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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

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  2. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    I loved that trailer; I'm not even that much into WFB but that was so cool. And yes, it does give awesome Thaszar vibes :) One can dream!
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  4. upload_2018-10-16_21-3-58.png
    It seems that at long last, immortals are coming to gladius. On one hand, this is a joyful time. On the other, it seems that genestealers are as well.
    Also it seems they are doing videos for the super ships of 40k in bfg. Can't wait for ours.

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    So awesome we finally get Inmortals! I'm slightly bummed it's under a DLC, but if it's not too expensive I guess it's worth it. Genestealer Cults will be... problematic for sure... although maybe that's a hint that this "next race they're working on that works completely different than the previous ones" could be Tyranids? Also looking forward for more Necron goodies in BFGA:2.
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    And how could I forget posting this. New, commentary-free alpha gameplay of Mechanicus! So far I'm loving the inmersion it creates both for the AdMech and Necrons: my favourite Imperial faction and my favourite 40k faction together under the spotlight! Sound design and soundtrack in particular are just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

    Apparently each region of the Tombworld appears different from the others depending on who is the local Necron noble in charge, according to their role and personality. And our units are accordingly lethal... In Valrak's and PartyElite's commented gameplays, you just don't want to mess with Praetorians or Lychguards in particular. Plus:

    It seems that Overlord Agrolekh is a Destroyer Lord and a "master of Necron fleets"!<3

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  7. That was pretty neat. The detail of ovehwleming RP with damage causes phase out. The thematic music and voices. The awe inspiring beautiful necron tombs. Scarabs reparining warriors. The improvement of tech preists going from ignoring staff of light hits to getting smacked around by a warscythe. Argolekh is suitably fragmented for a destroyer, I wonder if his compatriots will let him keep those ships though given his new condition. I wonder if szaregon is the planet or the Dynasty? Sounds more like the name of a tombworld (gor/gon and similar suffixes are common their) instead of a dynasty (where Bekh, vokh, narkh, rit, or a short name are common, ie Dyvanakh, Novokh, charnovokh, etc). I love how even as a destroyer hes like "what on miskal have you vermin done to yourselves? Flesh or steel pick one and only one you aren't a druhkari." Interestingly, it seems in this case they only have eleven days until all are awake, though that doesn't indicate all assets, or even most will be functional. it also explains why there are so few necrons even this early (the rest are fighting the skitarii). Immortals are as dead hard as I imagined, and the dancing movements of the cryptek made me very happy for some reason. The deathmark going "lol no" to the deepstrke and just teleporting across the chamber was also fairly amusing. As was when the poor fool tried to move and the deathmark just dropped him. The praetorian and cryptek seem lacking in health though. Anyways, looks good so far. I'll post again after watching the other videos.
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  8. Some updates from BFG2
    It comes out January 24th
    There is a December beta
    New Pictures:
    This is a tyranid cruiser. For comparison that is a Tau battleship. Rest in Peices.
    Those are some beautiful detonations. Those ships met the fate of all those who will face the Necrontyr Navy.
    The Graphics remain superb. Three battlebarges for one fleet is confirmed it seems.
    The spacescape is wonderful. Look at those shadowlances, and the wonderful mechanicus engines.
    And there is a new devblog out:
    It says this about us: "Ageless masters of the galaxy, the necrons emerge from stasis tombs to reclaim worlds lost to the ravages of time and the encroachment of lesser races. Coldly regal and slow to acknowledge outsiders as beings worthy of survival, the necrons will sweep aside all in their path in their quest to restore lost glories.

    Necron warships are costly, and often outnumbered. However, their living metal hulls are heavily armoured and capable regenerating damage even in the heart of battle. Mastery of Gauss technology lends their weaponry extreme precision, allowing the necrons to inflict crippling damage on an unprepared foe."

    part 1/2 b/c image limit
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  9. There are some character portraits too, [​IMG] Trazyn, [​IMG] Kephrekh the Unbroken (your boss, probably him given all the other portraits are actual characters and this guy is not only important enough to have the ankh on his forehead bu also has a very large and regal looking collar. Lots of gold to. Says he is a dynastic lord, so maybe paheron?), [​IMG] Amarkun the gatherer (the player character probably, right hand of the previous), [​IMG] New cryptek guy. Kind of looks like ozkan but wrong dynasty.

    I loved valrak's video, not only are lychgaurd invincible in melee destroyers are confirmed to the game. Either he or the devs mentioned it might be possible to play as the necrons later. The lord teleporting was pretty neat in the second party elite video, as was how they have both tesla and gauss immortals. The lychgaurd in the lords chamber was quite the legend, killing multiple party members. Varak got TPK'd and party elite barely survived. Looking forwards to that game.
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    Thank you for the news! BFGA2 looks stunning and very promising; I so want to play with all factions. But naturally with Necrons the most. I hope they can achieve a good level of balance throughout the entire roster of factions, I wouldn't want any of them -and especially ours- nerfed to the ground because no balance could be found. I'm very intrigued about our characters, looking forward to what shenanigans they will put out.

    You say there's a chance of Necrons being playable in Mechanicus too? Oh boy that would be so good. I understand they would probably leave that for after launch since it would require a large amount of new stuff (after all it's shifting the entire PoV of the story and the events), but they wait would be so worth it. One thing I'm really liking is that the game seems it will be challenging to beat, since Necrons have so many tricks up their sleeves. Also loving the idle animations of Deathmarks... for some reason I find it so amusing to see them spin around 180º to check out everything with their all-seeing eye (and then proceeding to phase away into overwatch).
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