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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. Monster hunter world is an excellent place to start the series. The game is beautiful and it has so many quality of life changes that mean you won't have unlearn habits to deal with the clunkier combat of the older games. It would be hard to translate from this refined combat to the older games, but I don't think you would have time to complete the other games before MHW release anyways. To be honest its also one of the easiest games in the series too, and from what I hear doesn't suffer from this issue from earlier games:
    It lacks some of the more spirited and amazing characters from the previous game (the handler seems to be a serious downgrade from say the tri cast) but it still seems to be good. The gameplay seems to be the best in the series though, a lot of things were redone to improve and re-balance the differing weapons so they are all viable. If you use the longsword, chargeblade, or dualswords on the head though for muh dps then you are a garbage human being. The story is told a lot more directly in this game, which also helps. In previous games, it was more of a dark souls talk to npcs and read item descriptions for lore type of thing. As long as you understand my previous post you won't be confused, and really you don't need to know even that to play. You might be confused if the reference something (and the MH wiki is incredibly unhelpful and barebones so good luck there) but again, most relevant info is above. The stories are not interconnected, the generations, xx, tri, etc casts are all different people so you won't need to know the full story. I would still recommend at some point playing the older games though, as they are excellent. Most games have a couple versions, the ultimate versions being basically just improved in every way but also given free dlc. I would advise at some point at least playing 3/4 ultimate and XX, but MHW is a good starting place. Generally you don't need to have played earlier games to understand whats going on, but it may be hard losing the improvements of world going backwards. To give further information, if you want to play previous games...
    -1, 2, freedom 1, and 2, and G are ps2 only, so unless you want to pay for that...if your willing, they are old looking but still great games. Get Monster hunter Freedom 1/2, they are direct improvements of the other games in the story, remastered versions basically.
    -The first easily available game is an improved version of 2 called freedom unite (note, all titles have the MH prefix) for the IOS or psp. It was the third best selling game of all time on the psp, which should tell you enough, especially considering most western audiences have never heard of the series.
    -Monster hunter three (tri) has a direct upgrade called 3 ultimate and a game which is actually separate called portable 3rd. Tri was my favorite, started the series there and the main monster lagiacrus was great. It was the one where you could do painful underwater missions.
    -four and four ultimate were also pretty good overall, and introduced or really expanded on the rosters of alot of classes of monsters, like amphibians.
    -Generations/XX: AMAZING GAME. Almost every single monster, including the jet dragon and titan bug. An english release for the 3ds is coming to NA soon.
    -Monster hunter stories. Side game that covers the story of the previously mentioned monster riders. More of a game for children and cartoony, but not bad. More RPG elements.
    -Frontier/frontier G: Chinese/Japanese only MMO. Produced a lot of the monsters at the top of the Black Dragon Rankings, like Dhisufiora.
    -Monster hunter World: You are here.
    I found some of their openings too. I love MH cinematics.



    World should be a fine way to ease yourself into the game. There are plenty of help videos online, a site where vets will train you for free:, and even me if it comes to it.

    Anyways, on the subject of basic tips, the most important thing to understand is that this is monster hunter, not slayer. You can't just run up to a monster and expect success. You need to carefully consider each hunt before you engage in it. First, what can the enemy do? Luckily in this game an in game encyclopedia will be updated as you hunt things and give you data to that effect (elemental damage/weaknesses, what areas are weakspots to what weapons (swords/hammers do different kinds of damage and are thus best in diff spots) what parts of the creature can break, etc). You used to have to just try and guess it, which was suffering incarnate, especially without the new presence of damage numbers. With that, you grab a weapon its weak to (or the closest you have) and resistant armor. Then you grab ornaments to help with skills. Skills activate when you have ten points from armor/weapons/ornaments, and are vital in harder fights such as elemental resistances, stun resist, attack up, swimming speed up, stamina up, sharpening weapon speed up, max sharpness up, etc, and you can only use a coupe due to limited slots, so you have to often decide what part of the boss you are most comfortable being weak too. In high rank team synergy helps alot, for example in 3 ultimate you CANNOT resist all of alatreons elements, so what teams will do is have 1 ranged 3 melee, and each of the melee will be resistant to 2 of his 3 most used elements. They overlap in a circle so will have 2 guys at all times resistant to his attacks, while the third goes to a safer part of the boss (safer being the key word) and the two others tank as best they can. After that you grab you essentials: potions, mega potions, the ingredients for both to combine in the field, whetstones to sharpen you sword, cooked food to keep you stamina up, meat and a spit to make more cooked meat, charms if you have them, demondrug/armorskin buffs, dungbombs to (hopefully) scare off interuptions, etc. Then you get your arena kit. Lets use the desert for this one. You need cool drink so you don't overheat and take damage, torches for the caves, room for the map, etc. Then the monster specific ones. Lets say this is deviljho. You need nullberries to counter dragon blight, adamant seeds to counter his defense down debuff salaiva acid, drugged meat to help as he always eats when hes hungry, and bombs for when he falls asleep (sleep bombing is a classic hunter trick.). And then there are more mission essentials depending if your ranged (ammo and components to build more), if the arena has equipment (balista ammo etc), or on say a capture quest (tranqs, traps, etc). You used to have to carry trackers too (and could run out or miss applying them) but thats one of the quality of life improvements, hormone paintballs (hunters are modded to smell these and hunters alone) were replaced by scout flies (a new domesticated species, like the kinsect) in this game. Then after that you go eat a hearty meal, (boosting selected stats) you get another set of skills based on preparation (always remember to do this, they can help alot, like bombadier which buffs bomb damage) and go hunting. You arrive, track the monster with a variety of clues (tracks, noises, food, etc), and the battle is joined when you ambush it. Whether from above, with traps in the floor, or from afar, try not to charge it. I especially like this logistics bit, it makes the game feel a lot more real and adds a lot of depth to it. It really immerses you in the role of a hunter, and the meals especially make you act like a living being by incentivizing thing necessary for day to day hunter operations.. Its not really that painful once you get the hang of it either, it usually takes me about 3 minutes. Here are some helpful begginer guides and remember, hunters notes are always there to help ingame:





    Anyways, the monster hunter experience is really defined by your weapons, so picking (and mastering) said weapons is a central theme of the game. Here are some guides on how to do both:

    And on that last matter, speaking of valrak... upload_2018-7-17_1-54-9.png
    Anyways, I hope this helps a bit! The necron model looks beautiful.
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  2. Genorsak Member

    i really love that big canoptek... so its have another weapon and by the look ... a big exile type?
    oh i am currently reading monde machine (world engine) its so good that half the book was done in a day >.<
  3. Lords of borsis really completes the story, and is one of the only stories where the summary is necessary to read first. Who's your favorite character so far, mine's metzoi.
  4. Genorsak Member

    if metzoi is the judicator i dont have a lot from him now... just the part where
    zahiros was cut down and not a little XD
    but the way he speak is awesome! if its was done in english the same as it is in french
    the last chapter i have read was the one where the librarian meet yggra'nya
    this one feel like a genie that turn your wish the way it suit him the most ^w^
  5. Haha yes, he is quite amazing. I really appreciate how all the characters are portrayed in the books, and metzoi is rather well crafted to fit the role of a praetorian. The shaper is also pretty good, mostly saying things that sound good and shaping things to make him seem more sympathetic, as if he's not lying per say, just....suggesting. If I remember correctly the marine calls him out on his deceptions too. Never trust a C'tan.
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    Sorry for the late reply mate; I've spent the last days packing and then travelling just to go home for summer holidays. Thank you so much for all the information!! Again you've spent so much time and effort putting all this information together... I will make sure to study it well before jumping into MHW when I get the chance! :) I'm loving the fact the hunts themselves come as the conclusion of a process of research and equipment, then putting all that knowledge to use to hunt the creature. It sounds really well-thought and developed!

    Thank you too for the Valrak info! I'm betting we'll soon get some more information about our new Canoptek pet. Eagerly waiting for it!
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  7. I'm always happy to help!
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    Ow yeah!! Congratulations :) You gotta tell us how it feels (although things are bound to change until launch of course)!
  9. I have had some difficulty actually getting in to it, but I played today. I'm not sure how much I can tell you, so I'll be holding back a bit, but I will say the models are beautiful as is the music. It has serious balance issues tho.
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