted quite a while even compared to other nobles, and was fully capable of using her chronomancy during the period. We did not see her after she completed her transformation though, as she was purged by Anrakyr. Praetorians I imagine would be executed by their squadmates or immune due to some trickery of the silent king, but otherwise would likely retain their jetpacks due to their bodies being warped and the jetpacks being a part of said bodies. The fact that both would obtain the tunneling, shapeshifting, folding, and pocket dimension abilities a flayer naturally has is quite terrifying.


    An update on vigilus. I had forgotten the imperium only had one way through the Ciatrix. If they lose this one, they will have to make for Sautekh space to try and gain access to Imotekh's gate, or lose the Dark Imperium Entirely.


    As for the fortress, the drones seem to be able to fly. They had a bit more lore before the purge of the the old GW page. I really wish I had printed those pages out in time. But they have always fascinated me as well, and are a great way to gain insight into the War in the Heavens. The scale of that conflict is unimaginable, especially given these things used to come in full fleets! Can you imagine a fleet of blackstone fortresses? Can you imagine what It must have meant that they were not enough? I would love to see some ancient aeldari designs, back when they were still influenced and fed by their gods, allies and the old ones. Before they degenerated so. I do wonder if this will play a role in BFG2? They did delay the game for a full five months after all, which is a long time for some simple balance patches (everyone was their in the august beta except the nids). They definitely look like a wraithbone construct like the current Asuryani crafts, but have a great deal of variance from the design philosophy. It is much smaller, jagged and plain, obviously made for war. There is none of the pointless ornateness or superfluous elegance of the current Asuryani. There are two ways to survive Necron Firepower. The first is to make massive constructs with shields, redundancy, and mass to spare in order to function as it is torn apart. This the method of the ork, or Krork rather. They are going to lose a limbs and torsos, so they had to be made to keep going regardless if they were to matter in the conflict. I suspect that is why they are so good a gravity, teleportation, and shielding tech, better on average even in their devolved state than the non necron powers. When was the last time we saw widespread use of those technologies amongst the Aeldari or Humans? If they can teleport in, bleed a few hits on the shield, and survive a little more as they are torn to shreds by a true necron warhost, they would make excellent shock troops wouldn't they? The Aeldari chose the second way, don't get hit. It is the reason they try to use shielding and speed in naval and terrestrial doctrine, they could never build anything that could take a hit from the necron arsenal. It was simply to good, and they could not simply accept those losses and keep going like many of the old ones other races, the orks in particular. There is a reason orks are compelled to build ships that can fight after being blown in half after all. But that form of attritional warfare was never in the Aeldari domain, they just didn't have the ability to take those hits and losses and function. Something we see in this drone. It is small and has no extensions beyond necessary limbs. All unnecessary space is cut out leaving ti spindly. It has one sensor which I suspect is also a weapon. And it can fly. I would bet on it being agile. So we have s small target that can easily evade in 3 dimensions and has a single likely powerful weapon, that is small enough that the abundant renewable resources (wraithbone) can be used for mass production or quick field repairs with little trouble. This is exactly what you would need in a fight with a necron warhost. It would never stand up in a straight battle, but its not in an area where you would fight one is it? Its in a series of narrow, twisting corridors filled with overhangs and cover. This is the perfect space to abuse its frame and abilities. It would be an excellent anti-boarding necron weapon, and fits perfectly with what we know of WiH Aeldari Maton. It is likely not on the level of those terrible things, but it is certainly of that vintage and well made. They will likely be a nightmare to face for the poor imperials, in what was likely their station/garrison. It is remarkable that they lasted this long, albeit in the preservative vacuum of space, as our canopteks did. This might suggest more constructs behind the scenes preforming repair, maintenance, and shaping duties. I wonder how intelligent they are. And how loyal, given the tendency of Aeldari treachery to pass onto their creations (see: The Aeldari god-constructs and what they called the war in heaven, mandrakes, and Slaanesh). Its any easy bet we will show at some point though, given the number of pyramids that have shown up in the cut scenes. GW is many things, but subtle is not one of them. On a final note, I spy an Ur-Ghul, and those can migrate through the webway! If those are present, perhaps a gate is open, and a backdoor present?
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    I absolutely loved the Vigilus teaser. I think it's mostly because of the combination of that music, voice and visuals. The music sounds calm yet depressing, which fits so well into the themes of space and 40k, along with the monotone voice. The visuals, albeit simple, works so well in conjuction with these. As I posted on YouTube, I wonder when are we going to get involved as well...

    It's amazing to even try to imagine the sheer scale of the War in Heaven. Full fleets of Blackstone Fortresses? When just 3 are enough to cause a supernova? And that's without imagining what they fought... I just love Necron lore. You raise really good point on these Aeldari contructs, it really makes sense for them to be less flashy and as nimble as possible; you just can't take the Necrons and especially their firepower head-on. Man, this just makes me so much want to see a 3rd Person Shooter ala Warframe where you can play as a Necron, perhaps in the era of the War in Heaven (although in conflicts small in scale yet important, like in Warframe) and get to see how these fights could have been. I must say, these Blackstone Fortresses are marvels of Old Ones technology, being able to remain themselves and their protectors in perfect condition after such ginormous amount of time has passed... a true testament to the terrible wonders of the era of the War in Heaven. I'm not sure if these Aeldari constructs are very intelligent, but I'd say that at least they will be extremely adept at coordinating with each other and have lightning-fast reflexes; I imagine them zipping around with dead dropping left and right on every too-fast-to-see strike. A worthy foe indeed. I really hope there is a backdoor present... although the figures don't yet show any Aeldari besides their ancient constructs. I just hope we get to be present as well, there's just no way Necrons wouldn't be interested in a Blackstone Fortress.
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  9. As I mentioned in the same video, this is their only corridor. They will be cut in half if they loose it, and with half strength it is unlikely they could wrestle the gate from the stormlord, especially if the other dynasties help out. This may be quite literally do or die for them, as without aid the dark imperium will quickly crumble and with half its power gone the rest would soon follow.
    The war in heaven was truly unimaginable in scale. System destruction being commonplace, massive war waged throughout time and space, inconceivable production and usage of memetic and conceptual weaponry, literally every galaxy in the universe being a battleground...Some horrors are best left unimagined. A warframe style shooter would be neat, though also would likely include a fair bit more melee. There are just so many place and things to explore! From the battles waged in the great void between galaxies to the siege of the final fortresses, to the war around the reaveworld to the running battles between planes, to the ebon void and the siege of ib, there are just so many things to explore. The fortresses are quite amazing though, as you say. I imagine the drones play some role similar to our scarabs to help preserve it. I would definitely say we would be interested, we did go out of our way to deny them the other six, and directly or indirectly destroyed 5 of those. We cannot allow the Aeldari to have them, especially now that they have a true god on their side. Sleeping mostly, yes, but as in the war in heaven if you inore them for the greater threats they will drag the galaxy into hell with their hubris.
    Lore update from the Ork codex. The ork gods are coming, they have been slaughtering their way through the warp and have noticed that the veil will soon break, and they will soon be able to lead the entire race personally. A concerning series of events, to be certain. We are nowhere near prepared to face a god-construct, let alone the two strongest in the materium. Even worse they may try to slay the outsider in their quest for the greatest war. The collateral damage alone would likely finish the galaxy, to say nothing of the consequences of either side winning! This is something we definitely need to get on, as it would cripple or end our efforts in the milky way theatre, and according to the bile books the other galaxies are just gone after the war, so it is unlikely we could relocate in any reasonable time, let alone fast enough to prepare for those two following us.
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  10. Would you still call this an open thread? Fellow necrontyr here.

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