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Rolling imperial guard regiments

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by The-Forge-Dragon, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Someone posted that and I decided to roll up a regiment. Here are the results.

    Penal Legion: Scum, criminals, murderers. Watch them closely.
    All female [m/f ratio adjustable]
    Punishment/Redemption/Recycling: Recruits are gathered from the dregs of society. (If Gangers, Convicts, or Lottery was rolled on demographic table, you may select this by default)
    Hive World: No claustrophobia, excellent sense of direction? Urban combat!
    Ocean: They grew up in the dangers of the depths.
    Trench Warfare
    Undisciplined: Will follow the Emperor but don't expect them to bow to authority figures
    Traditional Weapon
    For The Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the rest of the Imperium.

    They are an all female penal legion that recruits from the lowest echelons of hive society on their ocean homeworld. The core of their units are trained in drop tactics and they specialize in trench warfare. A rowdy and undisciplined bunch these former criminals and gangers aren't keen on following authority figures while they fight to prove the value of their homeworld. They have friendly ties to the inquisition and have a grudge against the orks.

    So based on some shenanigans by other people trying to rationalize this mess, here is their backstory.

    Born on an ocean world where people live in underwater hives these female gangers form a penal legion. The gangers are rounded up and are entered into a lottery. those that win are placed into the penal legion where they are drugged up and indoctrinated to fight for their homeworld and the emperor while the losers are executed. They specialize on dropping into enemy trenches with special knives, traditional to their homeworld in design, and clearing them before taking up station in said trench. Due to the nature of their recruitment their discipline is rather poor. they practice trench drops on their home planet without the aid of grav chutes by dropping off the side of a boat and aiming for a trench on the sea floor. Since guns don't work underwater they practice clearing the trench with knives all while fighting off sharks with said knives on the way down as well as feral scubOrks that can breath underwater. These scubOrks are incapable of swimming, but can walk on the ocean floor, hence the trenches necessary to keep the feral scubOrks from advancing. There are even reports of them training sea turtles as mounts. Thanks to assisting a radical inquisitor intent on studying the scubOrks they also share a friendly relationship with the inquisition.

    So yeah. That's the regiment and it's history. I considered calling them the Dirt Dolphins.

    If someone wants to throw up a drawing of what this would even look like please do.

    Feel free to post your own rolls and their backstories/justifications too.
  2. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    I would have made them into a all-prostitute regiment.

    All female
    Penal legion
    from a urban based world.
    Dragged from the dreggs of society.
    skilled at "Trench warfare" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I would have called them "The Holy Harlots"

    The stars aligned I can't believe you would miss such a golden opportunity.
  3. I's like ta see a giant turtle Squiggoth!
  4. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Don't look at me, I didn't come up with the backstory. I just rolled the regiment.
  5. I basically rolled Cyborg Imperial ISIS

    Planetary Defense Force: What the Guard doesn't want, the PDF will take

    Priesthood: They venerate the God-Emperor in his soldier's aspect.

    Punishment/Redemption/Recycling: Recruits are gathered from the dregs of society

    Civilized World: Soft as clay before the firing of the kiln; war is their crucible.
    Desert: At home in sun, sand and wind.

    Drill & Discipline
    Fanatical: No remorse, no retreat, no fear.
    Augmented Troops
    For The Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the rest of the Imperium.

    Friends: Adepta Sororitas
    Enemies: Orks
    Grand Army of the Redemption

    When the Orks first landed on the planet Syraq the devastation they wrought upon the cultural and political centers of Bagdadtioc and Aleppsul was enough to shake the population's psyche to the core, the question on the citizens lips as city after city fell before the Green Horde and calls for aide met with damning silence, "How could the Emperor forsake us?"

    Their answer, or at least the one they submitted to, came in the form of fiery Redemptionist preachers decrying the Syraqis own weakness and their falls to decadence in the face of duty. Their takeover of the remaining population was as rapid as it was total. The first attacks were against the planetary administration itself in a great purge of the corrupt and inept leadership of the Planetary Governor. Leadership of the original PDF regiments were assassinated in a campaign of terror bombings and death squads loaded into the backs of cargo haulers. Within days they had overrun the Governor's Palace, having him and his staff thrown from the roofs in a public display of their fall from power, and finally the Arch-Zealot declared the Palace would henceforth be converted into the First Cathedral of the Redemption.

    Soon all industry in the surviving cities was fully converted for the new war economy, in place of commercial goods lasguns, tanks and flakk armor became all but the full focus, and the once vibrant medical augmentation industry converted to military augmentations for the Grand Army of the Redemption.

    Civilian life came to be dominated by the Cult of Redemption and it's many, many stipulation on everything from interpersonal fraternization to rites of personal hygiene to domineering work ethic. The factories would be manned all day, all night every day in overlapping shifts overseen by Redemptionist Overseers, and those guilty of a new set of regulations including laziness, sloppiness, questioning the Redemption and distracting the work environment would be offered a simple choice; join the Brethren of the Redemption, or death.

    Conscripts into the Brethren found the focus of their training to be almost entirely spiritual in nature between augmentation surgery of body and mind. At the end of their psychological and mechanical indoctrination into the Cult of Redemption all thoughts of heresy(by their definition of it) and individuality have been erased, leaving a howling fanatic ready to lock blades with all enemies of the Emperor. Hordes of these near-cyborg foot troops are driven in front of the newly built armored columns of more consistently faithful Brethren in a ceaseless campaign to drive the Orks from existence.

    Though Syraq has yet to be freed from Xeno threat, the new PDF has managed to catch the attention of the Ecclisiarchy, or more specifically the Sisters of Battle who look upon their militant devotion with maternal admiration. An unofficial alliance has formed, with the Sister's recognizing the new government of Syraq as the official voice of Imperial will and sending garrisons to defend the new and old holy sites. In exchange the Brethren of Redemption supply the Soritas with their converted factories and sendtheir own "Daughters of Redemption" to the Schola Progenium, orphaned or not, as tributes to the Sisterhood, though neither would admit this.

    Even as the war of extermination rages on, the Brethren look skyward in hopes of recognition by the Imperial Creed. The Arch-Zealot eagerly awaits the time when the Ecclysiarchy declares a crusade against whatever foe may come so his Grand Army may prove themselves as the truest scions of the faith, spreading the Redemption throughout His galaxy.
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