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Sanctus Reach

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Grigdusher, Aug 2, 2016.

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  2. GratLurking Recruit

    Hey, nothing wrong with giving love to chaos daemons. The question of course will be how they'll deliver chaos daemons something to deal with the fact we got gargants and imperial knights on the field in this game apparently. Plus if Guard's added, that's an obligatory Baneblade and Shadowsword.
  3. Octave Octave First Blood!

    Heretics sure seem to share your opinion.
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  4. Wulfburk Wulfburk Steam Early Access

    Apparently this game is quite fun! Hopefully some mods will appear changing space wolves to imperial fists and so on...
  5. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    The reception to the game seems to be quite positive. That's a nice change for a Wh40k game on Steam.

    Will look into the game when I have some free time available.
  6. Octave Octave First Blood!

    Meh, refunded. I don't know, something in this game rubs me the wrong way. I do like turn by turn games usually but this one...

    And as much as i love Orks, they are a pain to play against as they have a lot of units. Their turn just never freaking finish and there is no option to speed things up. (even during your own turn, like to speed up animation or some)

    Oh and lines. Have you noticed? You select a guy and you can't freaking move him till he has finished to say his cheesy line.

    The game is filled with little things like that. Little details but who once combined form a canvas of frustration.

    The fact that the storytelling is pretty much absent didn't help love the game much either.

    Ah well, glad for you if you enjoy it guys, each his own as they say.
  7. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    This game was made by a good friend of mine, so I insist you all buy it! :p
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  8. Arbitrary Dwarf ArbitraryDwarf Steam Early Access

    I love Sanctus Reach, even though I have to play as bloody Space Marines. If it sells well enough, who knows what might come next.
  9. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Probably another low budget, boring, overdone, turn based game. We had enough of these ffs..
  10. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change

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