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Saim-Hann: The Shrine of Khaine

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  1. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Maesanai Skyblood had received the missives from her Elders in the midst of her morning rituals. Though she was decent and fed, the young woman had adopted a habit of practicing her penmanship during the early hours of her day. This habit had sprung out of her earlier days on the Path of the Artisan. She had loved the runes and symbols of her people, and she had learned to draw them upon her kin's flesh. Now, she practiced the same designs on sheets, wielding a simple pen rather than a needle. It was meditative.

    The new arrangement, the new Shrine, had all been very hush-hush. That, of course, meant that it was the gossip all across the Craftworld. Maesanai had learned that her old friend Socelan would be among the warriors called upon to undertake this new task. The prospect of being reunited with her friend lifted her spirits considerably, and would likely have provided comfort if she had been anxious about the task looming before her. Fortunately, Maesanai was of a particularly fierce and adventurous spirit, and the quest set before her filled her with anticipation and excitement, rather than nervosity.

    She finished her affairs, bundled her tools and stashed her artistry aside. She was called upon now.


    Some time later, Maesanai arrived at the Shrine. Others had surely arrived before her, but she was not averse to being fashionably late. She wondered if Socelan had already arrived, as she climbed the steps towards the Shrine, and entered.

    Immediately, she found five of her companions-to-be. She lingered in the doorway one moment, regarding each of them, before she entered the shrine. Her witchblade was sheathed at her hip and she was garbed in the runic armor of her Path, clutching her mask in the crook of her arm. This left her striking blue eyes and blonde hair revealed, along with the warm smile she afforded them. Her warriors.

    Formality could wait.

    The warlock crossed the room and threw her arm, the one not clutching her helm, around the Swooping Hawk's shoulders. "Socelan! You look well," she told him fondly, before she released him and gave him space again, looking about to the others. "And to you, my new friends, greetings all. I am Maesanai Skyblood," she explained, gravitating towards the center of the room as she addressed each of them. "We are not yet full in number, but I am sure the others will reveal themselves in time," she added, her lip twisting in a wry smile.
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  2. Kayleth hadn't arrived at the same time as the others, she had instead arrived much earlier, and simply was only now making the choice for others to be aware of her. She was very conscious about her environment and wanted to know all the secret spots in which she could hide from social contact and indulge in reading some steamy fiction before any of the others could spoil it by finding them.

    Sliding out of her current spot, that being a tiny crawl space underneath the floor in one of the hallways, she made her way to the main meeting area and instead of greeting everyone like a normal person with developed social skills, she stood closer to the back to see how things panned out, eyeing all of her new "comrades" to see which one she would approach, or would be approached by, first.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Songbird? Hah! We're giving each other nicknames already! I'll let you know as soon as I have one for you, Warp Spider." Socelan said with a friendly wave to the banshee and anyone else that had arrived at the same time.
    Whoever their leader is he was excited to find out. "Maybe it will be Exarchs from all of our shrines." He added right after Idoneth had spoken.

    "Maesanai!" Socelan's expression grew even more brighter in happy surprise. He squeezed her in a half hug when she threw her arm around him. "I told you I'd fly one day like a true Tempest Harrier! Did you bring a jetbike? We really have to race." He followed her like a puppy while talking but quickly went silent when she addressed the whole group, falling into attention beside her. Socelan got easily carried away at times and he tried to have a handle on it. He had been way worse younger.

    "I have an extra glide suit you can try." He leaned toward Maesanai for a whisper after her announcement was over. "I painted something on one of the highest building tops near my home." Socelan had a proud smile on his face like he had some grand secret. "It is not complete without your art." Discreetly the Swooping Hawk stood straight again once his secret talk was done with none the wiser.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Idoneth raised the slightest of eyebrows on the greetings between the Warp Spider and the... Not Aspect Warrior. His eyes squinted a bit at the young Saim-Hani. The rune of the witch was not invisible to the Sunspear Phantom, he gave the Warlock, as the Eldar seemed too young to be a seer, a courteous nod. Respectful, but not submissive. A truly hard habit that one was to get rid of.

    He turned around, ready to explore the rest of the shrine, only to spot another warrior, one who kept distance. Immediately the Shadow Spectre found liking to that one. There was a strong nod towards the warrior who came forth out of hiding as Idoneth passed that one, not speaking a word as none were needed.

    In curiosity and to assess their new shrine's architecture, he would walk it's halls, intentionally avoiding the armory and most likely adjacent training rooms. Surely they would go properly about those parts of the shrine with the exarch.
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  5. < @Uriel1339 >

    As Idoneth walked the halls, he would see that the wraithbone structure was made in the way of traditional Saim-Hann, though there also seemed to be a number of unique features - namely the face that there were hints of every aspect in the way the shrine was made. It was built quite obviously melding the craftworld with every Warrior aspect. It seemed that this concept of unity was being taken very seriously in this initiative.​
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  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard


    "It is good to see you again, Socelan, and I assure you, there will be time for joyful pursuits..." the Warlock smiled to her friend, then looked at the other Aspect Warriors. Even more had begun to creep out from the woodwork. Wraithbonework? Regardless, it appeared to be the opportune moment to gather them. "Let us proceed to the training room, where our... new Shrine's purpose will be discussed."
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

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    Satisfied with his tour, he made his way back to the rest of the group. Just in time to see the others got moving. Maybe he just missed the introduction of the Exarch? It mattered little, because he made himself familiar with his surrounding.

    Idoneth simply attached himself at the rear of the group, not the first time he would be the rear guard, and imagined in his head that he was escorting them. Although, no escort was needed, they were in their shrine. But to let ones guard down was foolish. He smiled softly, head straight ahead and eyes focused on the Eldar before him and the path ahead.
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "You've become so official, tell me it is not permanent." Was his response to Maesanai, lighthearted smile accompanying it.
    He marched towards the training room, ready as an Eldar could ever be. At the training room he put his helmet on and grabbed the las rifle properly.
    "This Harrier is ready to hunt for prey." It was now the moment of the Aspect Warrior to take flight.
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  9. < @Kalle @Uriel1339 @Wata @bossaroo @Taec @High_Adept_Zeth @Xaphen @The_Raven >

    As the group walked into the training area, they would see just how expansive the wraithbone room was. The Dark Reaper would be just inside the entrance, testing weapons on an immobile target which soon disappeared as the leader and the rest of the team walked into the area. Maesanai would have been told about this room, that it would change depending on her thoughts, rearrange to her specifications, to train her warriors to work together in different situations.

    However, this time would have been pre-programmed, and the room began shifting. The area where they were stayed flat, but the rest of the place changed, turning into what was essentially a life-size model of an imperial city ruins. As usual, the opponents would be constructs from the room itself, modeled after the correct opponents with weapons that would give shocks if they were hit - slightly painful, enough to make one's limbs numb, but nothing to cause permanent damage. Even blasts would cause such wounds, in a similar manner to how they would work in an actual battle.

    The Warlock would also have been told about this - it was a simple mission first. Clear the area of hostiles, 'to clear a landing zone for the rest of the forces'. Time would tell how this would work out, if they would work as a team, listen to their leader, or if they would fight separately - and likely bring failure to themselves. ​
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  10. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Talruin already stood at the entrance checking and re-checking his gear as the new members arrived. Ever since he donned the armor of the Last Midnight, wearing it in a different shrine felt...uncomfortable. Such emotions however, only fueled his impatience, rivaled only by tardiness of others. The coming conflict, despite being a practice would help him clear his mind, and it cannot come soon enough!

    As he heard the footsteps behind him seeing the assembled group of what would be his fate-bound companions from now on, Talruin turned his head, his Reaper Death Mask staring at them. Nodding slowly, he turned around and walked into the room.

    The thick armor plates of his Aspect Armor hardened and locked on impulse as he level the massive Reaper Launcher before him, sensor vanes drinking the information about their opponents and feeding it to the rangefinder inside his helmet. As phantasms that would be their opponents coalesced, Talruin armed his starshot missiles, the ammunition meant for maximum firepower at the expense of fire rate.

    That will do however, for calculated violence is the only form of productive violence. With placed shoots of whistling missiles, Talruin attempted to inflict maximum damage to the greatest amount of opponents.
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