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Saim-Hann: The Shrine of Khaine

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Talruin felt shock after shock come to his body from the blasts of the simulated lasguns, the weapons blasts slamming into his armor and causing his body to tremble. Then the two airborne warriors began firing once more on those in the trench, blasting a few of them which crumbled to dust when they died, and causing the others to attempt to take cover - all the while firing their weapons at the fliers. Idoneth and Socelan dodged and wove, easily being able to dodge the weaponfire as Talruin once more took to the battle, firing missiles at the first building and slowly wearing it down.

    Maesanai's gaze looked down the battlefield as Kayleth slipped into the shadows. As the men in the building presumably did their best to get out of the ruins, they would feel a strange wind on their minds. Then, a blast of lightning shot from a hidden place on the battlefield, the psychic energy forking and blasting towards the two fliers. It would either hit them, causing a very heavy shock, or force them to the ground quickly in order to avoid it.

    If Kayleth moved forwards towards that area, she would come across a pair of men with a heavy psychic signature which Mae would also be able to feel. Still in the shadows, Kayleth would be able to spot an armored man who was probably their leader, along with two monstrously muscled brutes. Meanwhile, another squad of men moved down the trench to reinforce the position, and with the fliers temporarily out of the skies, las fire once more erupted on both them and the Dark Reaper.​
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Socelan narrowly dodged the lightning, sending the young Hawk tumbling to the ground. He recovered just before making landfall. He skittered along the ground on his knees to a wall with a thump. He checked his wings for damage and picked himself up.
    "Enemy psychics on the field, had to land. I don't have eyes on." He transmitted to his team. The war mask dealt with the shock of near death, still he took a moment to catch a breath before checking up on Idoneth's situation.
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  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Shocks being absorbed by the heavy protection the Dark Reaper Aspects enjoyed, for Talruin the superficial damage served only to agitate him further. Behind the war mask, his anger and arrogance was channeled into the grim, morbid and clinical extermination of life.

    Seeing the enemy reinforcement and one of the Hawks struggling in the face of enemy opposition, Dark Reaper marched forward, standing at the precipice of the trench. Attempting to cull the mon'keigh, Talruin would let lose a salvo (0r the next best thing, considering the rate of fire) of starshot missiles.

    Feeling the squad communique being fed to him via psychic matrice within his Aspect Armor, he channeled his own thoughts, heard by others as if was speaking them:

    "I care not if the creature is a psyker or not, for their doom is foretold! Cut of the head of the snake my brothers and sisters!"
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