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Runes of the eye: OOC.

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wyrmsbane, Sep 20, 2016.

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    A RP for both Eldar and Imperial characters, what madness is this?!

    This is the OOC topic, it will be used for posting rules and information about the setting and for fielding of questions about such.

    The Setting:

    The 13th black crusade, a time of unimaginable suffering, pushing the crumbling edifice of The Imperium of Man close to its breaking point with chaos establishing a firm foothold on the fortress world of Cadia itself despite the valiant efforts of her Imperial Guard and the actions of a number of space marine chapters and other forces. But the Imperium does not stand alone against this threat, putting aside their disdain for the mon'keigh the forces of the Eldar have openly engaged the forces of chaos both in the skies above and upon the surface, the legendary black guardians of Ulthwe pouring forth from webway portals to assault the hordes of chaos.

    This is not Cadia. An ancient maiden world known to the eldar as Cegorach's Bastion but to the Imperium of man as Austerine, it has been protected from incursion by the lesser races and the forces of chaos for millennia by the craftworld of Ulthwe, the secretive and repeated disappearance of Imperial colonies upon its surface earning it the reputation as a ghost world. Its close proximity to the Cadian gate now puts it in an ideal position to assist the war effort with the eldar finally allowing an Imperial garrison to be established upon its surface in exchange for a haven spire, newly constructed in orbit to serve as a refitting point for the eldar craftworld and corsair fleets alike, not being attacked by the xenophobic imperials.

    Planetary System:
    Circling a G2V type star, almost an exact solar twin, the Austerine system boasts a diverse array of planets, rich in untapped resources. The first and second planets are blasted rocky worlds, much like Sol systems own mercury with the remnants of a third world between, now dispersed into a broad asteroid belt. The third planet is venus like with a thick, choking, toxic atmosphere survivable only by the mechanicums most sturdy void shielded probes for any length of time. The fourth planet, Austerine IV is the sole habitable world in the system.

    There after one moves to the outer planets, with a Sub-jovian gas giant, a warm Neptune with a half dozen diverse moons followed by a gas dwarf, not big enough to be a giant planet but far enough from the intense solar wind to of held onto its thick atmosphere and to be almost entirely composed of such, it displays unusually notable tidal effects from its large moon, which itself is the most heavily volcanic body in the solar system. There after is a true Jovian planet with aproximately twenty moons ranging from captured asteroids to small planetary bodies in their own right. A second Neptune like world and then another Jovian planet. By the time you reach Austerine XI however you enter the realm of small, harsh worlds of rock and ice, with XI and XII being more rock while XIII is little more than an overgrown snowball of half earth mass with an impossibly thin atmosphere.

    Austerine IV:

    A ruggedly beautiful world with slightly less than earth gravity at 0.96 G, its mountains rise through its great central continent like towering palaces, its two smaller continents and many islands typically consisting of broad, open grasslands upon which giant saurian creatures graze and are hunted by others, some of the smaller breeds appearing somewhat domesticated as evidenced by several eldar corsairs taking them as pets or riding beasts while typical of a maiden world there are no overly aggressive fauna or dangerous diseases to be contended with.

    Imperial/Eldar Relations:

    Strained but with a more important focus elsewhere would be the best description, though Inquisitorial decree and the orders of the distant Farseers have forbidden open conflict between the two for the moment. They work together where they must, fraternise little especially with the ever present commissars enforcing discipline and typically rely upon translation devices created by the eldar when they must communicate. When it comes to the occasional squad of space marines things largely depend on chapter. Perhaps the only exception to this is when a group of Tallarn Raiders on their way to the war zone and eldar from Siam Hann encounter each other, remembering the old bonds of eternal friendship sworn between their people.
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