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[rpg] Legions Of The Xvii

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Savage, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Sharr Savage Curator

    Firstly, all participating players must list their character below with the following details:

    Distinguishing Marks on character & armour
    Brief history of your Character
    Flaws (at least 2)

    The Game Events will unfold based on:
    1. How I (The Mod) decide the events.
    2. How Players react / interact / respond to events.
    I'll work on a quick field map of the battlefield so players can visualize how things look. If I am able, I'll update it on the events that occur.

    This RPG will focus around a Host of the Word Bearers Legion and the events that occur. Others are welcome to join but it will focus on Imperium versus Chaos.
    All Chaos Members will be assigned to a Host squad of Word Bearers with a Champion to lead them.
    For any who want to play as Imperium, the role will be as the Imperial Guard. However, these members will be made as Conscripts / Commissars / Sergeants / or Heavy Weapons Team.

    1. Players may not kill other Player characters, unless otherwise mentioned by the Moderator (myself).
    2. Players are limited to One (1) character they can play in the game.
    3. Before PVP, Name the character you're engaging. Either their RP name or the E.C. handle.
    4. Player vs Player Combat will work much like the table top. I'll decide if the 'To Hit" Hits/Misses and "To Wound" Hits/Misses and if the "Armour Save" works or not. This does NOT apply to PVE.
    5. The MOD is the ONLY one who may drive the story. Players are not allowed to add their own "twist". They must first ask the MOD for approval on an idea. The Mod will then add it in. Any unauthorized story alterations will be labeled as IGNORED.
    6. PVE combat can be decided by the Players. So have at it. :)
    7. No God Mode. Basically don't make your character the ultimate bad ass of the game.
    8. Don't take command of other Player characters. Unless the Player says otherwise, please don't assume control of their character (toon). No matter how small or big the act they need to do.
    9. Any MAJOR introductions such as Ogryns, Termiantors, tanks, super heavy tanks, air units, and/or Titans will be decided by the MOD. Players may not introduce any of the above super units, unless permission is given by the Mod or the Mod has introduce said units.
    10. Use ITALICS for Out of Character (OOC) and please include "OOC:" before saying anything and "IC" (In Character) when playing.
    11. BOLD and UNDERLINE will ONLY be for Story elements.
    12. Players are free too damage and scar their character as they see fit, either from PVE or PVP. But they may NOT damage another Player's character. For example: Player A fires randomly into a field of enemy units. Yet Player B is in the way, who decides if he avoid the shots or lose an arm to the mayhem.
    13. Minor None Playable Characters (NPCs) may be slaughtered freely by Players. But, Major NPC characters such as heroes, generals, etc are controlled by the Mod during combat. Players musty state they are engaging the <HeroName> in combat", but any HIT / MISS blows are controlled by the Mod for both NPC & Player
  2. Sharr Savage Curator

    Name: Sharr

    Weapons: Bolt Pistol clasped to his chest plate. A Chain Sword possessed by a Daemon of Khorne. An elegantly crafted Power Sword possessed by a Daemon of Slaanesh.

    Distinguishing Marks: Bald, left eye replaced with daemonic eye augment. Large flesh tome clamped to his left Pauldron. His Lordly Cloak is comprised of hundreds of long parchment ribbons, each inscribed with the teachings of Lorgar.

    Brief history of your Character:
    A veteran of the Horus Heresy, Sharr served under Kor Phaeron as a Sergeant. Before the assault on Terra he was promoted to Captain and lead his Host in the first assault.
    Sharr endured the trials set by the Dark Council of Sicarus and became a Chaos Lord of the Word Bearers. Commanding a Host of the Legion, he rules as the Dark Apostle using his chain sword as his Crozius.
    He follows the teachings of Lorgar with Zealotry and seeks too instill that same fevor in his forces.

    Flaw: Sharr is often plagued by a whispering voice in his mind. He believes this entity to be a denizen of Tzeentch, as it guides most of his decisions. This Whisper is his closely guarded secret, but he believes that the Cabal of Sorcerers within his Host are aware of this voice. If so, they are very quiet about it.
  3. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    Alexander Aurelius

    duel chain axes of Khorne, 4 back-up combat knives (one on each leg and arm... you can never be too sure....), a possessed plasma pistol which basically fires warp-fire

    Mutant, has greatly increased muscle mass allowing him to wield the large chain axes as if they were nothing, and thus is slightly larger than most astartes, and the armor has changed seemingly of its own accord to be able to fit his increased frame, long black hair down his back, various skulls/hands/etc trophies from fallen enemies adorn his armor, only wears the face mask (the grill looking thing) from his helmet as he prefers to see the his enemies better, the mask and his mutated metabolism allow him to survive the vacuum of space without dieing, on one shoulder pauldron the Word Bearers emblem is visible, on the other the Mark of Khorne is painted in long-dried blood, wears collar of Khorne to protect against sorceries/psyker/librarian attacks

    survivor of the Horus Heresy, views Khorne as the most powerful of the gods as blood is constantly being spilled.... every second millions of lives are being extinguished somewhere in this galaxy, and they all give Khorne power, worships Khorne in the aspect of honorable battle, not as a bezerker like most Khornates, only takes the skulls of those he deems as "honorable" enemies ie: those who die in close combat, show no fear, do not retreat etc, and does not take the skulls of enemies he deems cowardly ie: psykers, sorcerers, snipers, as he believes they are not worthy to grace the throne of Khorne, is more in control of the Khornate rage, but it still takes control of him from time to time, still loyal to the Word Bearers as although he hates sorcerers, worshipers of Slaanesh, and the disgusting Nurgle worshipers, he is still loyal to his original legion and Gene-father Lorgar, serves Lord Sharr as a bodyguard and executioner, although is very prideful and does not take insults lightly

    Alexander is more in control of his rage and it rarely ever consumes him, but in the occasions when (when under extreme stress or near death) it does it is as if the intensity of the blood lust is increased, and will attack anyone who is not Lord Sharr or another servant of Khorne, anyone else is fair game if this ever happens

    Hates working alongside sorcerers and Slaanesh worshipers, can stand Nurgle worshipers slightly longer than the Tzeentchians and Slaaneshis as his mask filters out most of the horrible smells emanating from them

    Is not so accurate with the plasma pistol, effective at close range but at long range much less effective as he focuses more on melee combat

    Larger frame makes it more difficult for him to fit into smaller areas
  4. Sharr Savage Curator

    Interesting idea for the history of Alexander. yes I'll be playing as the Chaos Lord and I'm okay with the idea. Would be interesting for Sharr to have his own Khorne Dog. Though be sure that if and when the character goes into the blood rage he takes out non player controlled characters.
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  5. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    dont worry, i will, if it happens he may TRY to kill another character if he has killed all of the npc's nearby, especially if they are sorcerers, but he won't ACTUALLY kill any player characters, might accidentally kill an important npc though :p

    i also edited something about his personality and gear
  6. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Merciegone Bracham
    Autocannon Possessed by Daemon of Tzeentch,Bolt Pistol,Chainaxe Possesessed with by Daemon of Nurgle, Khrone Chain Blade, Necklace of Unidivison(to make the chance of possession very little)
    Distinguished Marks:
    The Only Written Left Pauldron,Mark of Undivision, Mechanuiucius implants, Warpsmith qualities, Iron within on left knee cap, Iron with out on right knee cap, Techmarine power armour mk8.5z,no Servo arm Elegant face like a hansom man
    Brief History:
    This Iron Warrior has been lost after the Iron Cage and has been hopping Warband to warband the in M.38 found the Word Bearers on a battle aganist the Imperial fists so he walked up to the Sharr and said I see you need help i will counter these Dorn born and later pressed the imperial fist back with tactics and sorcery and from their on has been work with the Word Bearers known as The Only Mercy is a havoc that is excellent a medium to long range and brutal assault and heavy siege if you dont see the Only training or modifing his armour you can find him in his private quarters where he is punching imperial fist broken power armour or planning for the next battle or trying to get his power armour configued to be a Warpsmith but The warp has only so much knowledge and he say machine or the warp unless it comes to daemon engine then they go hand in hand
    Short tempered: This Legionary does not being pressed or being raised up to do something stupid
    Vetern of the Cage: Mercy was left for dead on the Siege of the Iron Cage and will not deal with been left behind if left behind he will make sure to find you and kill you even if you are incharge of a warband
    Brief Armour History: This armour was worn by his own hated enemy the Imperial Fists an imperial fist techmarine challenged the iron warrior while he was working with Sharr on his first few missions Sharr know that Merciegone gone lost his 'techmarine' armour during the iron cage and Merciegone fought the Imperial fist till both stood bloody oily and broke both of them had broken weapons 1 bolt pistol round and close to death the battle was over but Merciegone see anyone come near this duel he would kill the with his bare hands they both raised their hands with bolt pistols and fire Merciegone go the most lucky shot destroying the techmarines throat and fall over dead, Mericegone got up and grabbed the dead techmarines armour and the body and said " this Foul of dorns armour is mine and if you got anything to say bout it i'll see to it that sharr kills you and with his broken servos he walked more of crawled to back to the thunderhawk he came on and on the way he looked at sharr and said " i'm done with this mission i am to fucked up and with the dead Dorn born fool he sat in his seat and started to take off his broken and shattered armour while the techmarines look untouched he took off his armour and took the armour off the dead imperial fist and threw the imperial fist dead body out of the ship left his armor laying and donned the new armor it seemed to fit perfectly and then when the mission was over and he had healed he colored it to what he wanted all the iron warrior colors and symbols but on the right paldron he put above the skull of the mechanicus he put The Only and the on the knee caps he put his battlecry LK[IRON WITHIN] RK[IRON WITHOUT]
  7. Name: Ramiel
    Weapons: Daemon-maw bolt pistol and an ornate power maul; curved dagger with a small icon dedicated to the Dark Prince on the pommel; often utilizes a jump pack to close in with the enemy.
    Marks: A half-head of short, black hair ; Left side of face completely etched in chosen text from Lorgar's Books of Hatred; the right side distorted and peeled from burn scars. Ramiel refused any medical attention for the scars, though he did receive a blood-red orb to replace his eye.
    History: This Chaos Marine was recruited from the Legion's new homeworld of Sicarus, one of the few strong enough to pass the trials of becoming a new Marine. Ramiel was not originally from the Blessed 3rd Host. Rather, he is an equerry to the 27th Host, led by Jerumiah, the Damned Prophet, as a mission of goodwill between Word Bearer Hosts. Still, he is just as zealous and ferocius as any soldier from said Host, and has proven himself to the warriors under Sharr. When not at war or maintaining his armor and weapons, Ramiel can be found in his private chambers, quietly meditating on passages from the Book of Lorgar. Like all members of the 27th Host, he concentrates on Lorgar's Books of Hatred, as it gives them the conviction and inner fire to see any deed done, no matter the cost.
    Flaw: As with others of the 27th Host, Ramiel remains Undivided - in their own special way. Often times, the Dark Apostle of that host will allow certain units gifts of a singular God to further augment their abilities on the battlefield. This practice has been met by other hosts as dangerous, some accusing them of becoming a splinter faction. Ramiel is no different, as he may swing from Slaanesh's speed and agility to Khorne's raw power to Nurgle's fortitude. As such, there are those within the 3rd who may meet Ramiel with distrust.
  8. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    ohh, anything in italics is my character thinking to himself
  9. Sharr Savage Curator

    That reminds me I should post up soem RP rules for IC and OOC notes. Do you guys have suggestions for anything else? Something so we can keep soem control and order to the game?

    I want too see if we can get some more bodies in this before starting. If we don't get any soon, I'll just start it off with us and the others can join in when they can.
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  10. Valonox Valonox Preacher

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