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Rogue Trader Prices (poll)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Jun 29, 2014.


Are you content with the current prices in the RT/Founders store?

  1. Regular FStore items yes, Heresy gear no

  2. Regular FStore items no, Heresy gear yes

  3. Im content with neither the Regular nor Heresy prices

  4. Im content with all the prices as is

  1. F2P gmaes have to pay the bills somehow and they don't want Heroes to be easy access, even if it's only a pay gate.

    Some mechwarrior mechs are the same price, more are even more expensive than that.

    To players, cutting it down to 10-15 seems reasonable. For them, when they release new content and are banking on one time cash injections, they would be denying themselves a Million or even more, depending on the content.

    Do we want new stuff? We need to support the game.

    Go work a single day of work and you can afford quite a few things for the game and be happy for a long while.
  2. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    I don't think the new pistols should be 10,000. 7,500 max, 5,000 ideally.
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  3. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    yes f2p need to pay the bill... EC is a B2P game.

    mech warrior is the worst example possible.

    "go to work" are you year old 14 or similar? how someone can write something so stupid?

    this is exaclty why we know that 25$ item are overpriced! because people work and know the value of money! people that work don't use 100% of their money on a videogame
  4. Gamers of all varieties typically have more disposable income than "regular" people. Not TOTAL income, but disposable. Where there's a will.

    If people invest in this game, they will stay. If they can get whatever they want on the cheap, there's no keeping them when something flashy comes out.

    I by no means have a lot of extra cash, but they need to pay the bills and if we want the game to stay around and profitable, bickering about a few coppers isn't going to help that.

    The 40k MMO before this was scrapped, we've lost WHFantasy online and have never really had a persistent GW IP battlefield....and you want to start griping about the cost of things? Think about the bigger picture.

    Despite your feelings about MWO, they made between 60-90 mil off their founders. The Clans, probably around the same. Factor in regular MC and mech content sales etc. New packs.

    As stated, even a cut of $5 dollars off of a package or lowering content prices too much costs them MILLIONS. Expect sales often and be prepared to snipe them, but probably not at launch. I'm happy sniping sales in all my games.
  5. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    It's better that customers are content with the price, because many will not pay if they think the price is wrong. The weapons are in good price range right now, they need a little bit variety from 5000-10000, but for now it's okay. Heroes and Bikes need adjustments for sure. However, since you don't "really" buy any of them, it's fine if they keep it that way for now while focusing on other more important things. The price actually only comes into the picture near the launch day.
  6. I fully agree that the core game stuff should come first! I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss a memo somewhere and that these aren't necessarily the final prices we'll end up with. I really like what they are doing and am happy to buy stuff here and there (in a b2p rather than f2p pricing model/scheme), but like Nathan said in the livestream today, I want that RT checkout button to "feel gooood."
  7. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Well, even in November twitch Miguel said that price was not final. And since the option for resell is there, you can safely assume that the price is not done yet. I think they will deal with the price when Open Beta is in the picture.
  8. I really don't understand customers who defend paying high prices for goods, I just don't. The "give them our money, it's for the good of the game" argument doesn't stand up under it's own weight. The game was always intended to happen with or without our money. The founders program was our idea, the developers just ran with it. The 40k IP isn't going anywhere, there will be 40k games rolling out for hopefully many years to come. You don't have to be afraid of losing the IP. It's just like last year when hostess went out of business and everyone thought there would be no more twinkies. A company came and bought up the recipe and rights, and low and behold in a week the world had twinkies again. Supporting our game should not mean we have to empty our wallets. That's called being robbed, not being supportive.

    With the new checkout in place there is a little more finality in the prices for the rogue trader items, I say it is better to continue to ask for price adjustments throughout the process then to just throw up your hands and say meh I don't mind paying 10 dollars a weapon and 20 dollars for a hero. And Miguel no longer works for bE so what he may have said holds little water. I cite the new direction of the project as evidence of this.
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  9. If you feel you are getting a bad product, you robbed yourself. If you are getting full value of the item, why the fuss? Sure, you are buying a digital product, but go and use that at the movies or other forms of expensive entertainment and I can say I'm happy with most if not all of my digital purchases.

    People will always want to pay less. I haven't even looked at the prices, but paying $20 for a toon I will play for hundreds of hours isn't that much at all. You cans pend that on a pizza and eventually you shit that pizza out. What a waste. ;)
  10. You might have to find yourself a new pizza place panzer, cause it sounds like you're getting ripped off there too. There is a happy medium, a price where the customer feels he paid what the product is worth and the seller gets the money he wants. I'm happy that for you 20 dollars is that magic number, but for others, myself included 20 dollars is to much! Especially when there will always be new items to buy for this toon during these hundreds of hours of game time. The objective here is to be able to have your video game, and your pizza too. Not to have to choose one or the other.
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