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Scions Of Necrontyr

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Xanxas, May 21, 2015.

  1. I don't quite understand people who say Ward "ruined" the Necrons. Surely, the current ones are more interesting that the totally-not-Terminator-ripoffs metal Tyranids we had during 2nd and 3rd editions, right? At least now they have an actual personality and fluff...

    The only thing I had a problem with in the newer codex is that they no longer have their own FTL drives, but instead "hijack" the Webway, which is pretty stupid... but apparently that was retconed in Shield of Baal?
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  2. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Yeah; the radiation shielding degradation is quite a problem actually. Might have something to do with manipulating extreme stellar energies daily.
    Personally I like how they are now much more than how they used to be. They were cool, but boring as an army to have. No personality, no variety... "Newcrons" are basically the reason we can have our very own Necron characters in this clan and roleplay as them. In my opinion, that's a great improvement.
  3. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    The main thing that upsets me in the codex is in the fact that we are are now literally tomb kings in SPHESSSS. Nothing wrong with the tomb kings mind you, just I feel its was lacking creativity when it came to aethestics.
  4. The lexicanum is very good, its the online wiki. There isn't as much as you need there, but enough to get by. The Warhammer wiki is inaccurate, so I wouldn't use it. It thinks Kutlakh is a Phaeron for example. The books the other have suggested are good, but be wary of Damnos. There is fall of damnos, which I reccomend, and Warzone Damnos, which is when some butthurt ultrasmurf decided they weren't allowed to lose and went back and wrote an atrocity. Anyways, books wise I would recommend the following:
    -Necrons Codexes 3e 5e and 7e
    -Fall of Damnos
    -The Orpheus Supplement
    -Shield of Baal: Exterminatus
    -The World Engine
    -Dead Men Walking
    -Lords of Borsis
    -The Word of The Silent King
    -Munitorum: Warscythes

    Honestly yes, as Zcee Said the best way to learn is read the books/wiki, formulate theories/questions, and then ask or put them out there. Questioning everything leads to great theories, and lore discussions are always entertaining and Interesting. Hopefully this helps. Oh and the books to avoid are Hammer and Anvil, Warzone: Damnos, Dark Apostle, and Nightbringer. They interpret lore rather terribly.
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  5. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    Main thing they lost were what the Tyranids had, a being a mystery.
    People who read it would think us fools and maniacs with little to no competence, and when I read the 5th codex though agian Ward puts lot of weight on the fact taht we wanted to return to the flesh. that is a terrible idea.... IMO

    The introduction to our personallitys was not pretty or mysterious as it should have been. It was discriped with madness and little to no sense to our personallitys. as it seems that we were an entire race of mindless souless machines that had no competence but that of logic.

    The loss of the FTL was a chapter on it own, and I kinda enjoy the fact that the Webway nolonger is sacred grounds for the eldar or some named Char of a human faction. just showing that we cannot be stopped.

    but he never said we lost it, in the book he discripes that Immoteks ship was attacked. In the web way? I think not.
    meaning he must be traveling in the void between stars with some kind of FTL tech.

    I will not be lying if I say that the Ward codex did not change necrons for the better, but neither for the worse (IMO) all those people that have Crypteks in their pride knows what i mean. where all the stuff were related to few models, we got what could have been a codex on it own.

    People had few things to compare them to due to this original setting. and could only draw certian parallels with Fantasys Tomb kings... course they could not find anything else.

    I dare say they have more in commen with the Dalek empire, Speperatist droid armys than that of the tomb kings. sadly people could not look further than other table top games to compare them to. that said.

    I read up on Tomb kings. and looked for things they share besides the undead aspect and tons of skeletons.
    The out line is the same, but the structure and setting is so different. What went though their minds?

    I dare use the human term for this statement...


    Read the text above please.

    More arugments.
    People ->Zombie skeletons-fantasy
    Aliens -> Robot skeletons-Sic fi
    While it is true that their looks are very similar I ask of you to look past the exterior and think bigger than that.

    The necron exsists on a galactic schale, where it is not just more epic but also much larger than just that of a single world. The necrons personallitys are echos of code that once were a person, where the tomb kings are that person recurected in skeletal form.
    True that only the higher ups maintain their personallity, but does the magic and mystery that does so in one is replaced with sicence and metal in another.
    Necrons are on another shcale than that of Tomb kings are not greater by that alone.

    Necrons have a greater role that that of the fear of death. everything is death in both 40k and Fantasy.
    Necrons Cosmic schales gives them a more special feeling to them. as a boney skeletong cannot with its ragged cloathing and swords.

    Walking out of time, not even biology.

    While it is not obivious that this is the chase is sad, as people getting introduced to them never get to see the full schale of what they are.

    My first codex of the Necrons were the 5th, I had no idea about what they were before that. I read the named chars in the book, not as the Villans I expected to find inside the book, but as the heros of a race that refused give up and give into death, their minds being weakened but not undone.

    All this came to me as a scary race such as the Tyranids or the good willed tau could... they came to me to convince me that they of all there, had the most right to take the galaxy. and had the best ods of doing so.

    They are flawed, the got personallity, they are interesting. and it scarred me in ways that I could not imagen it would, these persons of endless ambition. Each one would rise to claim the stars, each one would see their race rebuild and would not stop for anything in the world, valuing honour and codes. that we could not understand by logic of man.

    And the first time I thought of the schale of time they could work with. The necrons in the 40 millinum is only beginning to stir now. what would it be in a few thousand years? (unless GW is jerks and make another Insta victory for Chaos)

    They fight for a world, they can shape in their own image, and the madness they bear. the rules of the universe bend and bows for them. Mad or sane, with no hinderance to stop them. Time could not kill them, The great old ones could not. and for shards sake... they Killed more gods than The EMPEROR have... (Big E only imprisoined a shard on mars, not a whole Ctan, EAT MY RUST, IMPERIALISTS).

    Their madness is their strength, not backing down from defeat, standing agianst a universe. not for anyone else but their own Dynasty and race. not like humans that needs a man with a hat and a gun to make them all run the right direction. or the eldar that are afraid of their souls that goes to a terrible place.


    back to making art.... This wall of text could hold out the ultra marines for a few hours...
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  6. Is it to late to request to join the guild?
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  7. If not then count me in
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  8. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    It's never late to join us! In fact we have never closed admissions. Welcome! :)

    @Xanxas we're quite a crew right now! Is the list on post #1 up to date?
  9. SovietSorrows SovietSorrows Arkhona Vanguard

    Apologies I should have made it clear that I was mostly talking aesthetics and not much else. I just personally prefer the IMHO more menacing look that necrons had in 3rd edition (especially the old wraiths). That's also why I like my avatar, its simple and functional but still terrifying to behold.
  10. Joomar Joomar Deacon

    Hey i just finished a death mark squad what do you guys think?

    All of them
    2016-03-03 22.40.17.jpg
    front view
    2016-03-03 22.44.01.jpg

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