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Saim-Hann: The Shrine of Khaine

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Maesanai Skyblood, early one morning, would be called to the seer council, the new warlock having been selected for a special posting by the same farseer that had seen the need for this new initiative. When she arrived, she would be told about this. The Shrine of Khaine, a new shrine that was made to house a team made from various aspects, rather than an Aspect shrine filled with warriors of the same. The farseer had seen the need to 'mix things up', to combine the aspects into a single fighting force, as Kaela Mensha Khaine was in his prime. Maesanai would be their leader, relaying orders and taking the Aspects into battle. The shrine was under construction, and she had been given the names of her warriors, to learn about.

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    A number of days later, and each of the warriors were given the same summons. To report to the shrine of Khaine, and to being their armor from their shrine. Indeed, their exarchs had been told what was happening, and the Shrine of Khaine would have facilities for each set of armor, among the other normal facilities of the shrine. Had they walked by the formation of the new shrine before, they may know where it was. But in any case, they would have been given directions to the shrine.

    Once arriving, they would see a large building that was almost undoubtedly built into the ground as was normal. If they went inside, there would be a lounging area, as well as a place for armor and weapons. There was also what seemed to be a sprawling training area, which could rearrange itself for practice in various settings, using their weapons against practice entities.

    Indeed, Maesanai had been told that on the day the warriors were introduced to their shrine, they would be subjected to their first training. To work as a cohesive unit would take much learning and much practice, and the hope was that they would at least trust one another by the time they would first be deployed.

    Time would tell...​
  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    <Talruin Blackheart, Dark Reaper formerly of Last Midnight Shrine>

    With a hesitance that Talruin found to be quite unlike him, Dark Reaper waved his hand over the waystone console that was displayed in front of the iris-portal to the newly created Shrine of Khaine, with a rune of War God hanging ominously over the portal - promising the bloodshed to come. With a pulse of psychic energy all the way to the Infinity Circuit, the Craftworld recognized and gave him admittance to the newly wrought Shrine.

    Once inside, the pale youth explored the desolate wastes of the Shrine, his mind whirling at possibilities of what it could be. The Artisan within him was exhilarated at the prospect but the Dark Reaper scowled at such distractions. Such conflicting thoughts were often combatants upon the battlefield of his mind, but he has spent enough time in tutelage of Exarch Morranel to block them out. With a rote of deep breaths and focused visualization Talruin regained his equilibrium.

    Time was quite a subjective concept, especially within the confines of the Shrine. Many cycles may pass in training within its boundaries only for the trainee to realized that barely one cycle passed for the rest of the Craftworld. Thus Talruin did not worry of getting lost within its spacious confines. No matter how much time he needs, he will find his way.
    The wraithbone structure blanketed everything in pale white, much like his skin tone, from one end of horizon to another, the enviroment monotone and depressing, broken only by a ziggurat pyramid in the distance.

    Scaling the seamless structure of the Inner Shrine, Talruin found entrance to the stepped pyramid and within its bowels - the Shrine armory. In this sacred place of ritual and brotherhood, Aspect Warriors would gather in times of practice and war to observe the many meditation and customs before donning the War Mask. His heart beating faster, Talruin found the alcove where his black and red armor was housed, unchanged and waiting just as his former Exarch and Seers assured him it would be.

    With his fingers tracing the bulky chestpiece, Talruin wondered if they would permit him to keep the colors of his former shrine, The Last Midnight. With his mind once more beset with doubt of drastic changes and his emotions warring between the alluring surety of his old life and anxiousness at uncertain future ahead of him, Talruin sat on the cold floor, his legs beneath him.

    Deciding to prepare before donning the armor, he meditated allowing his mind to become one with his body.
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    The advantage of age in a craftworld was that not just the well-known corners of such world was known to one, but also the lesser ones. He would find the way to the shrine with ease. But the weight of such decision was heavy on his shoulders. The exarch was clear as the simulated night sky of his ceiling in his private quarters when going to rest. But what was the reason? Was Idoneth not on par with the skills of the fellow Shadow Spectres and this was more or less just a good opportunity to exile him? Maybe it was the age after all. Though Carserra never really made any such notions. On the other hand it could've been the very opposite. That he had grasped the Shadow Spectre aspect well enough and their specific teachings of the Sunspear Phantoms Shrine that he was the best fit to share their lifestyle and idioms.

    He pondered on much like this as he had arrived and sat to rest in the lounging area. He thought to be first, considering that he saw nobody else yet. Satisfied with at least being on time, the Shadow Spectre would remove his helmet and place it next to himself seating on the comfortable cushioned bench and his rifle leaned against the wall.

    The older mans slight sign of wrinkles and age were showing, but he did not mind. The irony would be going to be that he most likely was one of the less experienced when it came down to the art of war. Nonetheless he contemplated the task laid before him and the new shrine he joined, even with his exarch assuring him that it is more like a secondary shrine - there was no room in Indoneths mind to have more than one priority. A lesson well learned from the Path of Service.

    With a smile he leaned completely back and closed his eyes, entering a state of tranquility, so that he would be well balanced like a good blade to face the challenges presented in this new aspect of life and war.
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  4. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    Daragard woke up with a unexplainable smile on his face. Today was different. He wouldn't be going to his shrine today, he would be going to another. While some would be quite sad or even angry at this change of pace, not Dara. Yesterday his exarch had given him the brief of what he was supposed to be doing and insured him that doing so was not a punishment but an honor. A task made for a select few and he will be meeting them at this new path. While he was honored, Daragard feared that he might never return to his original shrine.

    Regardless he pushed his doubts and fears back and headed to the shrine Early. Going a "Sceanic" route he knew of long ago. It passed through what he thought the most beautiful sights that one could get from the craftworld. Eventually it took him to his destination.

    The shrine was obvously new as he hasn't seen it before. Possibly it was. It had been a long time since he had crossed this part of the craftworld. "It has been a long time indeed." Daragard said outloud. No one was there to hear him. He had been on the craftworld a lot longer than many of his kin. Although it was nothing worth flaunting, if anything it was something to be ashamed of. Catching himself starring and the shrine's enterance, the Avenger shook his head and walked inside. Immediately seeing another warrior with the Armor of a Shadow Spectere. Daragard had worked with them extensively on Gnosis and by the Age of his Eldar kin he might of fought with him.

    Walking towards the Spectre with his rifle now on his back, Daragard greeted the older Warrior. He stated at him for a few seconds longer than he wanted before speaking. The Spectre' s face just reminded him of his own. He was obvously older but not but too much. This had worried Daragard for awhile now although his age hasn't caused him any problems yet. But he dreaded when it would.

    "Hello friend! I see you also been summoned here. I'm sure we will need the wisdom of a older Warrior for this shrine. Although the younger ones might not tell too much of a difference from you and I." Daragard finally spoke out in a joking tone. His smile hidden under his helm.

  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Idoneth chuckled and nodded to the helmeted warrior, albeit a different reason. "And yet some of the younger ones might have more experience on the battlefield than I do." He smiled softly, looking the Dire Avenger up and down. Until eventually noticing neither one had introduced themselves properly. So he rose slowly from his seat and approached the slightly taller Eldar, or maybe it was just the helmet.

    The Shadow Spectre then would stretch his arm out in an old greeting of the warrior, a gesture that dates back to when Asurmen did found the first warrior shrine of Asur.

    "Idoneth Pyrhra, hailing from the Sunspear Phantoms Shrine, native to Saim-Hann, Son of late Felarch Mattul, Son of late Kinsman Iridna of the Baezysh Wild Rider Clan." His introductions were not over the top, but fit for a first time meeting. Especially on Saim-Hann where family ties did mean something to the most, at least from where one came from or whether one was part of a wild rider clan. Which is the exact reason that he emphasized his aspect shrine first, because that is where he belonged firstly and mostly for the time being.

    Then again it might had been a habit that survived from his time as Mariner when people during their breaks between the rotas would eat, drink, talk and sing together. Camaraderie was the most important aspect as one was far from what they would call home, and the people around one would make the star sailing sane. Not to forget how many Non-Saim-Hannians or even Comorrites he served along with on a wide array of vessels. He smiled on the fond memories, banishing the bad ones from his time as a star sailor.
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  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    When Varnel told Iyole he was being moved to a new shrine for some Seer cause the Warpspider felt a lone tear stream down his face. To be seperated from a figure he had known since his early years , who had convinced him to journey on the path he was on and had pulled him from being lost on that path too early was pain hard to bear. Embracing his old friend , Mentor, and confidante he nodded his silent understanding and gathered his gear.

    The Instructions to the shrine were simple and concise, maybe abit too concise for Iyole's taste. Regardless he carried on and chuckled thinking how once he first learned the great power of his Shrine how trivialy he had used it to get around aboard the craft-world. The consequences from Varnel had left him in a horrid state for a while , eventually leading to a growing obsession for the path so early in his life. Regardless he knew much better now , his armor ready and prepared he strided into the shrine silently as he watched and waited for a moment to properly introduce himself
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Today was an exciting day. Socelan had sprung out of bed that morning. He'd start at his new shrine with all new people! He had been chosen to be their Swooping Hawk and it filled the young man with pride. It dared promises of adventure and glory, maybe they would end up in legend!

    He had to stop by his shrine to pick up his armour and gear. There he left fond goodbyes to his brothers and sisters in arms. With his armour on with the wings on his back he almost had the excitement to break into a run to get there faster. Which he did.

    When presented by the doors of the Shrine of Khaine, Socelan stopped and took a moment to collect himself again. Stepping inside he spun around slowly while he walked looking at the place from top to bottom, soft exhale of awe escaped his lips.
    He got to the lounging area with others already there. He did not take a seat for he had wings so he just gave a firm salute to everyone with a wide smile.
    "Hello! I am Socelan! Isn't this exciting?" He placed the helmet on the table and held his las rifle loosely by his side by the weapon's mid section. "Do you know if we have our own shrines here for each of us? I bet there's going to be a special mission, and we were chosen! Do you know what that means? I wonder what the seers have seen for this to happen." He paced a little back and forth, gesturing with his free hand while he talked.
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  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Bowing to his Exarch one last time, Kaltyr exited his previous shrine for the last time. His exarch had instructed him to join a new shrine. For what reason, he didn’t know yet, but he followed the order of his exarch. Bidding a farewell to his sisters and brothers in the shrine, he walked out for the last time.

    Leaving the shrine, he turned to look upon it one more time. He thought back to the training he had received here, and the bonds he had made with his kin. But that was now to change. He sighed, before placing his helmet on his head and making his way towards the new shrine he had been instructed to attend.

    When he finally reached the new shrine, he entered the lounging area, the mane of red hair becoming still at the lack of movement. He briefly surveyed the scene in front of him through his helmet, before removing it and looking at the other eldar who had already assembled, noting the assembly of both old and young.. “Greetings all, I am Kaltyr” he said, bowing politely, as his mother had taught him to do.
  9. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    ( @Wata )
    The Warpspider sitting away from the other two Eldar in the room turned to his more Talkative cohort, from the sound of it his age. Chuckling quietly he said "are you sure you are a swooping hawk and not a songbird ? You chirp so much, i joke of course. I am Iyole" he said pointing to the seat next to him "and if this is what has happened , a shrine of shrines , i doubt they witnessed anything good" he said

    ( @Taec )
    Right before another figure entered the central room and he turned to greet them in turn "greetings, i am Iyole and my talkative compatriot here Is Socelan, a pleasure im sure" he said removing his helmet to reveal the mischevous twinkle in his eye contrasting his deadpan tone
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @Xaphen | @bossaroo | @Taec | @Wata

    "Idoneth Pyrhra, hailing from the Sunspear Phantoms Shrine, native to Saim-Hann, Son of late Felarch Mattul, Son of late Kinsman Iridna of the Baezysh Wild Rider Clan." He introduced himself once more to the entire assembly of the shrine. Presuming that nobody else was to join them anymore.

    But the Shadow Spectre placed a thoughtful finger on his chin, thinking and contemplating as the others had been talking and introducing each other. They were quite youthful, which made him worry slightly. But maybe that youthful vigor was what they needed.

    "The most important member of this shrine, might be the most elusive one as I cannot see him or her." Idoneth noted, looking around, trying even to spot with his keenest eye anything wrong, but failed to spot anything out of place.

    "The Exarch." He clarified himself, wondering who had been elected to that honor, after all. An every shrine required one, else who would teach them? Maybe it would be an Autarch? It was the simplest and most logical conclusion, yet he left his mind open to not let himself be surprised. Expect the unexpected, such is the way of war.
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