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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. I kinda don't want Necrons to be in Eternal Crusade because I don't really like bE and EC has kind of failed in my opinion
    I hope we get them in DoW3 at least
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  2. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Just curious, in which way you dislike bE/EC? I'm hoping for DoW3 Necrons too...
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  3. I believe that they're not doing a good job on EC at all
    Also the fact that they're kind of a shitty game company in the first place
    Relic could've done it, Space Marine was amazing, they could've easily done EC and done it very well
    But no, GW has to throw out their licence like $1 bills at a Stripclub
  4. Cpattom Recruit

    You still haven't given a reason you think this. You just repeated that you think they suck, which great, you're allowed to have an opinion, but I was curious why you think that.
  5. Because maybe I still believe that the original idea for the game wasn't "too ambitious" like they claim
    If planetside can do it why can't they?
    Plus yes I know it's beta I believe? But so far they haven't really shown any initiative and I still think Relic would have done a better job
  6. I thought they were still planning for the open world battle system at some point?
  7. That fully depends if the game doesn't flop
  8. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm also unsure if this will turn out well. I just can't seem to imagine how they would do the elite, hq and open world stuff
  9. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    My big concern is melee currently, it just doesn't feel right to me currently, too rigid and clunky and not fluid. They seem to have ranged combat down though and the vehicles seem to be okay as well (still need work though).

    I DO think however that the current release date is way too ambitious for what is being advertised.
  10. Maensith Subordinate

    *infiltrating into monolith, establishing serveillance system through a small wraithbone drone - they wont be able to identify its presence since they cant perceive psychic flows of energy...gathering strategically important information....*

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