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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. The old stuff is, but the newer stuff like the Dark imperium box and our forgebane set are much cheaper (it’s 95 euros for 2 mini knights, 2hqs, and 2 of each sides elites)
  2. So, the full Necron codex rules have been released. They are here for those who wish to see them:
    It has yet to be confirmed though.

    An Analysis:
    The good:
    -Tomb Blades are -1 to hit
    -There is a deny the witch warlord trait
    -All c'tan powers are now good (mortal wounds ahoy!)
    -Special warlord traits for each dynasty, and dynastic codes
    -New Weapon: Voidscythe! a warscythe with sx2 3damage
    -Phase shifter standard for overlords (but not lords anymore)
    -The strategies are really good and flavorful
    -d6 shots for the doomsday ark
    -new wargear: Canoptek cloak
    -Nightbringer wounds all non vehicles on a 2+ with his shooting and melee
    -Targeting relay now works on all necron models

    The Bad:
    -All characters have lost resurrection protocols (WHY)
    -Anrakyr lost his pyhrrian immortals
    -Strategies are divided into units and dynasties, several requiring a monolith (which is still terrible)
    -Phylactery is destroyer lord only
    -Warriors cost more than immortals (???)
    -Deathmarks have lost their 2+ interception rule, so they are terribad now
    -Flayers lost shred, back to the garbage bin with them
    -Entropic strike is gone
    -Quantum shields still can't block 95% of weaponry
    -Doom scythes still haven't been fixed, and as such are still awful and unable to hit anything
    -Tesseract vaults cost more than mortarion
    -Monoliths are still absurdly overpriced
    -No Pylons, no tomb sentinels/stalkers, no acanthrites, no tesseract ark...
    -Still no harbingers of either lords or crypteks
    -wargear still gone
    -Can take extra artifacts of aeons, but costs a command point each
    -A lot of the Artifacts are divided by Dynasty
    -Previous artifacts included in certain dynasty's only bit
    -Some cryptek wargear is back, but they are artifacts (why?) and dynasty locked (WHY) which is unloreful
    -Trazyn has to kill a character (which he can't) to get his abilities to work
    -Sempiternal weave is back, but its an artifact for reason (ffs)

    Overall: A serious nerfbat to an already nerfed faction. The c'tan are viable now, but the rest of the army besides warriors/immortals still aren't. Geedubs WHY, hopefully this is fake.

    TL: DR: Loud Necron Screams of Frustration. THERE WILL BE BLOOD FOR THIS
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  3. Genorsak Member

    need to lock a little more but some thing cost less point
    Tomb Blades cost 14p+gear in index it was 24p+gear
    destroyer is 30p+gear it was 43p+gear
    Nemesor Xanxas lot of the thing you say come from v7 and v8 break a lots !
    it will cost you 1CP and a 4+ now or the relic
    you need to choose a weapon for you immortals
    the nerf was v7>index necron got hit more that other race
    but index> codex fell like a buff...well it was hard to do worst
    the cost reduction that hapened here ant there will help to get more people

    PS: novokh destroyer lord is a killing machine, blood scythe+novokh code+destroyer rule XD
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  4. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I see both upsides and downsides. I want to see the whole Codex before having a more final verdict. I think that while characters now no longer have Reanimation Protocols they do have Living Metal, which I don't remember what it does but it could be some form of getting Wounds back continuously. Sad about Flayed Ones... Inmortals are still more expensive than Warriors though: 10 of each costs 6 PR for Warriors, and 8 for Inmortals. Monoliths are expensive, holy nebulae. I do love all those Mortal Wounds; they fit very well our technological achievements.

    Again, I have to read through the Codex thoroughly. I wanted to finally start a Necron army after summer, pure Mephrit dynasty (of course), so I must get familiar with all of these changes.
  5. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Ayy guys

    The 8th edition is a letdown...

    Buuuuuuuut maybe we get some good lore...

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  6. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Indeed! I'm really looking forward to that. I'm also loving how much are the Dynasties being integrated into the gameplay, and how well represented they are. I can't be more proud of being Mephrit right now ^^
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  7. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Solar fury is a monster.
    Rapid fire and Meprit is GREAT
  8. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Oh sweet stars they are. They just melt everything in the shooting phase. As they should ^^
  9. Yeah I don't have index, so I was comparing from the one I did have. I heard there wasn't any lore in it and the guy I normally play with moved away for a bit so I didn't bother to get it. The only thing I knew was that for some reason they removed templates which did bad things to a lot of out units and that the monolith became useful but obscenely expensive. So, to clarify immortal's weapons aren't free anymore? Why? And I saw the relic/strategem but you really shouldn't have to sped CP or points to get a core rule you always had in previous editions. I know there were point costs but we really needed more than a cheapening of still useless units. Perhaps I'm unreasonably mad, but after what I heard of index and the promise of a "major rework" this feels like an insult to the faction. What pissed me off even more than the loss of things we had (such as wargear and rules, rip deathmarks) was the stuff we got. Token points changes that ignored the issues people have been complaining about for almost a year now (see: doom scythes) and old wargear not only relegated to artifacts for some reason but also dynasty locked for some reason. I understand that stratagems are good, and am happy that so many flavorful dynastic things were added, but at the very least they could have given us our 7e wargear back. Our army is so limited in choices now, where are my tachyon arrows, my mindshackle scarabs, my phylacteries for non destroyers? Sure we got a new weapon (which looks neat) but we lost so much that what we did get just doesn't compensate. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but this really doesn't satisfy my grievances with 8e like I hoped it would, especially considering all the subfaction codexes, buffs, and models all the imperial factions are getting. I might be being unfair but I retain the right to be bitter, an no amount of mortal wounds will change that.

    Congrats on the army, mephrit is a nice choice this edition! Good color scheme, good rules, even have their own mini expansion in Devastation of Baal.

    Yeah, I'll still buy the codex because to me lore>>>>>rules, but it won't stop me from loudly complaining about it, especially because the imperials just got 2 new entire model lines and the OPstodes.
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  10. Genorsak Member

    curently locking a little more and Mephrit dynasty is gold !
    the -1ap at half range is good
    "talent for annihilation" for 1cp a 20 warrior squad can do funy thing
    but just to be sure Mephrit Warlord get 6"range bonus for assault weapon+ the -1ap at half range, because its a Mephrit Warlord a Voltaic Staff replace its Staff of light...

    so that mean the Voltaic staff is 18" assault3 S6 ap-3 D2, But ap-4 at a range of 9" and for each 6+ wound roll you do one mortal ! add to that a Mephrit Warlord can target character if the weapon is assault type... space marine captain/lieutnant etc etc .... XD bam your apothicaire in the pack of marin no will be back for them!

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