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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

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    Yes! I had forgotten about MHW, but I was quite interested on it to come to PC. I've never played any MH, but this one seemed pretty interesting (especially because of the environment, so beautiful).
  2. Monster hunter is a wonderful series, with great characters, weapons, lore, and design. The first game a played was tri, and I loved it, even after I was hip checked into oblivion. MHW is a great place to start though as they made a huge number of quality of life changes and simplified it quite a bit. For example, it used to be that you could not move while using healing, which takes a full 4 seconds to activate. Which is a problem in a game where some monsters have been calculated as having an in game speed of MACH 90 [​IMG]
    May Valfalk forever burn in hell, accursed jet dragon. It also the only game I know of that has actual hour long boss fights. Good ones too! Gameplay wise think of it like a harder dark souls without leveling. Anyways, more good news!
    Oh, and IG and Orks just got videos. The orks get their knight, how is that fair! This is all just reminding me of how much I want ours, hopefully we see it soon.
  3. The games I'm most looking forward to playing atm are still a few months away: Darksiders 3, the Tales of Vesperia remaster... and Super Neptunia RPG :oops:
    Of course I'm also really looking forward to Gladius, but not as much.
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    Wow, MH does indeed sound pretty cool and interesting! Those quality of life changes also look promising. I'll make sure to keep an eye on MHW and give it a go! That Mach 90 dragon sounds like the stuff of nightmares though...

    Thank you for the BFGA2 news! I think this time I will stay away from all betas and pick it up just before release, so as not to get tired of the gameplay before even trying the campaign(s).

    I saw the Gladius videos, looking forward for ours! Yeah, I also found it surprising Orks get to have their titan, but that said we do have both the Obelisk and the Tesseract Vault... I hope they keep adding units and factions after release though.

    Nice! I'm mostly looking forward for the 40k games (Gladius, BFGA:2, Mechanicus), but I'm also eagerly waiting for Frozen Synapse 2...
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  5. I was quite fond of darksiders 2, but those other two...weeb get out reeeeeeeeeeeee how dare you not be looking forward to gladius!
    Valkfalk was far from the worst boss in the series. Dhisufiora and Duremudira were so much worse, even low end elders can be things like this:


    and one of the bug bosses got an honest to szarekh TITAN
    monsters like Dalamadur
    (Note how big the head is in regards to the body BTW)


    Gonna start my Gladius run now, ;ets see how it goes. Hopefully we get an overlord post launch.
  6. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    In the name of the stars what are THOSE O _ O How do are you even acknowledged by those things?! Let alone slay them! It seems it's going to be pretty epic... and that's probably an understatement!

    How did Gladius go? I wasn't able to play it yesterday but will do today.
  7. It takes an ungodly amount of time and effort to kill things like that. A lot of prep work too. I wasn't joking about those hour long boss fights, and you are supposed to do the high rank ones in squads. Natural, the big snek can shoot lasers and is stupidly fast. There are many, MANY, creatures like this though, some further examples from previous games:
    Similar creatures exist in MHW too, for example this is the back of something:
    The music is amazing too, here are some of my favorite examples:






    Gladius is pretty good, I wish we had more units though. The lord of skulls is obscene, it has so much damage it can three shot a tesseract vault and, coincidentally, can attack three times a turn, while your units can only attack once. I am really glad to be a necrontyr, as the maps can get huge and it takes forever to walk places. Without teleportation I would be doomed. Enjoying it so far.
  8. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Damn those things are epic. Nice music too. One thing that I've always wondered about the Monster Hunter games is, what is the reason to hunt these creatures? Are they just wild animals that have become dangerous to people because they have to share the same space? Unnatural beasts of ruin that have left the world devastated? Something completely different? In the sense that if they're just normal animals of this world doing minding their own business I'm not sure I'd enjoy just popping up and killing them like a trophy hunter.

    I'm really enjoying Gladius too! I haven't encountered the Lord of Skulls yet, but so far I'm loving the game, both as a 40k game and a 4x turn-based strategy game. The attention to the lore is great, the concepts taken from the tabletop are a good touch and the sounds are awesome. I hope it continues to grow with extra factions!
  9. Monster hunter lore is kind of complicated. Let me try to summarize though. Anyways a long time ago the MH world had an ancient advance human civilization, which did some unethical things. They enslaved all of the world, including the powerful and sentient monsters known as Elder dragons, named as such for being old enough to be entirely separate from the common ancestor all other liferforms share. They broke entirely with nature and created monstrosities like the equals dragon weapon from the corpses of hundreds of dragons. The equals dragon weapons were true abominations, created from countless dragons and with the collective power of all of them. Similar to hunters, they gained power from those they slain, though in a more visceral way than the hunters armor/weapons, and in doing so could indefinitely extend their lives. Eventually, after the creation of those monstrosities the humans and dragons went to war, lead by the Fatalis. The fatalis hated humans like no others for their sins, and razed the world in their maddened fury. They melted down slain hunters into armor in a twisted mockery of what hunters did and are the only dragon the guild considers evil. Eventually both sides drove each other to near extinction, and a both sides fractured into the territories they are today. Most dragons forgot or forgave humanity for the war, but not the fatalis. The fatalis never forgot, nor forgave, and squat in the ruins of schrade, the nation the first fatalis began the war with by burning to the ground. The nation is forever wracked by crimson lightning and eternal twilight due to the clouds, and no other life lives there. Their spite is limitless, and even other dragons flee their uncontrollable hatred at this point. This is their theme


    Worse still, it is said the original fatalis still lives, as one of the white fatalis, a group so ancient their scales have turned white. His mockery of hunters is unending, as those who wear fatalis armor soon hearing voices (his) and transforming into a fatalis. They soon either die or become one. From these creatures comes the category of black dragon, walking apocalypses that destroy the world just by existing and mostly have similar attitudes. They are the worlds apex, who no eldar dragon, even the ones I have displayed above, can hope to match. They contain creatures like the Dire Miralis, which created the tainted sea by killing every other living thing in it with its mere presence turning the place a permanent blood red. All monsters of this class are said to be fully capable of destroying the world, and have no equals aside from similar abominations other classifications such as the Duremudira, which in turn was a creature engineered by the ancient civilization. On the matter, after the war the world broke into four groups: Human nations just trying to live, monsters and dragons doing the same, the rage filled black dragons, and the allies of ancient humanity such as the monstrosity known as Duremdira, which guard some of their ruins still. After the war the monster species splintered even further into subspecies, zeniths (monsters that have managed to forcibly evolve themselves over their lifespans), apex's (those that have managed to overcome and master the frenzy virus), deviants (those that have evolved by overcoming hunters), burst species (evolution's which are explicitly better than their predecessors), lone species (subspecies who have been forced into solitude by evolution's or have evolved due to solitude ie: no outside genes causing higher mutation rates b/c inbreeding), Origin species (species that are primitive, remaining much closer to their ancestor than to any other monster), subspecies (you known what these are, on average tougher+stronger), rare species (the previous but rarer and more so), and variants (members/group of a species who have evolved yet remain a part of the species), all of which do not get along. Add on the loss of almost all tales/records on both sides due to the absolute massacre the war was and the reduction in intelligence overall and intelligent monsters in general (much more dog-tier (smarts wise) or slightly above wyverns than dragons now) leads to the fractured non-unified state of the world today.

    Eventually, the human survivors teamed up with one of their pre-war creations, the dragon blooded wyvernians, and one of the sapient non-elder dragon monster genus's (and i mean genus, not species) known as lynians, to create the hunters guild, which currently rules the world. Their goal is to keep humanity in harmony with nature and each other, and to help balance nature, trying to learn from and atone for the past, and ensure humanity never loses its way again. They use the advanced technology found in the ruins of the ancient civ to create gear and weapons and are all extremely superhuman due to the modifications made back then. Their emblem, which contains their motto, is as follows: The Hunter's Guild's crest has four symbols on it. Each symbol on the crest has a meaning that the Hunter's Guild follows. The north represents Respect for nature, the west represents Life as a community, the south represents Crafting from nature, and the east represents Prosperity from nature. They have three main disciplines, the support workers (receptionists,guild masters, post people etc), hunters (who hunt, sail, build, retrieve, etc) and Guild knights (police/arbites, closer to arbites/praetorians in methods though). The military arm of the guild, the hunters, is fiercely independent and is divided by district, which further divides into solo operating squads. Their duties are martial, and contain more or less everything the guild needs done. The scout, collect resources, capture, hunt, investigate, preform in arenas, build, sail, escorting, secret spec ops missions, defend locations/towns, gathering materials to assist building, helping civilians, etc on missions called quests, or bigger activities such as multi region/fleet expeditions or truly dire raids. For being the guild lackeys they get a plethora of benefits, such as supplies, an ID made of whatever they feel like and customized as such, all the info, pay, room and board, access to hunting grounds even when not on quests, subordinates such as an assigned lynian partner (called a palico) and sometimes handler, and access to all the newest technology. They are ranked by accomplishments and missions done. The more civilian support branch is responsible for categorizing/accepting or denying quests, communications, coordination, organizing/recruiting hunters, PR, logistics, acquiring food/housing, community outreach, and other such governmental duties. They are in essence the overly friendly bureaucracy, and are felt as less and less in charge the further out you get, leaving businesses and civilians to do what they will. The guild knights police the world, and hunt down poachers, rogue hunters, and other lawbreakers with all the lethality expected of high rank hunters. They have much better equipment and rudimentary power armor (which doesn't in fact look like power armor) and do more of the spec ops/scouting work, with most locations containing at least twelve guild knights. They also take over in times of crisis. There are also other organizations that exist both under the jurisdiction and outside of but working with the Guild. Various civilian military corps exist for each location, such as the moge hunting fleet, loc lac rangers, fortress rangers, etc that protect specific areas and are specialized in certain things like desert fighting or sieges. They are less elite and usually subordinate in crisis's to hunters, but separate operationally usually and don't interact constantly, but do help out the hunters and receive much needed aid in return. Their role is essentially that of a garrison to serve the needs of the people the numerous (but not that numerous) hunters cannot. There is the research commission, formed by the guild to investigate something from elite hunters. The fifth fleet from this group, bringing in new recruits (not veteran hunters, but not noobs either) is what you are a part of in monster hunter world. This group is part of and subordinate to The Guild. There is also the Royal Weapon Smithies. They are the remnants of vanquished schrade, and create all weapons needed by the Guild, from bowguns and longswords to siege weapons and dragonators. They retain alot of pre-war armor/weapon tech, and are given more by the guild as they find it. They are quite rich from how much the hunters pay them. There is additionally the very important royal paleontology scriveners. They are the research orginization of the world, and gather all the info on the ancient civ, all monsters, ecologies, habitats, new lands, etc. They release the hunters life magazine and encyclopedias to educate hunters and disseminate new information, and make a lot of information this way as they are more or less required reading (for hunters that want to live anyways). They work closely with the hunters, using their escort services and pass relevant information along to wyvernian academy and the EDOT. The Wyvernian Academy (usually called wycademy), is a more research (using info not fieldwork) and education based institution that focuses more on the past. The EDOT is likely the single most important organization outside of the hunter's guild and its subordinates, and does what the name (Elder Dragon Observation Team) suggests, watches the Dragons. They also watch other species and maintain the air fleet, but mostly focus on decoding ancient civ scrolls and readings and watching the dragons. Usually seen in hot air balloons. Their most important branch is the ED forecast office (EDFO), which check ED sightings and, if confirmed, alert the guild, the country, and then lead evacuations as necessary. There is also the Flying Wyvern observatory (which handles flying menaces and the fleet) and the Wyceum (which handles issues caused by elder dragons like viral outbreaks of Shagaru's frenzy virus).

    Hunters have a simple ranking system. Low rank are the soldiers and most common of the hunters. They handle simple monsters, non combat quests, and are unoticed mostly. The rank system of them is in stars, with five as the highest. The next rank is high rank (6stars and up) is high rank, where the hunter is an officially noticed and elite hunter. Here the hunting of the strongest basic monsters starts, as welling as the hunting of subspecies and rare species. This rank has authority over ow ranks and is observed directly by the guild. G-rank is the rarest kind of hunter, and commands all others. They hunt, observe, and investigate the most dangerous monsters, as well as new/unidentified ones, and unlike the first two this rank is unrelated to HR status. It is achieved by slaying an elder dragon. To be G-rank is to have wordwide fame, recognition, and observation by the Guild. There are other ranks such as hunter instructors, who search for and teach the various hunting styles and arts. The known ones are:
    -Hunter Arts
    The Hunter Arts come from various places in the Monster Hunter world. They were originally created by the hunters, who came up with the idea for these arts. With help from the Hunter's Guild, through research, technology, and gathered information, the Hunter Arts were incorporated into hunts for some hunters. The Hunting Instructor is trusted to now gather information from various places about the Hunter Arts. Though Hunter Arts are used by some hunters, some districts of the Guild don't actually use these arts.
    -Hunting Styles
    The Hunting Styles are very much like the Hunter Arts, using the hunter's weapon in battle. Through cooperation and work at various places, done day by day, and help from the Hunter's Guild, the Hunting Styles were created.
    -Guild Style
    Guild Style (Japanese ギルドスタイル) is the main style used by many hunters that were trained by the Guild. This style continues to advance today.
    -Striker Style
    Striker Style (Japanese ストライカースタイル) is considered to be advance due to it specializing in the Hunter Arts and using an older form of the Guild Style.
    -Aerial Style
    Aerial Style (Japanese エリアルスタイル) comes from Bherna Village. It is a way used by Bherna's people to transverse the mountainous peaks of their home.
    -Adept Style
    Adept Style (Japanese ブシドースタイル) came from the Eastern parts of the Siki Country.

    Anyways, to answer you question about why we hunt, there are a few reasons. The first is ecology management. Which is to say, managing the numbers of each species the environ can support, exterminating invasive species, keeping a proper pred/prey ratio, etc. The second is resources. Many monsters can be used to make of do things. Apanoths are the workhorse of this world, ludroth can be used for boat repairs, some have medicinal purposes, the traditional weapons of hunters, etc. The third is protection. The creatures will attack caravans occasionally, hunt humans, attack shipping, etc and as a danger must be fought. The fourth is bred a circuses, as the Romans would say. Keep the population fed and entertained and they will cooperate. We drag in monsters for public spectacle sometimes, in arena quests, and many monsters are herbivores that substitute for the non existent cow and the like in this world. The fifth is disease prevention. Some bring disease, some make disease, etc. Gore magala and the frenzy virus is an excellent example of this. The sixth is for experience. In this case it is less justifiable, but the guild allows "freehunts" on stable areas for experience, resources, and on a cultural level (as the MH culture is very nature oriented due to the post war reformations and by hunting you are honoring that). This is only allowed in moderation in stable areas to ensure no damage is caused by it. The seventh reason is for research purposes. Some guard locations we need to access, some are attacking the researchers, some have parts we need for a new technology, some are smarter than humans and need observing for ideas (such as the ferro fluid using ED), and some are the subject of research itself. The eighth is pets. This may seem unimportant, but its not. Beyond pets for civilians, which can really help out in things like labor, fishing, lighting, etc and help keep people aware monsters a good and deserve life despite how many humans lost to them, there is an organization known as the hunter core. They raise monsters from eggs and bind with them using a special mineral that limits their numbers severely. They can do it without it but without it its harder and much more dangerous with the more aggressive species. They need eggs and breeding pairs, which hunters will acquire. The ninth and final reason is those beasts of ruin I mentioned. Sometimes they mean no harm, but often elder dragons bring calamity. For example, in moge village a ceadeus was ramming the island, as its horns were growing over its eyes, something which is terribly painful. It was trying to scratch them off (a futile effort given that is part of their lifecycle) and meant no harm, but was sinking the island with its enormous size and to save the village it had to be hunted. There are the more terrotorial EDs, which will stroll into a district and try to kick all the humans out. There are the EDs who are migrating in the path of a village, or devouring all their resources. And of course there are the black dragons, which attack the humans with a single minded malice such that they must be met in combat. Anyways, hopefully this answers your questions, as it took a while to type. A bit more deep than you would expect, no? On the subject of gladius, there is no way they will resist the lure of scamming us with DLC, so expect more factions in the future.

    There is much more than this but this has gotten far to long and has been revised thrice for wordiness. For more check out the lore section of the monster hunter wiki and the videos below.


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    Woah, you put so much work and time on your post, thank you so much mate! :) That was a great read and the videos were very nice to watch and listen to. Wish I could put more than a single like on your post!

    I'm finding the lore very beautiful and well-crafted, as well as the whole "balance with nature" theme of the Hunters. It's a way of thinking I could follow! Now you've really made me eager to play MHW! I must ask you yet another question though: would you consider MHW to be a good first contact with the series? Or would I be missing too much in terms of story?

    In case you haven't seen this yet, here's a post by Valrak I think you'll enjoy ;)
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