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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. Because I love you soulless metal bastards, here's an excerpt from the upcoming revised Lore for EC:

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    Is this real?

    Behold; I am your Dungeon Master...

    What does this mean in story? We'll be publishing the full story of the Kharon System and Arkhona shortly (minus some spoilery stuff that will be discovered as we unveil it,) and none of the original Lore docs from Ivan SAID 'Necrons,' but you tell me what a 'soulless' world with a living metal alloy no las-cutter can even scratch, that Abaddon's ship Planet Killer couldn't break, that predates the Eldar and even they acknowledge this place as having belonged to the 'Older Races'... what does that sound like to you?

    What does this mean in game in a tangible way? Honestly not much at the moment: the team doesn't have the resources to fully deep-dive into that story and those models right now. Hell with Gladius having a playable Necron faction it may be harder than we'd like to have a Necron faction even down the road. Its why we need more people and more war, as old as that phrase feels some days.
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    - All I ever wanted in one post-
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  5. I live to serve.
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  6. Thank you my Freind This is great news! Any Necron lore is good lore (as long as you don’t pull a jelly and write some Titan throwing lore raping abomination like Warzone Damnos, but given that a tomb world Tanks TWK it’s probably not like that) and I’m glad you brought this to our attention. Given that EV actually looks at all perspectives I’m their lore writing, this might give us some more nice Necron viewpoints and hopefull a character or two. What a nice holiday gift.
    C9B24F99-1F13-4D5C-A71E-015E0A6FC573.jpeg Happy Holidays all, May your tombs be snowy and peaceful. 607C6AA5-F9CC-4820-83DA-DD8DB7592DF3.jpeg
  7. I always assume every world since the release of the full Necron faction is a Tomb World. Its like how somehow EVERY CONFLICT IN 40k becomes an all-faction war, so how can we cram every faction into this fight? Back in my D&D convention attendance days, we used to joke in game that it was always weird how shit only ever seemed to happen to small groups of 4-6 moderately-equipped adventurers, or how local leaders would only bother to resolve a horrible [plot thing] that was going on until a group of 4-6 adventurers showed up.

    But no; Kharon V is something much meaner, and in fact quite a bit older...
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  8. Well, if we need this to truly become an all faction war, a few are still missing. The DE will probably show up eventually, as will most imperial factions. Just tell them there is a heretical Xenos toaster or something and the adjective will drag the guard along to fight the SoB, deathwatch, and inquisition.

    Yeah, it’s more common than it should be that at least 3 factions get involved. Remember the Medusa campaign? We almost got a Titan ; _;. Yeah, it’s similar in dnd to. DM’s have to walk a thin line between having npcs do to much and more or less make the party unneeded, or doing to little and making the npcs incompetent. That’s why I preffer that sessions contain stealth, subterfuge and the like. Lots of ways to have players do things that npcs can understandably not.
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